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How to Treat Gout Flares during the COVID-19 Crisis

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>> I'm Dr. Ted Fields at the Hospital for
Special Surgery, talking to you about how to treat gout flares in the
setting of our viral crisis. First of all, as always with gout,
you want to treat the flares quickly. We know that it's like a book of
matches, if the whole book is lit, after days it's hard to put it out. One match that's lit is easier to put out. So start the treatment early. In general, you can use the same
treatments that you usually use. We know that some people
use colchicine for flares. And that should be fine in the era of Covid-19.

Some people use anti-inflammatory
medications, such as Advil or Aleve, or prescription versions of those. As far as those go, in France they had
put out a recommendation that people who have Covid-19 should use acetaminophen,
Tylenol, rather than ibuprofen. However, acetaminophen is not anti-inflammatory,
so that if you have a gout flare, you're probably going to need
something like Advil or Aleve, if that's something that you usually use. So there was nothing that was
found that was particularly bad about ibuprofen in the setting of Covid-19. It's just that in general it's
a safer drug than acetaminophen, if you have a choice, for
example, to treat fever. So you can go ahead and use the
anti-inflammatories, if that's what you use. There are people who can't take them, because they've got particular
GI problems or kidney problems. And that's something that, hopefully,
you've worked out with your doctor already. Or you may need to speak to
your doctor about it now. Now, what about prednisone? Some people use prednisone for gout flares.

Some people need to use prednisone for gout
flares because the other choices, like Advil and colchicine, don't work out for
them, because they can't tolerate them, or they have other medical problems. If that's you, then probably
prednisone will still be the right thing for you to use in the era of Covid-19. However, prednisone does make you
more susceptible to infection. So we do try to be careful about prednisone. So unless you absolutely know from your
physician that you don't have a choice other than prednisone, you probably
should talk to your internist or rheumatologist before taking
prednisone for a gout flare. However, if you start quickly,
often you can get away with only taking the prednisone
for a day or two. So the risk is pretty low. But it's reasonable to talk to your
doctor in this era of viral concern about prednisone in this setting. So if you have a gout flare, treat early. Use your colchicine, if that's what you use. Use your anti-inflammatories, if that's
what you've already been told to use. Talk to your doctor, if you
need to use prednisone. And that will be the way to get rid of
your gout flare as quickly as possible.

Don't forget also to take your long-term gout
medications, such as allopurinol or febuxostat, brand name Uloric, and to stick with your diet. Thank you..

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