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British Heart Foundation – Cholesterol and heart disease

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British Heart Foundation Risking brick: Dealing with risk factors for coronary heart disease Dave's story – Excessive cholesterol Hi I'm Dave Williams I am 28 years old I'm from Manchester You didn't recognize me a few years ago My height was 6'3 "and weight was 21.5 stone োন This is my biggest shape, which is actually the worst There is no incentive I never exercised I never wanted to I just watched TV and ate I was 26 years old, and I was very sick, and I had to sit up, Then I thought, "There's been some noise." I get tested for diabetes and cholesterol, Because I have a family history of diabetes and cholesterol I know I'm not diabetic yet, but I have a lot of cholesterol The news is like a train crash, I don't want to take tablets for the rest of my life, And as I walk, I will not live 35 years ৷ My condition was very bad I knew I had to change I have to change, And a little change can make a big difference Without getting on the bus for work, I bought a bike and cycled 7.5 miles to work It would have been difficult to reach at first, it would have been very hard, But three weeks, Or not so hard after two weeks, And you see it's getting easier to run You see your pants are getting a little loose, Then you are motivated to do more As long as it takes to get to work by bus, I can ride my bike there, And that saves me রো 5 a day, And I'm losing weight, so that's great I am saving money and losing weight I have so many pastries or cakes for breakfast And don't eat that kind of thing I eat lots of fresh fruit – bananas, smoothies Smoothie is great – Good morning 7 – Good morning 7 Are you ok Yes Not bad Arriving at work, I eat parij Everything is ready Pour the milk and put it in the microwave for two minutes, change the clothes When I came back, it was ready Then I give blueberries or bananas To sweeten, Or if I don't, I give very little sugar I work at Manchester Airport I help the passengers by showing the way to the airport We have them on the plane from check-in, Or take me to Arrival by plane – Where are you going? – Inverness 6 That's why I came here I'm bringing you a chair When you put a passenger in a chair and take them on a plane, The distance from one end of the terminal to the other is a lot I used to catch my breath and sweat, but now nothing happens I take them there in no time, and I have no problem We have an ambulance …

When I get back from work, I pick up my bike, I take off my jogging clothes Let's go out for a quick jog on the road for 20 minutes It has to be done in all weathers It does not cost money and is very happy After I lost a little weight, a friend said, "Will you come kayaking? The kayak won't sink under your weight anymore." I say, "Yeah, let's go," and I really enjoyed going I like it so much that I buy my own kayak, And now I run a lot on holidays ৷ I go there with my lunch, I drive a few miles, then eat something and come back It's fun I have a lot of fun going there I used to really love my food, But all my favorite foods were always wrong, Such as one dish chips, But now I'm enjoying the right kind of food, I love my food Now you can eat more, Because it is not fried, it is fresh vegetables I brought a diet plate for myself Its job is to tell you exactly how much to eat.

And it tells you how much you should eat If you eat fresh fruits or vegetables, You can eat a plate full of 6 But eat a little rice or pasta So it's great in terms of quantity – Were you too busy at work? – Yes, I made a few bookings today Depends on work, because I work until 7.30 in the evening Me or my girlfriend Jamie cooks It was not difficult to change He is also losing weight So I see, She is exercising more now, walking to work, Great thing 6 We are doing it together It was not difficult to make changes I don't want to have a heart attack or a stroke, And lose sight of the future, Now I feel really excited for the future, I can't wait to see my future Or what it will bring, Anyway, change it, that's what I want to say Change 7 The British Heart Foundation has shown the way to research Which has changed lives I was a dead living man It's time for me to take action If you live a healthy life, your heart will be healthy I weighed 17 stone, 2 pounds, Now I weigh 12 stone, I feel impossibly good now I am really excited for the future now We want the heart to beat 6 to deal with heart disease You have been told you have an illness Which will last your whole life It was like panicking I love my life now There is a future and I will enjoy it Join us at for every heartbeat British Heart Foundation

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