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Best Acupressure Points for Post Concussion Syndrome: Dr.Berg

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Okay, so let’s say we got an injury right here from the concussion which actually hit the back of a the seat, cushion headrest whatever right there. Okay, so what you want to do to fix it.

You want to take your thumbs, take one thumb and press into the injury like this.

Okay, you you want to get different angles.

Come in this way, come down here.

It’s, gon na feel really good.

We want to just take let’s say the injuries right here.

We want to press into it this way, don’t press on top of the or on the injury we want to press into it around the circle.

So we can come this way here and you’re gon na do this, like you might hold this for about a minute.

Okay, then you’re gon na hold this for a minute.

You’re gon na, come down into it for a minute. Come down into it now that’s going to release this trauma right here, okay, so that’s step one now step two is: if you could stand for me, okay, so now we pressed into the head, but now what we want to do is we Want to press from the opposite side of the head, so if he hit his head on the back part, we can press on the front okay and we’re just going to apply pressure on the opposite side of the skull, and I’ll actually go.

This way I’m pressing up this way, so I’m going to press in here and he’ll, probably find it’s really tender.

So I’m going to gingerly kind of come down and just press right down a line all the way down this way very slowly and we’re just kind of taking all the tension and pushing it towards here, because when you get hit from the Back the force gets stuck on the opposite side, so we have to free this up.

Okay, so now let’s say he hit his head on the windshield on the face.

Well then, we just do the opposite.

We pressed down into the injury here here here depending on if it was right here, but if he hit his nose, we come down even lower to come down into this way and as you press into it, you actually create a release of that.

And then you can work on the opposite side of it.’s the front end collision.

Now, if we hit this side here, I can press down into it.

This way again the same principle we press into it, and I press on the opposite side wherever he hit his head on this side.

Okay, so now the next step is we’re going to have him stand up? So if the concussion was right here, whether he hit it in the back of the seat or on cement or get hit over the head with something step, two is you actually hold very gently, the injured area, and then we’re going to take our hands And tap down the spine, you’re going to take the hands about one inch from the spine to the right and to the left, and we’re going to take. I like to take these two fingers and tap very lightly like this.

Okay, I’m going to do it real slow, so you can see all the way down to the lower part like this, while I’m holding the place very lightly where he got traumatized now, what is this doing it? What it does is it, it gently puts the communication line back into this traumatized area right here, because we’re working on the spinal column, that resets everything and you have all these nerves that come there called the sympathetic nervous system that actually travel all over The place and you’re creating a like a carrier, wave sort of speak to the entire body Plus.

This is this crosses over what’s called the bladder meridian, which the bladder meridian goes to all 12 meridians in Chinese medicine.

Those are nerve channels, so you’re, actually killing two birds, one stone you’re working in the nervous system and the Chinese acupressure system, and you’re just touching the area of injury and you’re tapping and then there now, if he was It was the front part of the head.

We would touch the front part of the head now.

He could actually touch the back of his head if, if he wanted right where he got it hit and you can just tap it, doesn’t matter who holds that part, and I just go down like about 20 times what’s going to happen.

You’re going to get more circulation in this area because, whatever, wherever his hand touches you’re putting the communication line, you’re linking it back in.

You can do this for with any injury over an eye which is a sensitive area, because you, don’t want to press in the eye you can like, if you injured, that you can have them touch it and you can tap and all it does.

Is it forces more communication into the area that’s been traumatized so therefore putting more circulation and less like stuck energy that gets stuck there? Okay, so those are the two steps on how to do how to work, improve an injury from a concussion go ahead and try this out and put your comments down below.

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