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Gout Attack! | How To Eat With Gout and How To Lift Part I

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Hey guys, welcome back to this week's video. Today's video is going to be totally different.
I'm gonna be working out with, and chatting with one of my clients. There
is a pretty cool twist to his story, so stay tuned for that! Alright guys, so this is Brodi. Super busy
guy, mid-40s, super busy career. As you can tell from the shirt, spin instructor
as well. And we've been training together for a couple
months, and for better or for worse, you know, his busy life
sort of takes over sometimes.

And we haven't trained very much recently. But
there's a lot that goes into Brodi's story, and sort of his goals and reasons for training,
as well as how he's navigating through the challenges of his career and so on. And then,
there's one significant challenge that he's also dealing with. So Brodi, welcome. [Brodi] Thank you. Yeah, it's amazing to be
here. So, tell us a little bit about sort of your
background and your reasons for training, and you know, your reasons for wanting to change
your physique. [Brodi] I used to be a professional athlete;
for many years. And you know, being a professional athlete, you looked a certain way, you felt
a certain way. And you know, when I got into my professional career that has nothing to
do with being an athlete, because of something that we'll talk about later, things changed.
My body changed, the way that I feel changed, and so that's why in my 40s I was like, "I've
got to make a change now" because you know, I always hear that people talk about 50s being,
"Oh that's the time when you start slowing down".

We're now just beginning at 50, and
by the time I reach 50, I want to be ready for it! Alright, so Brodi, you mentioned being a former
professional athlete and yes, you know I sort of introduced that you have a super busy career,
spin instructor and so on. Tell us a little bit more about what all that looks like. [Brodi] Sure, so everything started when,
really when I was 18 years old, and I became a professional soccer player. And I went through
all the different leagues that the United States has, all the way up to the MLS. I even
went over to Japan and played in the "J League". And after that, I decided, well not even after,
it was I wanted to take a break and join the military.

So I went into the Marine Corps.
Which was amazing and fun. I wish I was still in it sometimes. I went back to playing, and you know, I'm
an athlete. I knew that soccer wasn't always going to be there for me. And I needed to make a change, because that's the smart thing to do. You've got to have a backup plan.
At the time that I was playing soccer, we weren't making the money like the MLS makes today. So that's when I got into being a pilot. I became a helicopter pilot, which is what I do now. And of course then I married a readhead who's
an out of control businesswoman, and she decided to open up a spin studio and said, you're
gonna be an instructor. [Jason] And I've only been to one class because
I don't do cardio! [Brodi] And I wish I could only go to one
class because I don't like cardio…anymore, but it is a lot of fun, and we are changing
lives at our business called Island Ride. So, you know thanks Brodi.

We haven't trained
together for a couple months because something pretty much just took Brodi out of the fitness
picture for a while. So Brodi, what is it? What has been the issue?
The challenge with getting in to train? [Brodi] It is gout. Something that I first
realized I had when I was 19 years old, and was mis-diagnosed for the longest time. And
to the point to where it got out of control. And now I have what is a very…I have tophaceous
gout. Which is at a very high level. It can be very painful to the point to where I can't
walk. Sometimes I'll get it in my hands. As a professional…former professional athlete,
as a marine, to have something like this take you out….

The mental part of it is another
aspect of gout. Brodi has a real challenge with this; you
know. Just imagine – you're not able to button a button, but somebody would ask you to hold
a dumbbell. So grip strength is gonna be an issue if he's going through a flare, or just
coming out of a flare. Things like joint range of motion is also
going to be an issue, and so we focus a lot on really perfecting form to minimize impact
on Brodi's joints. Ah, and just a whole range of challenges that we go through as we go
through a training session. And you know, take it a step further. We all know that your
training and your nutrition have to you know, come together. The two things need to be aligned for you
to progress in the direction that you want to. But the reality is again, you know, gout
has some triggers in the form of food. So different foods can increase your likelihood
of getting an attack or a flare. So Brodi, tell us a little bit more about
the foods that you know that trigger your flares.

[Brodi] That's right, so for me, we know that
any meat products. I can have chicken in a moderate way. Even seafood can trigger everything.
Another thing for me that, is really hard is the medicines that I have to take for my
gout…sometimes causes flare ups. And not only that, it causes weight gain, which causes
flare ups. And even weight loss will cause flare ups. So it's a magical terrible storm. We're talking
about challenges with training, like holding dumbbells and being able to do the movements.
We're talking about not being able to perfectly optimize your nutrition because things are
going to trigger a flare. And then medications that probably cause you to gain weight, and
so you're sort of going backwards in your fitness journey as you're taking medication.
And then, you're knocked down by a flare, and you're out of the gym. So we're talking about you know, huge challenges
that we're coping with and going through, but our ultimate goal still remains the same.
The journey to get there might be a little bit longer.

I mean, we're in our 40s. Nothing
happens overnight regardless, but you know Brodi is committed to the journey. I'm committed
to helping him along the journey, and so we're moving forward. Alright guys, so that's pretty much it for
today's video, but we're gonna do a workout now and we're gonna record it. We're gonna
film it so that we can bring you guys the video, the result. In that video we'll sort
of go through some exercises and some of the adaptations that we have to make in training
with Brodi. But as usual guys, if you like the video,
if you found this to be informative, give it a thumbs up.

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