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Deeper Causes of Pain and Inflammation – by Dr. Eric Berg DC

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So as we debug the stubborn weight, we talked about energy, we talk about sleep, we talked about digestion, we talked about cravings, we talked about stress now, we’re going to talk about pain, pain, can really trigger the adrenals to pump out more cortisol, so pain Inflammation can stop people from sleeping and losing weight. So there’s a couple different things.

We need to know about that.

We have two types.

We have three types of pain.

One is pain that’s referred, so let’s say.

For example, the person had no no in no known injury, yet they have right shoulder pain.

Then we know it’s coming from the gallbladder, so gallbladder will create bloatedness over the right ribcage, underneath the right, boob cage the right shoulder neck headaches.

This whole side right here, you can go into the hand and go right down here and then the heart will cause pain in the mid back right about the mid back part that could be hard and overworking heart or the left side through here.

Okay, left shoulder or arm that’s heart so again if they have angina or chest pain.

You know we need to know that. Okay, the digestive system down here, can create a lot of neck tension, a lot of headaches, blood, a rubbery neck, and they go to the chiropractor a thousand times.

It never gets rid of it because the source is being referred.

So we really want to look at.

Is the pain? Is there a reason for the pain or is it just coming from somewhere else? Very few people look at this, and this is not how they taught us in school.

Sacroiliac joint pain left to right could be the ovary.

Lower back pain can be uterus from a huge heavy period or prostate problems referred back so that’s very, very common, and then you have pain that actually occurs from an injury or you have chronic pain.

After an injury, then we’re going to just do the acupressure on the opposite side.

Unless it’s on the knee or the ankle will do the opposite side, but we’ll do the proximal muscle the one that is a little higher up.

Okay, so that’s how we kind of clear that out for referral pain, we we actually do we get to the source we do acupressure in the gall bladder.

We give them nutrition the gallbladder, but then you also have systemic pain. That’s like pain.

All over that’s called fibromyalgia.

That’s a simple thing, because they’re they’re.

Losing cortisol cortisol is an anti inflammatory, so they end up with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, a lot of digestive Crohn,’s and inflammation in the colon and that protocol.

You’d want to do adrenal, green adrenal, adrenal, adrenal, adrenal, okay, okay, so then we have inflammation.

We talked about pain, no inflammation.

I’m trying to summarize the most common cause of these things.

If you have joint pain, that’s adrenal, that’s, that’s a cortisol problem, if it’s gut, it could also be adrenal, but it could also be an imbalance in your flora.

Then you need a probiotic.

It could be a damaged lining of the gut called leaky gut that’s glue to glutamate is what they need. You can do cabbage juice, or did you know that all the grass fed products, beef grass fed cheese grass fed kefir yogurt? That type of thing has the glutamate in it that’s pretty cool cod.

Liver oil is great for the gut to repair it, but you could also have inflammation from fiber and food reactions.

The lung asthma is an inflammatory condition.

Sinus is an inflammatory condition if the if it’s seasonal, then do vitamin A from the cod liver oil, vitamin D.

Sometimes you need bile gall bladder formula because we’re not absorbing it, and then you all year round that’s that fungus among us biofilms.

We talked about that xylitol, garlic, flush, sea salt, nasal rinse that will actually handle it, and then we get all the items as bursitis tendinitis arthritis.

These people need to mobilize calcium by increasing fat size of vitamins, dk2 collar oil, to metabolize that calcium.

If the person has headaches the most likely is the gall bladder problem, then the second one could be the neck from the digestive system or just a misalignment from a car accident whatever or sinus could cause it.

I mean you want to be able to think more broadly and not just treat the head with an aspirin find the root cause because it could be menstrual related because if it’s cyclic, it could be estrogen problems because the estrogen affects the vaso, then they Vascular system, it could be an old injury to the head, so I always ask people: have you ever had any head injuries to get? Oh, my gosh.

I had four concussions. I’ve been hit over the head with a steel pipe.

Well hello.

We just need to fix that old injury in the skull or it could be other causes, and that could be maybe have a tumor in the brain.

If you’ve exhausted.

These then send them out for a cat scan, but the thing is that why start with the cat scan when you could, these are the most likely causes when you find the root problem, it’s, always obvious.

Okay, that’s just the tip all right.

So that’s the pain protocol, .

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