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How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally | Avocado smoothie lowering cholesterol 3 species

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Avocado smoothie lowering cholesterol, 3 species. If you drink the avocado smoothie introduced here, you cannot just the effect of avocado fully but also reduces the bad cholesterol level and raise the good cholesterol level, even with many other materials.

There are things left in various written places about the wonderful effects of avocado, But it is said to be the only fruit rich in high quality fat, which protects the heart.

The nutritional value of avocado is very high.

It is an ideal ingredient to combine with every dish.

Avocado is not only the most important material used for wakamore; it is also the best ingredient for natural smoothies.

If you try, lower cholesterol, avocado is error.

Free choice.

Studies show that by regularly eating an appropriate amount of avocado, it not only reduces the triglyceride level, but also can lower the bad LDL cholesterol level by 11.

At the same time, keep in mind healthy eating and active lifestyle can improve general health condition and heart condition.

So for this time I want to try a delicious avocado smoothie that can lower cholesterol, shallow 1 Avocado lime smoothie. If you incorporate a healthy diet to send half the avocado per day, the results will be improve when you next receive a blood test.

Cholesterol is a type of fat found in the body which, in turn is indispensable for the body functioning of the body, But what matters is that it is balanced within certain limits If the balance is broken in whatever form, it increases the risk of heart disease and Stroke For the first smoothie I use lime as well as an avocado.

Lime is not as acidic as lemon, but it shows a very strong influence in the treatment of symptoms such as arteriosclerosis, Vitamin C and antioxidant.

Action of lime prevent lump formation and activate blood circulation.

This is a delicious smoothie that you want to try Material 1 lime, juice, glass, 1, 2, avocado, How to make It’s as simple as drinking a lime juice.

It’s nice when it is but adds half From the avocado to the blender.

You will give surprising results Mix until smooth and a delicious smooth morning.

Smoothie is done.

Let’s make it everyday.

2. Avocado, Coconut Water, Smoothie, Coconut water is rich in fatty acids that encourage heart health as well as avocado makes it ideal for cholesterol, control, Coconut water contains lauric acid and you can raise good quality, HDL cholesterol, Minerals, like potassium and vitamin B group.

Vitamin C has an excellent ability to protect the heart.

Also, don’t forget that coconut water or avocado is a wonderful source of energy.

This simple smoothie is a natural source of nutrition suitable for the start of a day.

Material 1 cup, coconut water, glass, 1, 2 avocado How to make It is important to use the actual coconut water for this smoothie, Sometimes sold in cans In supermarkets.

In that case, most of the vitamins and minerals are lost.

Therefore, use natural, coconut water, if possible, To make this smoothie only half the coconut water and avocados sit in the blender.

Let’s mix the ingredients and drink them.

Your favorite glasses.

It is a body friendly smoothie that lowers cholesterol, 3, Avocado Apple, Smoothie, Very tasty. This avocado and apple smoothies, not only health, vitality, energy, but also a body smooth smoothie.

There is also a sweet and sour taste with a smooth texture and with regard to combat triglycerides and heart protection, there are not many fruits to the right of this.

This smoothie does not suppress blood pressure, Just improve the fat accumulated in the artery.

It also has a stomach ache, so you, don’t have to eating snacks until the next meal.

The way to do this is as follows: Material 1, apple, 1, 2, avocado, 1.

2 cup, lemon juice glass: How to make Peel off the apple and cut into four pieces, Pour lemon juice, 100 ml into the blender, Add half of the avocado and apples and mix with a blender until smooth.

Please add water if it is too rich.

Why not try one avocado smoothie this morning? .

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