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Hand Arthritis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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Hey everybody, it's Doctor Jo. And today I'm
gonna show you some stretches and exercises for hand arthritis. So you'll have better
Jazz Hands. Let's get started. To start off you're just gonna warm up your wrist. You
can prop it up on something so you can have your arm relaxed, but if you're not next to
a table or counter top, you can just prop up your elbow on your leg or something like
that. But this will make it just a little more comfortable.

So make a fist with your
hand and just getting the wrist loosened up first cause all those muscles and tendons
that go out into the hand are also in the wrist. So just start off with about 10 to
15, it doesn't have to be anything too strenuous just getting those muscles loosened up a little
bit. And then you're gonna do a little side to side. So same thing, just start off with
10 to 15 to get those muscles nice and loose. Then you;re gonna go into the fingers and
the hand. What you want to do now is try and keep your fingers as straight as you can and
you're gonna tap each finger with your thumb in the middle. But try and keep them straight.
I know it's kind of hard, but that's just gonna get those joints at the bottom there
kind of loosened up. So just do about 3 times all of them back and forth to get everything
nice and loosened up. Shake it out a little bit if you need to.

And then we're gonna stretch
at each segment of the finger. So starting off with the ones closest to your hand, try
and keep those fingers straight, and just come in like this and then straight out. So
your fingers might bend just a little bit, but that's ok, but you're really trying to
get that joint moving. And just start off with maybe 10, just that continuous movement
back and forth. After you go to that one, then move on to the next one. Where now you
can curl those top fingers to get that bend in there. Almost like into a claw position.
But curling in and coming back out. Again, just 10 to 15 of those. And then going to
the end fingers. Now I have a really hard time doing this. Sometimes I have to hold
on and maybe even do each one individually. Now some people can kind of curl them all
at the same time. But I do have some hand arthritis, so just holding right below that
joint. Do maybe 2 bends one each one, and then alternate going back on each one. And
then coming back up. Until you get 10.

So 5 sets of 2 should be fine. Getting those
nice and loosened up. Then the last one, starting off with all your fingers together like this,
and then just fan them out, and come back in. So really just getting that movement in
there. Now these are small joints, so you don't have to do a whole lot. You don't have
to do a long time of the stretches and exercises, you can just do 2 – 3 minutes, 2 – 3 times
a day. So fanning out and coming back in. So those were your stretches and exercises
for hand arthritis. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, if you'd
like to check out some other videos, go to And remember, be safe, have
fun, and I hope you feel better soon..

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