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Right answer to your host salary isn’t easy. You have to think all the things you have to add in and make sure that it stays informal but still polite, it’s even more difficult. If you have to write in a foreign language, because it’s hard to express yourself sometimes if you’re, not that advanced in the language, so I’m here to help you out in writing your host family letter. If you are applying right, finishing UK like I have, then your parents are also going to have to write a letter to your hotel, you as well, it’s basically just explaining you as a person and how they see you how they perceive you if you’re mature. If, however, they see you so it’s starting the letter I’ll make a general point as I made earlier, you want to make sure that it stays informal but still polite. These are the people who are gon na, be hosting you for X amount of time into their own home. So it’s good to make a good sized impression.

You could start on the left, so just by writing dear host family. This is how I had to start my lister, as my she told me to your first paragraph, to include things like you name your age, and how you describe yourself in a person, for example, bubbly or charismatic, as well as where you’re from here I have my Host funding letter that I sent off and that’s basically what I did in the first paragraph, it’s very interesting reading my host own letter then visit my blog and I’ll. Have it sets out there, so you can have a look for it, because the introductions are always difficult. I’M just going to quickly read out what I wrote to begin with dear host family is so exciting to go out to write to you to give you a better idea of who I am and what I’m like as person. My name is Hayley, but my older brother calls me H and I’m a 16 year old British student with a bubbly, open and unique personality being creative and imaginative is something that I really enjoy. So it allowed me to freely express myself with confidence just a little cheesy, Oh sniffing, so that’s just the introduction now. The things you need to include this is just what iris button. Oh you can experiment is points even server. You show five different things. You can take out some of these points. This is just an example of what I did now. Each point represents a new paragraph, so the musical free those say loop in your family give their names what they do. You can even give that age, but it’s not required. You can say you get along with the best Jeremy regards to siblings and of course you can add it any pets that you have tell them about. Your schooling tell them about what subjects you’ve taken which once you’ve enjoyed the most and which ones you feel you really excel at, but please remember, do not add anything negative.

So if you dislike the subjects just leave it out, don’t say I really hate this subject. Then I’ll begin to start to perceive you negatively and that’s not what you want for a first impression always make sure that you talk about the positives and things that you enjoy. Mention your hobbies, what you do what you like about them, how long you’ve been doing them for and, of course, why you like them talk about, we hope to do after your exchange. What’S your hope for your future schooling, whilst you’re in career, and also mention how the exchange is going to help benefit you, as a person say why you also going to change in your host country, say why that particular country, when you became interested in it? One of the things that you love about it make sure that you thank your potential host family, again they’re the ones who are going to care for you make food for you, which is especially important and they’ll open up their home to you. I think the least you could do at this point is to just say it simple. Thank you. If you have to write to your host family in their language, then you can include all these bullet points just shorter and using the language that you know those got going on like translating websites or anything like that, especially Google. Translate. Excuse me yes steer away from translating websites, because you want to give your host family an idea of the language that you actually know and the language that you can use.

Otherwise, they’ll begin to think that you’re, actually a higher level than you really are again. Remember that you don’t have to include all of these points, just include the ones that are important to you and ones that you really want to share with your host family. With regards to the thinking, I just ended my life sad. Thank you so much for considering me as your host daughter and I hope, the week’s big soon and a family. I think the videos have ended here, but if you would like to listen to me read through us, then I will now. But if not, then thank you so much for watching and good luck. If you are applying to a high school exchange student dear host family, it’s so exciting to have to write you to give you a better idea of who I am and what I’m like. As a person, my name is Hayley, but my older brother calls me H and I’m a 16 year old British student was a bubbly open and unique personality being creative and imaginative is something that I really enjoy. It allows me to freely express myself with confidence. I come from a fairly large family of six. I live with my mom, my stepdad and my three siblings. I am a middle child as I have a younger brother, an older sister and an older brother. My mum is a geography teacher at my school, which I enjoy a lot. It’S like an extremely strong relationship with my mom. My stepdad works for the NHS and used to take me and my brother on fishing trips. A lot when we were younger. My older brother is 20 years old and he works on a gaming shop in town, those closest to my house. This knows more.

My older sister is a fitting that I’m closest with a very separated by two years, she’s a college student at the moment studying photography as an extended diploma. My oldest brother is 8 years old and, although he’s much younger than me, I get to hold of him very well and us spending time with me as I play other games with him, akiva entertainment time. So it’s not just my parents and my siblings that I live with. I also have many pets I care for, for example, I have two dogs where it’s called poppy and the Oracle cookie and vocal girls. My dogs very often ignore the dog bed at night ended up sleeping in my bed. Instead, I don’t mind, as I love them a lot, but employ dog puppy is fairly big. I end up using her in the pillow. I also have a cat Tinkerbell and the rabbit called Nala. I normally feed my cat every day and treat my rabbit Nala to a carrot nonagon. Finally, I look after my corn snake horizon. I feed her were needed as well as refreshing. Her water under the varium since horizon, cannot call me to Japan I’m having to teach my mom how to feed and handle her, as my mom is the one who we looking after while I’m in Japan. Dragon is extremely friendly, though, and loves to be Herald so sure my mum will be I’m currently a year 11 at schools just left and have completed seven GCSE Eve already, but by August 2017 I would have finished all 13 of Medusa C examinations. I’Ve already studied music geography, science, core art, stylish forgotten, I’m sorry, science, additional and mathematics, which also glossaries foreign. I have yet the city plans for sociology English literature, English language, food technology, service, science triple and mathematics, higher I’ve actually just done finished with those books.

At the time. My favorite subject is maps, as I really enjoy problem solving and definite arts and tests. My best grades are mathematics and I’m hoping to study a higher level in sit form. When I returned from Japan, I have many hobbies and consequently, don’t always have enough time to enjoy all of them in one day in my free time, and even when I’m studying, I always listen to music, as it keeps me positive and happy, my favourite bands are Bangtan sonyeondan, BTS and BIGBANG. I especially like listening to t.o.p, who is a member of BIGBANG listening to these artists, constantly puts me an extremely good mood, regardless of how stressed there may be. I do also like a song by the Japanese band slump. All it’s called hanami nodded, I’m even teaching west of the lyrics, and I can sing along. I really enjoy studying Japanese and learning new things about the language. Japan and Japanese language have interested me from a very young age, so it is so different to my own language and others that I have studied at school. I knew that it was going to be a challenge for when I first taught myself the hiragana and katakana writing systems, but that was what intrigued me even more. It can be motivated and eager to learn when I have the time I find it relaxing spend time. Reading manga, my favorite mangos are Kurdish, it’s Fuji and a fascination classroom. Although I haven’t retreated you serious yet I adore them so far.

Art such as drawing is something that I appreciate a lot as it allows me to focus on only one thing for some time, which is in that contrast of school life, where I have to keep my focus on various things at once. Something else that even many of my friends don’t know is that teach myself card tricks, I’m quite good. According to the people that have full force public places, my most popular car trick is a two card monte by David Blaine performing cartridge is similar to arts. In so I can focus my attention on one thing and be creative or learning new things. Finally, another thing I like to do in my spare time is to play my instruments. I can piano guitar drums and flute, but I enjoyed piano drums the best. I think I could play the piano the best. I told myself everything that I know about time piano, which is why I enjoy it so much. I used to take lessons with clarinet, but as a long time ago, I took lessons district from the age of 12 to 14. I was fairly advanced and even played two solos when performing with a well-known orchestra. After my exchange, I’m hoping to attend the grammar school. Sixth form, as part of my favorite education I gave up on and on schedule, sick from college there. I was studying mathematics, biology and chemistry at a high level, as well as Japanese, at a standard level.

Well, actually, now I’m just studying certain mathematics, biology and chemistry. We I would like to work towards the gel to tm5 at the moment, but ultimately I’d like to pass the jlpt m1 in order for me to be qualified to work in Japan. It’S raining. Welcome to the UK. My career goal is from a fully qualified veterinary surgeon, and this has been my dream since I was just 5 years old, I hope to return to Japan after my studies. I present my communication in Japanese as well as immerse myself in what I believe to be fascinating culture. I chose Japan of my future host country as this one I’ve been treating me from extremely young age when I was 5 years old. The popular Japanese, anime and video game Pokemon was introduced to me by my step brother since they’re far away enjoyed watching it every day and competing in the ves game. With my step brother, at the age of 7, I decided to begin researching the game and where it came from, I discovered it originated in Japan and that’s when I began to become interested in learning more about Japan and the Japanese culture on TV, my siblings and I rejoined watching takeshi’s castle in the evenings, although at the time I didn’t know that it was a Japanese game, show I’m still fascinated by the language and enjoyed the extreme uniqueness of it of it. As I grew up, I remained intrigued by Japan and young to visit it one day I felt so a holiday to Japan. Women gave me the full immersion of the culture, and it is the Japanese culture, which is one of the reasons why I’ve had such a strong passion towards Japan. It wasn’t until I was around 14 years old, but it was the idea of an exchange student while researching visit destinations to Japan. The fact I do improve my Japanese experience, the culture and mannerisms all while creating bonds with family friends of Japan was an amazing, life-changing experience that I hope to be a part of one day, and here I am extry. I’M excited for lies ahead.

Anticipating of all the new experiences, those challenges at our face, I’ve studying hard and can’t wait to immerse myself into the fascinating and rich culture of Japan. Thank you so much for considering me at your house daughter, and I hope that we could speak soon. Hey look and that ladies and gents, I’m a bit oh good, my host family, that alone, and that many different is my host family lesser. I hope that you enjoyed listening to it. I know I didn’t enjoy reading it. If you did stick around, I hope it helped um and yeah. If you would like to read for it then feel free to visit my blog now, you may be wondering about my Japanese host and unless of remember see, if I have actually okay, we running on low battery, so hurry up hope I can learn much fun out Of this kanji host a family know, I may have you lost it: Condor Sara, Nina Lou, Haidee disk watashi, o arjuna oxide, a donor ashiness john de la conozco, day or cake day, Asuka cedis, you mean at Manoa Fisher and Oh chip, siddhis watashi, no kokoro, o Carson autos and auto toe or Mason, or Nissan, no no coach in calculus June and rainy or Toshiba vegetarian England, mustika Imahara, which is having a tonight watashi, no shimira kita. Oh, she could go to top arrow car, codedes skinner group, ah pts topic van de member gasps, Kira Jong Kook Te’, o pitas, pasta, aspherical, togas, Cleese, totem, Otonashi, podemos, Shakira, hiking stays mata, Nagumo, Casio, capita, meat, Ibis watashi. No me huwa Amani, jose day or night. No day, nihongo, no pooping q state. Almost a knows me: Hondo Ponca, almost a canto, nice brush it on buenas, korekara, Jamboree mas from Bari title away. I get all Dinah’s dovish English must answer. Yes, okay, resuming my horrible handwriting when off starting Japanese. Thank you. So much for watching and listening I’ll see you all next time, bye,

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