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Healthy Heart: what you should know about lipids and cholesterol

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Did you know that in people with high cholesterol the risk. Of heart disease is about twice as high A high, level of, lipids in the bloodstream is, called dyslipidemia This means that there.

Is too much fat in, the, blood, Fat! Building begins at a young age, therefore pay attention to it.

If the values are too high, fat can accumulate in the vessels and clog them.

The stroke and heart attack risk increase, In addition to having sufficient exercise You eat healthy.

Here is some advice you should follow.

Eat less processed meat products Reduce the consumption of whole milk products, Make friends with fiber And eat at least once per week.

Vegetarian Remember that all foods that the body does not burn be accumulated as body fat.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, your doctor can prescribe medication to increase the risk of Reduce cholesterol levels.

So don’t wait and have your cholesterol level checked.


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