How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer | Dr. Ian Smith

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Today, we’re gon na talk about what everyone is talking about, coronavirus and, and, moreover, I was just saying in the last segment that the polar opposite of forgiveness and humanity is the profiteering of something as simple as hand sanitizer, or there is a huge shortage of it In this country, they’re selling it for exorbitant amounts up to $ 650, a bottle which is just insanity, so dr. Ian, a lot of people are doing this at home and they have little videos up on YouTube and stuff.

But you’re gon na show us the proper ratios if you want to create and make your own safe can sanitizer, but let’s just start with the basic is hand sanitizer going to protect you from definitively getting sick, great question. So, first of all, the best way is actually washing your hands. The good old fashioned soap and water is the best way to do it at least 20 seconds yeah. So the idea is, you can see this picture here. The CDC says 20 seconds. It could be up to 30 seconds. This is a photo from Daily Mail, calm of someone washing their hands. You can see at the different time elapses how, when it’s light, that means it’s not totally clean. It took them up to 30 seconds to really get way exactly now. Does that mean that’s gon na happen for everyone? Mostly, we don’t washed our hands correctly. You put your hand in the water, you get it wet.

First, then, you put the soap matter if it’s hot or cold, it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, because it’s not hot enough to kill the Pats right. You can’t put your hands under boiling water, which is what you would need to kill the bacteria. The virus, so you put the water on. I tell my kids this all the time I, where we had to actually have a hand washing lessons. I got sick of them. The way they’re washing hands water. First put the soap you have to lather. That’S 20. 30. The soap lather stuff deck and off march, my cow, my boys – are you listening to this, so so anyway, that’s the right way to do it. You do the palms. You did the back right. You’Ve all seen fake doctors he’s a real one. You seen them on TV right, yes, the back of your hand is, what’s catching all the shoes, so you can’t just do the problems. That’S right, am i preaching.

You are preaching baby. Are you so anyway? So okay? Here we are so the idea is the first. I want to say, if you’re buying hand sanitizer, you want to look at the concentration of alcohol. The alcohol is what actually kills the pact. That’S right, and so you want to be at least 60 percent according to the CDC. So when you look at your hand, sanitizer to make sure it’s 60 % or over, but we’re also going to make it okay, you can make this. Okay is now we’re going to start with some rubbing alcohol, some isopropyl alcohol, so we’re going to do 2/3 cup of the rubbing alcohol here. That’S one-third, two-thirds! Okay! Now this is 99 %. You want to get your rubbing alcohol, your alcohol to be in the 90s, because science has shown that it’s more effective at killing it when it’s up in the 90s gotcha. Now this is our aloe vera gel here one third of this, so it is aloe vera. Gel it’s it’s in regular, grocery store.

You don’t just offer scrip this stuff. You can get anywhere grant based. You know the big aloe vera plant and you rub it on sunburns. It’S a gel, so you put that in there like. So then you mix it like. So then range is gon na choose what she likes. We have different oils. You can put an essential oil in there. Some of these sounds and smells okay. There you go say a couple of drops. You don’t want to put too much in there because you don’t want to dry out the skin, and some of these oils do have mic antimicrobial properties. They fight bacterias, though not too much, but we’re gon na put a couple drops in like that. I got one drop everything go you’re gon na mix it up like this. Now we’re gon na use our funnel so Reggie’s gon na hold it or about it. Don’T don’t take that cap up you’re gon na, pour it in like this little spray, but now I’d like to spray bottles by the way, because put it right so gotcha and it comes out really really nice. Look at that good. It feels it feels great. It smells great yes, yeah and the aloe vera keeps it. You know your skin from drying out, so it gives a little moisture. It just feels really maybe didn’t cost six hundred and fifty dollars and if you are profiteering off of hand, sanitizer. Shame on you. That’S right: [ Applause, ],

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