Make DETROIT Deep Dish PIZZA Recipe

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Welcome friends welcome to another pizza of the week, and this week we are making Detroit deep-dish pizza, a Motor City Classic so first into this bowl is durum semolina. That is a grittier kind of flour adds a really nice texture and and a different flavor to the pizza dough. Next in is some yeast and sugar and water, and this water is about ninety degrees Fahrenheit. So we put this in and I’m gon na, give this a stir to hydrate the flour mix in the yeast and then we’re gon na. Let this sit for five or ten minutes, and let that yeast bloom, let it prove let it come to life, we’re looking for some foam on the top, just to make sure that everything is going. The way it’s supposed to now, if you are pizza purist if you’ve been upset with the other pizzas that I’m making hold on to your hat, because this one is going to blow you away we’re going to cook it in these parts bins. These are blue steel. Detroit City pizza pans, they started out as parts bins in the auto industry. We’Re going to build these pizzas upside down.

So the pepperoni goes on. First then, the cheese then the sauce in some places they don’t put the sauce on until after it comes out of the oven. This is an amazing interpretation of a pizza. Okay, so we’ve got foaming action. The yeast is good. Now, if you know that your yeast is good, you don’t need to do this step, it’s not strictly necessary. You could have just added everything all at once. Next, in is bread flour, and this is just plain: bread, flour, not anything special, no pizza, flour, no double-0! This is just regular bread flour, so we put that in and some salt in as well, and I’m just going to give us a bit of a stir with spatula just to start and moistening it up. Okay, we get it to this point where it’s this ragged-looking ball of dough, I’m gon na put a cover on it and I’m gon na leave it for 15 minutes. Okay, the time is up now. The purpose of letting this rest is really just to make sure that the our is fully hydrated, which is going to help in the kneading process. So I’m gon na put this on to a stand mixer and we’re going to need it on medium for seven to eight minutes.

Okay, the dough looks great now, I’m gon na pull it out of the mixer. Here’S the deal just like our 72-hour pizza, dough that we make for the other pizzas. This would be great if you put it in a bowl covered it and stuck it in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. You would really build a lot of flavor that way and you’d also get a better texture, but I don’t have that luxury today, I’m cooking this pizza tonight, so it’s going to have to do with a couple of hours on the countertop. So I’m going to pull this out of the bowl, I’m going to break it roughly into two pieces and then I’m going to put each of those pieces in an oil bowl cover it and leave it on the counter for three or four hours. Now this dough is incredibly sticky, so make sure you turn it to coat it fully with the oil in the bowl. Okay, it’s all coming together. The sauce is pretty much done, so I’m just gon na keep this at a low simmer just to keep it warm. I’Ve got a really good rise from the dough. Now we move on to shaping it into the pans. Now these, as I said, are blue steel pans made in Detroit. They are the kind of standard Detroit deep-dish pizza, tin and just like a cast-iron pan. They have been seasoned to try to make them no stick and the more you use them the more no stick they will become.

These haven’t been used very often, they still might stick a little bit, but every time you make a pizza with these you’re going to use quite a bit of oil generously coat them with oil, and you want a neutral, flavored oil. You don’t want to use olive oil today, I’m using canola, but you could use grapeseed. You could use probably avocado something with a high smoke point that doesn’t add any flavor, and so you just want to rub the oil into the pan, get it coated everywhere and if you think, you’ve used too much oil you’ve probably used the right amount. Okay, now leave the oil on your hands in fact get both of your hands oiled up, because this is a very sticky dough. It will stick to everything and in the last part of this I didn’t use any flour on the bench and it did stick to the bench. You don’t want to use any flour, then let it stick to the bench so we’re gon na pull this out and in the process of pulling it out. It will deflate. That’S fine. It’S expected. We create kind of a trying, a rectangle. I guess math wasn’t my big thing, so we got it, we get a rectangle and we put it into the pan and then you just try to spread it out a little bit and it’s going to contract back on you, that’s fine. As soon as it starts to contract back on, you stop move on to the next one, and so we’ll pull this one out and we’ll do exactly the same thing.

Kind of pull it into a rectangle put it in the pan and then spread it out. A little bit now as soon as it pulls back, stop spreading and we’re gon na. Let this sit for about five minutes. I’Ll put some covers on it, so that doesn’t dry out and then we’ll come back and we’ll finish the shaping now I’ll cover them and we’ll just continue pressing them out to fill the pan. Now this might take you two or three times just let it rest cover it up, come back to it, don’t be impatient with it. Don’T try to force it as soon as it starts to pull back just let it go. Let it relax – and I move over to this one or just do the same thing – just use the tips of your fingers and push it out and you’re gon na think. Oh there’s too much oil and that’s why it’s springing back because it’s you know, slick and it’s oily partially. That is true, but mostly it’s the gluten in the dough, so just pull it out, and now, if this takes two or three times it’ll, take you two or three times: don’t worry about it, just recover it and come back to it now, once you’ve got it Spread out cover it up and we’ll let it rise for a better hour hour and a half okay.

I think we are ready now. I said this before. These are upside down pizzas, which means the pepperoni goes on first, and the sauce goes on last, so I’m gon na make the first one as the classic traditional pepperoni goes on first, and this is not artisanal pepperoni. This is not the meathook. This is industrial-strength pepperoni, and you just place it on here until you cover the entire piece of dough. Of course, you know you want the pepperoni to be good quality, but you know you’re not buying something really. Fancy for this pizza looks good. I think I got more on one end than the other, so it’s let’s even it out a little bit great next on is the cheese and again this isn’t anything too crazy. This is Wisconsin brick and it’s shredded, and you want to get it right to the edge of the pan. You want it to touch the edge of the pan and you want to put a lot of cheese on here. You want the cheese to sort of melt right up against the side of the pan and create this sort of crispy wonderfulness. Absolutely wonderful! Now I’ve got about 320 grams of cheese per pizza, and that’s from talking to the guys at buddy’s a little bit of information that I could glean from online.

It seems like a lot of cheese. It is a lot of cheese, but it is so good so make sure you get it touching the side of the pan, that’s perfect. Now the second pie is based on one that they serve at buddy’s called the Detroiter, and so it’s a little bit different. The cheese goes on first and then we put on the pepperoni really lay them on thick and last on is the sauce, and I can hear some of you out there screaming. How are you gon na spread the sauce on top of the pizza? Now you don’t um you don’t the crazy thing. Is you just put two racing stripes of sauce across the top of the pizza? You lay it on thick and it goes right to the end. Now I’m putting it on before. It goes into the oven. A lot of places in Detroit put it on after it comes out of the oven, so you can do it either way, and I just want to make sure I’ve got enough sauce for both, and then you just toss these in the oven and let them cook, Like any other pizza, oh I I thought that might have been a little more graceful okay, so I said earlier that the pans need to be seasoned. These come pre-seasoned, but apparently not it’s seasoned enough. It’S seasoned enough, so eventually they will become nonstick. But at this point they are apparently still a little bit sticky they’re full stick. It is like full. The full stick, yeah hot season. It is you whoo, it’s like 35 degrees Celsius in here, which is absolutely crazy. Sells it it’s a bit messy here, but this end looks really great um, like anything when you do it the first time it’s like the first pancake first one, it’s not always it’s not gon na be perfect and don’t expect perfection.

I know a lot of people get all weirded out, they don’t make it perfect the first time and then they throw their arms up in frustration and they never try it again. Get back on the horse make another pizza. Well, you know the biggest test is what it tastes like, what it tastes like, so I’m gon na say: that’s probably still way too hot. For me, this one is like I’m gon na burn my mouth, the Detroiter okay. So it’s got the sauce on top and it’s got the sauce and the pepperonis on top of cheese. Yes, whereas that one is more traditional with the pepperoni under the cheese, I might cut that a little smaller. Is that okay, talking about that’s, not how they do it at buddy’s? I just need a little piece that eat right now: okay, um, it’s gon na be hot. So the thing I like about this style of pizza is it’s a thick bread. It’S almost like a focaccia and it’s on the underside. It’S like a fried bread, yeah and I just get that fabulous. Crusty cheese, musty cheese is just amazing. There’S what that wonderful taste great other than I couldn’t get out of the pan. Cuz the pans not seasoned properly. This tastes amazing, mm-hmm um. I think the dough’s got the right consistency, the crunchy cheese bits around the outside. Yes, yes, the oops, I’m I’m leaking sauce on to your other one. How are we gon na compare now? I think you germinated, I like that. I like that, a lot now, if you or a pizza, purist and you’re saying that’s, not pizza, that’s fine call it something else. Don’T really care just call it the Detroiter, because it’s amazing that is truly an American pizza, so this one in theory should taste the same it’ll taste exactly the same it’ll taste exactly the same, and I’m not gon na get into cutting it right now, cuz! It’S it’s: a bit of a disaster it’ll be easier to cut when it’s cold so give this Pizza style a try. I will put links below to where you can get these pans. The recipe will be below thanks for stopping. By give it a try, hope to see you again soon, you

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