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Hi guys welcome back to the cocktail vlog, I’m Steve, the bartender and today I’m going to show you how to make the Long Island iced tea. So, yes, I have made this one before and it’s one of the most watched videos on my channel, but it did cause a little bit of a stir. There’S a few people that got a little bit of angry at me because I used a little bigger glass and I added a little bit too much coke and it didn’t really look like iced tea. It looked more like coke. To be honest, so rightfully so people were a little bit annoyed.

I didn’t really research the drink a great deal beforehand, it’s not as big. It doesn’t have the history it does over in Australia than it does in the US. It was just basically drink to get drunk on you pour five white spirits, add a dash of coke, and that was it, but there is a little bit more story behind it. So three things you need to know before I get started on the story behind the drink, one it doesn’t contain tea. It just looks like tea, it’s an incredibly strong drink, so I don’t recommend using full measures. Although you can and three you can build it in the glass or you can shake it like. I am today so onto the back story of the drink during Prohibition in the 1920s in the United States there was a man named Charles old man, Bishop from Long Island in Tennessee he created a drink called the old man Bishop after himself.

So a legend has it that he threw a drink together. It was very similar to the Long Island iced tea, but instead of using triple sec, he was whiskey and he added in maple syrup his son later refined that recipe in the 1940s to closely resemble the recipe that we know today and then it was featured in A Betty Crocker’s cookbook in 1941 and then 10 years later, Bob rose bud but claimed the drink as his own. He claimed it was created for a triple sec competition at the Oak Beach Inn in Long Island and his recipe is the one that closely reflects what we all know today. So, let’s get on to the drink! Okay, I’m so glad that I can actually edit these videos, because you guys at home, don’t actually realize that it took me 30 plus, takes to string together those 15 to 20 sentences, I’m here to get onto the baking the drink and measure up.

My five white spirits, I’m gon na start with vodka, I’m going to do twenty two point: five bill: three-quarter ounce of each ingredient. So, if you want you can do half an ounce full ounce, this the measurement that I recommend, but it’s just equal parts. So twenty two point: five mil three quarter: ounce of gin follow that up with your white rum, Blanco, tequila and hopefully I’ve got enough in the bottle lost spirit. Lhasa Akua, I should say, is your triple sec. So your orange look, you 22.5 bill three-quarter ounce. So, as you can see, that’s a lot of booze, probably don’t go the full ounce, don’t go through 30 mill shots next time. You want to add your sour mix. Don’T go using bought sour mix. This has just made myself so simple syrup and lemon juice, just equal parts, and then this is measured in equal parts to your spirits as well. So 22.5 mill, 3/4 ounce add ice to your cocktail shaker and give it a good shake for 1215 seconds.

Add fresh ice to hide the glass and strainer at the top, and it’s just got enough space. Now, that’s more like what it should look like garnished with language. So there you have the Long Island iced tea. So, as you can see, it looks very tea. Like not like my last video. I apologize. I’M sorry yeah. It’S it’s really potent. I know it’s gon na be potent there’s a lot of booze in here, but surprisingly, it definitely doesn’t. Taste like you’ve got all those five five spirits in there. Surprisingly, that little amount of sour mix, lemon juice and sugar, as well as the coke disguises, all those spirits. So it’s very, very dangerous prepotent. If you’re going to make these I’m be careful, definitely don’t drive. Even if only have the one, but let me know what you think, thanks for watching make sure you like and subscribe hit that Bell button and I’ll see you soon for another cocktail: video Cheers: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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