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How to enable or disable popups blocker in Chrome 2017

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press the subscribe button and hit the bell icon to get the notification for our latest tips and tricks for free hi dear and welcome to my youtube channel and in this video today we are going to see how to block or unblock pop-ups in Google Chrome in your Android device now for that one what we will do is we will go ahead and open Google Chrome now you see the three dotted icons here on the upper right corner just step on it then you need to scroll down select settings now under advanced there is said site settings so select it then scroll down you have pop-ups here select it now right now if you see the pop-up is blocked it’s not enabled so if you want to enable pop-ups then what to do is enable this one so now the pop-ups they are allowed in google chrome if you want to disable just disable it by turning this button to this left so this is how you will enable or disable popups in google chrome thank you for watching this video and please subscribe to my youtube channel for more tips and tricks thank you [Music]

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