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Foods That Prevent & Treat Gout | Uric Acid & Purine | Carnivore Diet

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What? OMG natural selection is real and your gene
pool is going to go away Bro. And I don't know that that's a bad thing. The next question I have is I'm a newbie but
wondering if you have talked about lowering uric acid and prevention of gout. How does Clovis affect gout? So, I've got a lot of thoughts on this but
I'm going to start out by saying that Clovis will prevent Gout and improve Gouot if you have

Now, let me follow that up by saying that
I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on the internet. I'm not a doctor. Don't trust me for medical advice. This is one of those sitatuions where one of my primary
goals with Clovis is to lower the inflammation in the body. So lowering inflammation puts you at a decreased
risk of literally all illness absolutely. Tina and I talked about that today with Gut
Health and the Just Thrive podcast. So, I think this is another scenario where
the medical community just has it completely wrong. Like they are just looking at these things
that they can't get out of their minds. They're myopically focused on purine and uric
acid. So they are looking at animal products basically,
so I'll show you how this stuff works. Basically, it's like they blame uric acid
which is a by-product of purine so purine is super potent in these animal products. It's in the liver, it's in red meat, it's
even in sardines and mussels and seafood So, it becomes this thing where like oh uric
acid is a by-product of purine and there's purine in animal products so, therefore, animal
products and protein cause gout.

Right? which is not true at all. We have this issue correlation vs causation
again right. So this is the same way I feel about cardiovascular
risk and cardiovascular disease. It's one of my favorite analogies from Dr.
Nadeer. I can't remember his last name but he uses
the firefighter analogy for heart attacks, right. He says if you look at any house fire like
if there were 10 house fires in your neighborhood and you looked at every house fire there would
be firefighters at every single house fire. Does that mean that firefighters cause house
fires? No. That's not logical, right? But you can make the argument while firefighters
are there ar the scene of the crime at every single fire therefore there is a correlation
between firefighters and house fires.

It is one of my favorite analogies. He is talking about cholesterol. Right. Cholesterol is at the scene of the crime for
cardiovascular events. That doesn't mean it caused the cardiovascular event. So if you were to talk about uric acid right
we talk about gout these painful bouts of gout flareups uric acid right. Well uric acid is there at the scene of the
crime, but the common denominator for cardio vascular disease and gout is inflammation. Without inflammation you can literally have
like off the charts highest levels of uric acid, you have the highest cholesterol, the
highest LDL numbers and you are at zero risk for cardiovascular disease or gout, right. These are inflammatory conditions. Inflammation is necessary. Without inflammation it can't happen. It's part of the equation that is so important
that without it it can't happen. So when we talk about these purines that the
by products of metabolisation of these purines is uric acid. So you're looking at these animal products. Well what do these animal products have in
them that reduce inflammation in the body? Most of them are very high in Omega 3s. We're talking about grass-fed meats, right
from cattle.

If we're talking about sardines, wild caught
fish, mussels, all these things that have Omega 3s which are reducing inflammation in
the body. Why? Because holistically mother nature is brilliant
and knows what she is doing with foods found in nature. okay. Now if we were to talk about smoking guns,
like really try to find an actual correlation, which could lead to a study in causation but now
I'm going on correlation which I don't like to do anyway. One of these things that seem to be heavily
correlated with gout is fructose.

Fructose consumption namely in liquids like
high fructose corn syrup. Fructose seems to be pretty direcly correlated
with gout because excess fructose does 2 things to your body. It actually does increase the amount of uric
acid in the body but it also decreases the amount of uric acid the body can excrete right? This is literally a perfect one-two combo
punch for a build up of uric acid in the system. And uric acid can also play a role along with
fructose. We know fructose does this , that's why I
freak out about fructose because fructose is directly implicated in insulin resistance. And it looks like uric acid could also play a role in insulin resistance, therefore metabolic syndrome, therefore Type 2 diabetes,
right? So what you really want to look out for if
you are dealing with gout is sugar sweetened liquids, refined processed carbohydrates,
vegetable oil can be pretty nasty.

Alcohol which we just talked about, beer is
a terrible one. But these things all top the list of risk
of gout way above and beyond anything like a red meat or liver or fish or anything like
that right. So I will give you guys an example. You can't have this issue without inflammation. I eat 35% of my daily calories and I've done
this for a long time. I"ve played with fat and carbohydrate ratios,
but my protein ratio in terms of macro nutrients has stayed the same for probably two and a
half years now. Right around 35% of my daily calories are
coming from protein directly from red meat. Like ribeyes, grass-fed ribeyes, grass-fed
ground beef, liver, like so I mean I'm taking in 35% of my daily calories which would be
considered in America a high protein diet right? directly from these animal products and I
test my blood every 3 months and my inflammation levels all these markers for inflammation
are almost untraceable.

Like literally you almost can't measure them
in my system. I have zero inflammation in my body, so I"m
not at risk for these things. So how can I eat such a high protein diet
and not be at risk for gout or I've never had a gout issue in my life. So, does that mean protein and animal products
like cause gout? I don't know I mean it certainly doesn't seem
to be a problem in my situation, so lower inflammation and don't worry about it, you

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