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How to allow pop ups in iPhone | How to disable pop up blocker in iPhone | Chrome & Safari |

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In this video today we will see how to allow pop-ups in iPhone. Now some of the websites require a pop-up dialog box such as the banking website to display the login page. So if you want to allow the browsers in your iPhone to use popup then let us see how to do it. For example if I want the Safari to be able to use pop up then what I will do I will go to settings here. I will scroll down and I will go to Safari here. Then right now if you see block pop-ups, it is disabled. If it is enabled like this that means Safari cannot use pop ups. So make sure that it is disabled. Now if I want Google Chrome to use the pop-up in iPhone then let me go ahead and open Google Chrome at first and then I will tap on this three dotted icons here.

I will go to settings. Now scroll down and I will select content settings- block pop-ups. Make sure it is not enabled, it is disabled and then done. Now these two browsers can use pop up in iPhone. Thank you for watching this video. Please like and share this video if you found it helpful. Also click on the subscribe button and hit on the bell icon to get the notification of our latest videos for free..

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