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Dr Berg explains Gout Arthritis & Foods to Avoid for Gout

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hey dr. Berg here in this video I want
to share with you some solutions to gout gout can be very very painful it's a
type of arthritis that usually goes right to your big toe okay and what's
happening is you have this this protein metabolism problem and you form
monosodium urate hydrate crystals try to say that five times fast and these
crystals build up in the joint and they start creating a lot of inflammation you
will also have a high uric acid and and both of these are incomplete or
undigested protein that kind of turns into these little crystals it's really a
kidney problem and use it comes from consuming too many cooked foods when you
live on cooked foods whether it's pasteurized foods or canned foods or
just overly cooked things you start to destroy the function of the kidney and
your liver okay and these are the organs that help process and clean up proteins
and if it's spilling over into the joints you're going to get go so here's
some things to avoid number one organ meats okay that will flare it up like
liver and definitely kidney or if you have I don't know brain things like that
don't consume those coffee caffeine Cola and grains will all aggravate that okay
especially if you sat down and you have a lot of huge cooked meat this big piece
of protein that would be bad for the gout what to do you want to consume
foods very very high in potassium and vegetables okay that's going to clean
out the kidney so you want to do huge salads and you want to do more raw foods
and less cooked foods alright so maybe you want to steam your vegetables but
don't overly cook it also cherries are really good we don't know why but
they're really good for gout alright go ahead and try these actions and I will
see you in the next video hey guys thank you so much for watching please click
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