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Hey guys, I’m here with CariCake’s HI~! We’re in Chungdam at AMOA Skin Clinic And you are getting, what? I’m getting an anti-pollution treatment done because the air has been So horrible here in Seoul. So they’re gonna do just like a really deep cleansing kind of thing Aqua Peeling stuff So yeah, heal me Yeah, so we’re gonna go along with her Video tape like the process And just kind of show you how its done Let’s go Showing me whoa the outside balcony This cool I love your wardrobe.

It’s very, very beautiful. Very fashionable Be cozy Ooh, is it heated? Yes What Wooh~~ Yeah, I didn”t do that So nice… It was warm before I sat down This Oxygen face mask What it’s doing is try to open up in your pores And you’re gonna feel a little bit Like foam coming out. You might feel a little itchy That’s very normal, it’s just acting out, its just getting your skin ready With the treatment So you, you can already see the skin getting whiter and whiter. It’s just normal mmm You feel a little weird, right? It feel a little bit. I hear it Rice crispies Mm-hmm it if I really concentrate I can feel it on my cheek Its nighty-night for you I’m gonna like this ambience way better.

I can feel it, its different You can just feel the nice little vibe. I like it a lot. Like I wish that I could do this in my house Oh yeah We’re starting the suction Its literally vacuuming your face So it’s going to very deep in your pore And see if there’s any kinda like Like a tiny particles, any dead cells like blackheads We’re all taking that out Well, Cari is receiving right now is called an Aqua Peel Aqua Peels are one of the most popular treatments in Dermatology clinics in Korea This treatment thoroughly cleans our pores with an exfoliating Water-based gel And a suction device that literally pulls out all your impurities that may have entered your skin Such as from air pollution By combining the naturally exfoliating power of water with hydrating hyaluronic acid and other serums Aqua Peels get rid of dead cells Without having to use anything abrasive So this treatment is very good for people with sensitive skin It leaves your skin feeling smooth glowing and evenly tone Many people get this treatment done for a lunchtime Treatment since it also requires zero recovery time Before we continue check out seoulguidemedical.com After watching this video for more information Even though it is very gentle and hydrating Cari has now put under a Rejuvenation light That will get rid of any minimal redness that would have been left by the Aqua peel Next she receives cell therapy or also known as TDA TDA stands for transdermal application And describes a new technique for intensive deep skin therapy.

It is the fast Dermatological aesthetic therapy that effectively transports active Antiaging ingredients even into the deepest skin layer without needles Regular TDA Treatments create deposits in the deeper skin layers Which encourages cell division permanently and Ensures the improvement of skin appearance A tightening of the natural structures of the skin can be seen And a depth of wrinkles is reduced At the same time TDA reduces gravitational wrinkles And skin gains freshness and vitality That felt so good Are you planning to go home or are you planning to go out a little bit? I can use some sunscreen I thought that was a question. Yes, I could always use sunscreen Any words? Let me see Alright so she just finished her treatment. Yeah. Um, how did you feel? So good. I’m definitely in zombie mode right now. I’m so relaxed Like can’t even speaking Yeah, the whole time she was like laying there And I just would casually have conversation with her But she would just be like, I could just feel her being like I want to sleep Yeah, I wouldn’t know what was going through your head.

When it was like making that noise of like, um, the dentists like Noise, but then that air came out and it was like I was being kissed by butterflies I was it was magical. magical machine. Well your face looks so like nice and rejuvenated Alright so until next time Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery] Skin, Dental, Vision Correction and other medical treatments Seoul Guide Medical is here to find you the best Doctors the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult@seoulguidemedical.com For a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with Airport pick-up Accommodations, in-clinic translations, Aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at seoulguidemedical.com for more information Seoul Guide Medical, happy patients, always.

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