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How To Lower Cholesterol Levels With 5 juices and drinks to lower bad cholesterol levels

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5 fruit juices and beverages to lower bad cholesterol levels. Did you know that parsley can help us lower cholesterol? It also helps us lower triglycerides, reduces blood pressure and, as a vasodilator, improves circulation. Cholesterol is a lipid that our body needs in certain amounts to work properly. But sedentary lifestyle and poor diet have led to unnecessary rise in cholesterol levels, leading in serious health problems and increased risks of heart disease, stroke and other problems. Cholesterol is present in almost all of our body, especially in the nervous system, skin, muscles, liver, intestines and heart.

In turn, these were divided into two categories to identify whether it is "bad" cholesterol or "good" cholesterol, LDL or HDL respectively. Bad cholesterol is the product of a diet rich in fried foods, sweets, artificial products, fat, or sausage, among others. For his part, good cholesterol or HDL is the one that which is responsible for collecting bad cholesterol from the blood and transporting it to the liver must be eliminated. Exactly what makes it "good" is what is responsible for the help Excess bad cholesterol present in the body. If after the last clinical tests the doctor determines that your cholesterol is low high, maybe it's time to consider some juices and homemade beverages that can help you you control this problem to reduce the likelihood of the possible consequences. Juice and beverages to combat bad cholesterol: Apple juice, parsley and spinach: This powerful juice is ideal for lowering high cholesterol and eliminating fats fast and easy.

ingredients: 4 apples. 1 cup raw spinach leaves (30 grams). 1 handful of parsley. What should you do? Wash and prepare all the ingredients and then set them (separately) in a juice extractor. When you have it, mix it in a blender for a minute and drink a glass of the resulting juice every day. Cabbage juice and garlic: Both cabbage and garlic are known for their many health benefits and their ability to cleanses our bodies. This powerful juice wants to help eliminate the excess fat and cholesterol which can affect our health. ingredients: ½ medium cabbage. 2 cloves of garlic. ½ cup of water (120 ml). What should you do? Grind the garlic well and then put it in the blender with the cabbage, before washed and chopped, and ½ cup of water to facilitate mixing.

Beat all the ingredients and consume a cup of this juice daily until you lower cholesterol. Don't knit for a long time result of its consumption, as the cabbage can weaken the thyroid gland. Strawberry and citrus juice: This delicious juice, in addition to its beautiful flavor and to combat bad cholesterol levels, also has properties that strengthen our immune system and even help us lose weight. ingredients: 1 cup of strawberries (100 grams). 2 oranges. 1 kiwi. What should you do? Grab the juice from the oranges, wash and peel the kiwi and prepare the strawberries. Then feed all the ingredients in the blender and whisk for a few minutes. Take daily, no pasta, for 2 weeks.

Carrot, parsley and spinach juice: The green juice is most recommended to avoid healthy in every way and cholesterol problems. This powerful juice will help you eliminate cholesterol and fats so you improve your lifestyle and battle to win this problem. ingredients: 4 pieces of carrots. 3 sprigs of parsley. 2 leaves of spinach. What should you do? Put all the ingredients in a juice extract and take the mixture on an empty stomach and after each meal for 15 days in a row. Lemon, parsley and baking soda This powerful drink is ideal for those who wants to prevent or combat high levels of bad cholesterol and, overall, significantly improves health. ingredients: 2 liters of filtered water. 3 stalks of parsley. 3 lemons. Sodium bicarbonate. What should you do? Thoroughly clean the lemon zest at the baking soda so it disinfects. Then a good one amount of water boiled and once list is allowed to cool. While the water is standing, cut the lemons into thin slices, finely chop the parsley and place it in the water. Cover the drink and pour the liquid into the fridge for one day. After this time mix all ingredients and consume 4 ounces (120 ml) of this drink per day.


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