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How To Disable/Enable Pop Up Blocker In Google Chrome & Stop Ads On Windows 10,Mac

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Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Theta box”. Today I m going to show you how to disable pop up blockers in your Google Chrome web browser.Now a days this Google Chrome is mostly used in windows, mac and other operating systems, because it provides fastest web browsing at same time if you use any unwanted websites, some pop up webpage is opening in your new window or same page section. So if you like to disable this unwanted popup pages, just follow me friends and this method almost works for all windows versions,android and mac version also. Because this setting location is common for all devices, but don’t forget to update your Google Chrome browser. So let’s get started… First of all open your Google Chrome settings by simply press that vertical 3 dot icon and it is placed at almost top of right side corner and then one drop down menu is opening, so here you can go to “Settings”.Here it shows lot’s of options, but you can scroll down and then go to “Advanced” settings, now again it shows some settings but you can go to “Site settings” and it is placed under the “Privacy and security settings” so just click to open it.

Now in this section it shows all my allowed permissions, so here you can go to “Pop-ups and redirects” so just click to open it. Now in this section in bottom it shows some website URL’s and these are the some sites are allow the popup’s, but if you want to block any pop-ups just click to “Add” that particular website URL, by simply press that “Add” option and then type your website URL. For example I try to type “Facebook” and then add this changes, so same way you can add your unwanted websites in this section and also customize these settings by enable or disable this popup settings.

So this is the way you can easily disable or enable pop-ups in your Google Chrome web browser. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel “Theta box” and thanks for watching….

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