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Translator: Nada Shahin Auditor: Riyad Almubarak On a personal level, This is a photo of me, taken almost at the time when my grandmother was diagnosed With heart disease in its final stages and sent home to die She has already performed several open-heart operations, All possible surgeries have been exhausted She became tied with a wheelchair and suffered from severe chest pain Her life ended at the age of sixty-five But at that time I heard about this young man, "Nathan Bertkin" One of the first pioneers of "lifestyle" medicine What happened next is detailed in Brettkin's autobiography My grandmother was one of those on the cusp of death Francis Grager – my grandmother – got in a wheelchair Mrs. Greger suffers from heart disease, angina and lameness Her condition was very poor She cannot walk without feeling severe pain in her chest and feet However, within three weeks, Not only got rid of the wheelchair She also managed to walk ten miles a day! This is a picture of my grandmother at her grandson's wedding Fifteen years after the doctors abandoned her to die She was condemned to death medically at age 65, but thanks to a healthy diet She managed to enjoy another 31 years on this planet until the age of ninety-six (clap) To enjoy with her six grandchildren, including me For this reason, I entered the field of medicine (Laughter) Years later, when Dr.

Dean Ornish published his unique lifestyle experience for heart patients Fixed with what is called quantitative angiography It is already possible to treat heart disease and reopen the arteries Without medicines or surgeries Only a vegetarian diet and lifestyle program I assumed that this would change the course of the game My family saw it with their own eyes but here it is in black and white It is published in some of the most prestigious medical newspapers in the world But nothing happened I said, "Take a moment." If the effective treatment for the first deadly disease It can go down the drain and be ignored What else might be found in the medical literature can help my patients But he did not get enough funding to promote it? Well, I devoted my life to discovering that For those who have no knowledge of the nature of my work Every year I read Each issue of each newspaper has a feed written in English in the world Very busy and you don't have to (Laughter) Then I collect the most exciting, innovative and workable discoveries In the form of videos and articles I upload to my non-profit Everything on the site is free There are no ads or sponsors, Strictly, it is not commercial and nothing to sell It was created solely as a public service, as an act of love And as a gift to my grandmother New videos and articles daily on the latest in evidence-based nutrition How understandable! So, where did Brettkin get his evidence? A network of missionary hospitals was built during sub-Saharan Africa It revealed what is one of the most important forms of advances in medicine As described by one of the best medical figures of the last century, Doctor "Dennis Burkett" The fact that many of the most dangerous and common diseases It was universally rare, such as heart disease For the African people in Uganda, for example Coronary artery disease was barely present Slow down, the first disease is deadly for us, barely existing ?! What were they eating ?! (Laughter) Well, they eat a lot of plants, legumes and vegetables Protein is hardly fully derived from plants And their cholesterol level proves that, Very similar to what one sees in modern day vegetarians You will say, "Wait a second." It is possible that they just die early, do not live long until they have heart disease No.

These rates are the same as the age of cardiac arrest in Uganda compared to St. Louis Of the 632 autopsies in Uganda, one was found to have suffered a heart attack Among the 632 cases of autopsy of the same age and gender in Missouri 136 cases of heart attack More than 100 times the rate of our leading killer disease They were very impressed, they came back and performed another 800 autopsies in Uganda And there is still this small angina that is recovering, and not even the cause of death Among 1,427 patients, less than 1/1000 While here the disease has turned into an epidemic Atherosclerosis, a disease that begins in childhood At the age of ten, almost all children follow the typical American diet They already have fatty deposits inside their arteries The first stage of the disease These sediments turn into blockages in the twenties It gets worse in the thirties, and then you start to eliminate us In the heart, it is known as a heart attack In the brain, the same disease can cause a stroke So if anyone over ten years is here ..

(Laughter) So the question is not whether we should eat healthy food in order to avoid heart disease or not But if you want to recover from a heart disease you are likely to already have it Whether you know it or not. But is this even possible? When researchers took people with heart disease And subject them to a vegetarian diet Followed by people who did not have epidemic heart disease They hoped that we could slow the disease down a little Or maybe we even stop it Instead, something miraculous happened Once they stop diets causing the arteries to block Their bodies were able to dissolve some blockage And open the arteries, without drugs and without surgeries It is likely that the objects wanted to be correct from the start But she was never given a chance. This marked improvement in blood flow to the heart muscle itself It happened just three weeks after following a vegan diet The human body is a self-healing machine Unless you stitch a fork three or four times daily Now you can definitely handle wisely and hit yourself with a smaller hammer (Laughter) But why strike yourself at all? This is not a new thing The American Heart Journal, in 1977, recorded a case like Mr FW His heart disease was very serious He couldn't even reach the mailbox He started eating more healthy food, and after several months He climbed the mountains, without pain! Okay ? (Laughter) Now these high-end new types of anti-angina drugs are in stores.

That costs thousands of dollars a year But by using the maximum dose, we can extend the exercise period For 33.5 seconds (Laughter) It does not seem that those who choose drugs They will climb mountains anytime soon (Laughter) The vegan diet is not only safer and cheaper It can affect better as it treats the underlying cause of the disease Normally, I will turn to cancer and talk about the 15 other leading causes of death, I will also talk about how diet plays a role in combating, blocking, and treating Both are the first 15 deadly diseases, but what do you want to know more? There is only one diet that has been shown to be effective in treating heart disease In most patients, it is the vegetarian diet So if someone ever tries to convince you of a new diet, do me a favor And ask him a simple question Is it proven that this diet can treat heart disease, The first reason why my loved ones and I died? I mean if the answer is no, why would you even consider it? If that's the most vegetarian diet can do, The first lethal disease treatment for men and women, Shouldn't this make him the main diet until proven otherwise? Likewise, the fact that it can be beneficial in preventing, blocking, and even treating Other fatal diseases such as hypertension and diabetes – type 2 – It may seem that it makes baking a vegetarian diet simply baffling Most deaths in the USA can be prevented It has to do with nutrition According to the study "Global pregnancy from disease" The largest study of risk factors leading to human disease in history Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The number one cause of death in the United States is our diet! The number one cause of disability in the United States is our diet Referring to second-hand tobacco smoking, Now cigarettes kill only half a million Americans every year, Our diet kills hundreds of thousands and more So if most deaths are preventable, they are linked to nutrition So nutrition is clearly the first thing She is studying at medical school, right? (Laughter) I mean, obviously it's the first things that Your doctor tells you about her every visit, right? How could that separation be Between science and medical practice? Let's do an intellectual experiment Imagine yourself as a smoker in the 1950s (Laughter) In the 1950s, average cigarette consumption was per capita 4000 cigarettes per year This means that the average person smoked half a pack a day, on average The media was urging people to smoke Famous athletes agreed, even Santa Claus wanted you to smoke (Laughter) I mean, look, You want your body to stay healthy and slim So, be sure to smoke and eat a lot of hot dogs to be elegant And a lot of sugar to remain elegant and thin It's a lot better than that apple over there, I mean, wonder, right? "Even though the apple reflects sweetness and goodness" You read this in an internal tobacco industry diary Which calls for "the possibility of making cigarettes aimed at young people" They wanted to make apple-flavored cigarettes for the kids.

Effrontery! "For digestion, smoke" No therapeutic powers were claimed by Philip Morris But you! Better to be safe than to be sorry, and smoke! "Smoke on her face and she will follow you anywhere." (Laughter) "No woman will reject you." They are "very round, very strict, completely filled" (Laughter) In the end, John Win smoked cigarettes until he had lung cancer and died You know, back then even the Nomads were smoking (Laughter) And also the doctors, Now, I do not mean to say that there was no inconsistency within the medical profession of course You know, some doctors used to smoke Camille, while others preferred Lucky. So, there was a slight disagreement The President of the Senate agreed, Who wants to give his throat leave? "Not a single case of irritation with the throat" How could there be "cigarettes with the finest water to drink" Perhaps in the city of Flint, Michigan (Laughter) But don't worry, if you get irritated, Your doctor will prescribe you a prescription for cigarettes This is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association So, when the association said smoking in moderation was good for your health When the American Medical Association tells you about it Where would you have turned around if you only wanted the facts? What is the latest data provided by science ?! Well, she was so tired to have fun, "Then I smoked Camille." (Laughter) Pep Roth talked about definitive medical scientific evidence, Which is that he could still speak, before he died of throat cancer You know, if was ever a miracle Who can communicate the science directly to the public Avoiding filters of corrupt media institutions You would have known about studies like this This is an American Sabbath study in California published in 1958 Shows that non-smokers develop 90% less lung cancer than smokers, isn't that true? But that was not the first study When the famous surgeon Michael Debeki was asked why she was simply neglected in the 1930s Studies linking lung cancer to smoking He had to remind people of how it was then "We were a smoker society, cigarettes were everywhere In movies and on planes Medical meetings were full of cigarette smoke fog In short, smoking was normal Well, let's go back to our intellectual experience.

If you were a smoker in the 1950s, conscious of that, what would you do? I mean, you have a way to access science You realize that the best balanced guide is available It is likely that smoking is not a healthy habit for you Have you changed your habit, or are you waiting? If you wait for your doctor to tell you about smoke puffs, to stop smoking, you will get cancer at the time. If you wait for those forces that make it officially recognized As did the Minister of Health in previous decades I would have died then It took more than 7,000 studies and the deaths of many smokers Before the first anti-smoking report was issued by the Minister of Health You might think it is perhaps the first 6000 studies Was it to stir people's attention a bit or what? Strong industry.

Maybe we should have quit smoking after study 700 like this As a smoker in the fifties, we have society and government The medical profession itself asks you to smoke On the other hand, all you have is knowledge, Even if you are aware of such studies. Well, let's move forward in 55 years There is a Sabbath study in California Americans are warned against something else to put in their mouths Of course it is not a single study, so let's put all studies together The wisdom of all causes together, many of our damned diseases Their rates are significantly lower among those who follow vegetarian diets So, instead of imagining someone who is in line with the American smoking habit of the 1950s Imagine yourself or someone you know aligning with American eating habits today What would you do? You have a way to reach out, aware of the best balanced guide available Your eating habits are less likely to be healthy for you Did you change it? Or waiting? If you wait for your doctor to tell you, from one bite to another, change it It will be too late In fact, even after the health minister’s report was released The American Medical Corporation has announced its refusal to certify it Why? Did this happen because they were bribed with $ 10 million By tobacco companies? Maybe (Laughter) We know why the tobacco factories were beautiful, When the American Medical Association complimented the tobacco factories However, why didn't the doctors disclose more and more? There were a few brave people ahead of their time They disclose what they know against the killing of this industry to millions But why were they not more? Perhaps because most of the doctors themselves They smoked cigarettes.

Today most doctors continue to eat food Contributes to the spread of epidemics of our nutrition-related diseases How did the American Medical Association alarm the time? Everything is treated wisely Many scientific studies have proven the harm of smoking wisely, well, it's okay Doesn't that sound familiar? Today's food factories use the same plan as tobacco factories Evade science, mislead. The same scientists were used Paid to reduce the risk of poisoned cigarettes and chemicals They themselves are paid by the National Confectionery Manufacturers Association To reduce the risk of candy And they themselves are paid by meat factories to reduce the risk of meat While animal and processed foods, It kills at least 14 million people annually So we are involved in this type of evidence-based nutrition revolution We are talking about 14 million lives of Bazan Perhaps, plant-based nutrition It should be taken into account as equal in the nutritional value of smoking cessation But for how long should we wait Before CDC tells us not to wait for open-heart surgeries And to start eating healthy as well Until the system changes, We must take personal responsibility for our health, and the health of our family We cannot wait for society to catch up with science again Because it is a matter of life and death Several years ago Dr.

Kim Williams became president of the American University of Cardiology He was asked in an interview Why follows the same diet that he prescribes for his patients A strict vegetarian diet “I don't mind dying,” Dr. Williams replied "I just don't want it to be my fault." (Laughter) thank you (clap) .

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