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Coronary heart disease, clogged arteries and atherosclerosis

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Your arteries, a system of tubes that
transport blood around your body. Over time the build-up of fatty material can damage and clog arteries, restricting the blood flow. This is known as
atherosclerosis and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. There are several
causes including – high cholesterol which can clog up your arteries over time – high
blood pressure which can damage areas in your artery walls, making it easier for
fatty material to build up over time and smoking, where chemicals in tobacco
smoke can also damage arteries leading to this fatty material build-up.

If a fatty
deposit breaks down and ruptures, a blood clot can form around it – this can block your artery. If this
artery supplies blood to your heart muscle, it could cause a heart attack. If
this artery supplies blood your brain, it can cause a stroke. There isn't a cure
for atherosclerosis but thanks to British Heart Foundation research funded
by your generous donations, we are understanding more about how to treat it.

The good news is that you can do something to slow down its progress and
the earlier you start the better..

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