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Foods to Avoid if You Have High Cholesterol (Cholesterol Fighting Foods)

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– If you have high cholesterol, you wanna stay away from
a high-fat diet, right? Wrong! This couldn't be further from the truth. If you're suffering from
high cholesterol levels, you've come to the right place. I'm gonna tell you the
truth about cholesterol and what you can do to get rid
of those negative thoughts, the misinformation that
you've been brainwashed to believe all your life, and foods to avoid if you
have high-cholesterol. To take it up a notch, I have a challenge for
you that will help you not only change those
misconceptions about cholesterol but have you losing weight
and taking your life back. It's the same challenge
that hundreds of my clients have found success with. So click the link below to find out more. (uplifting music) Cholesterol is the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed particle
ever in human history.

We have people that are
very sick and very fat because of thinking that
cholesterol was bad. Listen, let's get this
out once and for all. Cholesterol is not bad. LDL has been demonized as the
bad cholesterol for decades. And it's not the bad cholesterol. There are so many good things
that LDL does on your body. But since we find the LDL particles in the place of an injury, in the presence of an injury in the body like atherosclerosis,
we automatically think the LDL cause the hardening
of the artery, right? Or the artery blockage. But that is not true. It's like blaming firemen
at the scene of a fire. LDL was coming to help the situation. What we find is if you
have high levels of sugar, and high levels of cholesterol, that's when it gets dangerous. Why? Because the particle now becomes sticky in the presence of high blood sugar and it sticks to your arterial
walls and causes build-up. And that's what we don't want, my friends. That's what we don't want. So high cholesterol's not bad. I have high cholesterol and
I celebrate high cholesterol because cholesterol is needed to make the hormones in the body.

There are so many wonderful things that cholesterol does in our body. You want good cholesterol. We just don't want high cholesterol in the presence of high blood sugar. So, once again, another phenomenal reason to get your blood sugar down. Don't worry about getting
that cholesterol down. Worry about getting that blood sugar down. That way, those particles
don't become sticky and cause a problem. People wanna know, all the time, they ask me, "Cristy, what
are the top worst foods "that I can't consume since I
have high cholesterol levels?" Well, I'm gonna make
this very easy for you. Are you ready for it? I sound like a broken
record but that's okay because I'm here to educate you. Are you ready? It is sugar! It's sugar and it's crap carbs. Cookies, pastries, crackers. All those high crap processed
sugar sugar-laden foods that are gonna do your health no good. Why is this a problem? Because in the presence
of high blood sugar, that's when high cholesterol
becomes a problem. So you gotta wanna mitigate
the sugar levels in your body. You're gonna wanna avoid anything that is candy, cookies, crackers, pasta, things that cause you to
have high blood sugar.

That's where we see the problem with blockage in the arteries, not when you eat high-fat foods. The reason that you need so many calories on the standard American diet is because they're junk calories. They're giving you 350
grams of carbs a day. Well, yeah, that's a lot of calories and you're not gonna feel satiated. On a high-fat diet, you need less volume, but yet it's gonna leave you satiated and feeling good and
full and give you energy and help you sleep better and help your hormones level out.

Everything gets better on a high-fat diet. And that will help prevent the diseases and the other ailments
that come up in your body. I understand why you might think that to lower your cholesterol levels you have to stick to a
diet that is low in fat. The food industry has fed us this lie. But we have tons of
testimonials and research to prove that the opposite is true. If you wanna continue to
believe the industry lies, I cannot help you, but if you're ready to
take your life back, learn the truth about cholesterol, and increase the quality
of your overall health, be sure to check out the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown Challenge in the link below.

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