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Hey, what’s up guys, I’m back at the AMOA Skin Clinic And today I’m actually gonna be getting Cell Therapy I was supposed to actually get that first time I came here, but I came a little late so We have scheduled it today We’re just gonna go straight into it. All right. Just wanted to say that I actually got a rhinoplasty one week before this procedure I wanted to address this once I made the video for it But since we’re doing things out of order The next video that I’m going to be posting is finally gonna be about the Rhinoplasty So I’ll discuss more about that in the next video, but for now, Let’s just pretend that I put on some bad makeup Anyways, this is all done through Seoul Guide Medical Seoul Guide Medical is the leading provider to international patients for Skin Care Dentistry, Vision, as well as cosmetic procedures There’s also staff that is able to speak a variety of languages such as English Spanish, German, Chinese and many more If you guys have any questions regarding this procedure Or other procedures.

You can check out their website to get a free online consultation You can contact them directly at consut@seoulguidemedical.com Hkere is a short clip of Tony giving a brief overview of what cell therapy is We actually have a system here called Cell Therapy And it forces serums into your skin through air Because the only other way to do it is with injections. If you just put it topically it won’t go underneath the dermal layer So we can force feed your skin the nutrients it needs And shortly after I walked my way to the room where I got the procedure done It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for She’s saying that you have quite some sebum on your nose This is actually going to remove your dead skin cells It’s a gel This is to remove the blackheads and the Sebum on your nose Before we continue check out seoulguidemedical.com After watching this video for more information Daniel is now having his excess sebum removed with a skin scrubber Or also known as a skin spatula Skin spatulas work in two different ways By using ultrasonic vibrations to exfoliate the skin And draw out excess oils and impurities Then sliding over the skin to scoop up what you’ve extracted Ultrasonic devices feature vibrations of up to 30,000 Hertz which basically jiggles our impurities from the pores As it exfoliates the surface of your skin It’s also designed to make your favorite skincare serums penetrate your skin more deeply For maximum absorption and effectiveness With consistent usage You can treat the following skin complaints with an ultrasonic spatula Unclogged pores, excess oil Blackheads and whiteheads dry flaky skin, dull skin tone, uneven texture and Polluted skin After a soothing moisturizing mask is applied to the face So we just applied mask on your face You face got a little bit red Since we did remove a lot of it So we’re just putting this mask on To help your skin come to its normal condition And then will go in with the Cell Therapy This is a cell ampule.

It is for acne prone skin with high sebum production Along with a peeling effect He has high level of sebum production So we will clam his skin with minerals Here Daniels being sprayed with a mineral facial mist Many people use it after facial cleanse or showering As the name suggests Mineral water contains minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium That absorb into the top layers of your skin to further the benefits And it does this all naturally What Daniel is now receiving is called cell therapy also known as TDA Which was one of her AMOA’s newest revolutionary treatments Strong skin cells are the key to beautiful healthy skin for a long time However, only invasive methods were able to penetrate down to the cell level With the development of this unique procedure It forces substance, enriched active substances, Into the skin on a cellular level via an Activated during treatment using pure oxygen the procedure opens the epidermis and allows active Substances to penetrate the skins layer and Accumulate deep down For a lasting stimulation of cell division and improved complexion and Visible skin tightening from the inside out in healthy skin the TDA treatment counteracts moisture deficiencies and Signs of skin ageing Natural hyaluronic acid formulations can achieve a visible reduction in wrinkle depth The skin is protected Increasing firmness, and promoting the skin’s own collagen formation With this treatment It is not only helpful for regeneration of the skin But it also works great for treating skin problems such as acne or bad breakouts With this treatment It is not only helpful for regeneration of the skin cells But it also works great for treating skin problems like acne or bad breakouts It gives the skin a glowy look by brightening the skin and gives a nice moisturized look So I just finished my cell therapy session it was pretty relaxing I would say for the most part Right now mt skin feels a little bit oily but not in a bad way I guess it just feels hydrated.

She also put in a lot of skincare products that matched my skin type I also learned a little bit more about like my skin needs If you guys are interested in getting something like this Definitely contact Seoul Guide Medical And I’ll put that down at the description box below. So yeah. Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys next time.

Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery Skin, Dental, Vision Correction and other medical treatments Seoul Guide Medical is here to find you the best doctors The best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult@seoulguidemedical.com For a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with airport pickup Accommodations, in-clinic translations Aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at seoulguidemedical.com for more information. Seoul Guide Medical, happy patients, always..

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