How to make blin – Russian pancakes recipe

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Damn Many people ask What is ‘pancake’ Friends, I will share this little secret with you ‘Pancake’ means pancake Also ‘damn’ is a decent version of the word ‘damn’ Let’s make ourselves bloody. So let’s make a pancake. As with any Boris recipe You have to be very careful with metering All details have been added to the description so follow it very carefully If you want to make a pancake like Boris you need flour, milk, an egg one tablespoon to measure two tablespoons of sugar and a small spoon to measure the salt Remember friends, even when making salty ones or sweet pancakes, it doesn’t matter.

Always put some salt and some sugar Not too much Also added oil And then activate your Slavic muscles in the mixing If you fucked up like Boris right now and it got too thick just added some milk Some people say you need to add baking soda But I say no. This is the Slavic way. Don’t make dicks with these things This is the consistency you are looking for Not too thick, not too rare Slavic perfection, like Boris Then you take the biggest pan you find Turn on the frying pan and put the oil on Wait for the pan to heat up Spread the oil Then, be ready to be welcomed into the world of pancake making Take the mixture Put it on the pan with the exact metering like this.

Steele Boris. Remember, it’s almost impossible to fuck him. Okay, maybe that’s natural for Boris. I’ve been making pancakes since my first hour. Grab the pan, take it out. Don’t worry about the heat, it’s good for the pancake. Wait until bubbles appear on the surface then it’s time to turn it around. And for that we have a special maneuver. You can use a wooden spoon like the weak man you are. You can tickle it, turn it around No.

These are flawed. We don’t do this nonsense here. Pay attention. I call it “Boris- Shit I call it Boris 360 Boom That’s how we do it in the eastern block. Maybe your western friends are coming for a treat. Now is your chance to prove yourself Get some cheese, some ham Get a little knife Show off your friends and family skills. Remember to take a selfie and put it on instagram While you were kneeling, of course Now, repeat the previous steps Put the oil on the pan Put a Slav-calculated amount of mixture on the pan Wait for a little cook on one side and made Boris a pancake 360 Damn! Once you’ve added a generous amount of ham and cheese to the pancake Fold it in and press firmly the way you keep your relative’s secrets Again, cook it on one side until it is time to turn you will have several choices Or you do it like a twat with a spatula and you turn it Or you do it as a man This is the double folded Boris 720 Noscope Shit! I have to work on it.

I did not exercise. Legends tell us that this dark smoke is still rising from Boris’ house. Vadim, the asshole next door, doesn’t stop hearing rumors. Also, now would be the best time to clean the kitchen before your mother came back and found out you were following Boris Life recipes If that doesn’t prove to be a problem, even better. Now is the time to complete the pancake preparation process And for the pancake with ham and cheese we will add mayonnaise. Spread it everywhere and make all the Slavs happy. For a more traditional style, add strawberry jam. Good classic for the Slavs. If your name is Boris, of course, put mayonnaise on top. It tastes like a Slavic paradise. Judging by your nutritional needs and your taste, you can put garlic or onion. Or chili pepper. If you are a true Slav and you need all the energy for your squat needs. Put some yogurt or caviar. Because that’s how we do it in Boris’s Life Well, friends, thank you for watching. I hope you liked it. And if you think this recipe is easy to follow. If there is even a drop of Slavs in you.

You will succeed, quite well. But for now, keep practicing the Boris Pancake 360 ​​shake. And I’ll see you next time, friends. Keep on being a chickie briki.

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