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One Food Lowered My Wife’s BP by 15-20 Points (Blood Pressure)

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Hi folks, I’m Bob Shawn physical therapist, Brad hi Nick physical therapy. Let me almost famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion, of course, Bob so one food, Lord, my wife,’s, BP blood pressure by 15 to 20 points.

Just one food.

I’m gon na reveal that well, this is interesting.

Bob yeah, because she didn’t take no Medicare, no medication, and this is that’s we’re gon na get to that.

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There you go so seconds is: probably all some people can take Bob that’s right.

Somebody somebody mentioned Brad Brad by the way, my poor wife, that she’s always being portrayed on these.

These things that having something wrong with her yeah, I started thinking about like she,’s so lucky she has me, I mean I’m.

I’m fixing her all the time so lucky I’ll point out something at the end.

Why she isn’t so lucky, but but um, so my wife,’s, blood pressure was pushing towards 140 over 90, which is kind of that borderline.

You know they started looking at weather, I know: do we do medication or not, and especially at appointments, because she has a white coach syndrome right. It goes up a little bit when you’re nervous.

You’re nervous in front of the doctor, but even that is still, I guess, still Indic indicative that you may have blood pressure problems, sure um.

So we took her measurements and this was in February of 2019 and she was like obsessive about this.

So she had like her blood pressure, her blood pressure, yeah, and so so anyway, we she took like she was taking like ten measurements a day.

She was like getting obsessed with yeah, but I I’m about an average.

It was running like 138 over 83.

All the way to 141 over 92 now did she use one of those electric wonders she used one of those electric ones, but it was one that we tried versus a real one and it worked well.

You see real like a manual a manual one right, so it seemed to work pretty well.

So we’ll come back to this okay, so it was hi.

So I’d read the book, and I mentioned this book before how not to die, discover foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease. So this is by Michael Greger MD.

This has had my last look: 3200 reviews.

4, 8 stars.

Wow really well light very well researched: it’s.

They got a website to a free website, nutrition facts, not organ, and they got videos on over 2 000 health subjects, but all proceeds he makes from this brand from his DVDs his books, his speaking engagements, are donated charity.

Oh really, this is a upstanding man, sure so, and so let’s talk about what food he recommends in here and what foods he does not.

First off he does.

He said the evidence is overwhelming that sodium raises blood pressure.

Sure it’s clear because I it is controversial, just other people that still say that it doesn’t sure.

But he said no and my wife found this out because she was in trying to lose some weight. She was taking some that soup broth yeah.

You know which is really high in sodium her blood pressure, like skyrocket, tastes, good though it tastes great yeah, because it’s got a lot of salt in it.

So she did stop that, but that was before this February even saying.

Oh, that was way before that, so this didn’t play a role into that, but the one food to use the one thing he recommends is: where is this behind you over there, my gosh yeah Liz moved it.

I didn’t do it.

We got flax, seed, ground, flax seed, so I look at that is applesauce.

So all she does takes the flax seed.

She takes two tablespoons a day and you can just buy this anywhere yep.

It’s, pretty common yep.

It’s common at the grocery store you get it on. It just looks like a little ground up, powdery stuff, yeah yeah, so she takes it and she puts it in unsweetened applesauce.

One way she does it and she just puts two tablespoons in there and eats it, and it’s like taking your medicine and it tastes good.

So can you just put it in others everything she also puts it in nonfat, Greek yogurt sometimes, and she puts berries in with it too.

So so you’re saying that the book shows some scientific yeah.

It has some studies, so the book the book had a study on flaxseed oil and the studies showed that the average person the they’ll order from there their scores were 150 80.

Over 81.

They drop, especially the system.

Ok assist the systolic drops an average of 7 points from 81 to 75.

I think that’s diastolic diastolic systolic diastolic on it, got it down.

Yep, okay. I try.

Remember it alright, so anyway, yeah thanks drops seven points.


Now, my wife, she had much better results.

Oh really, he actually dropped.

Two I’m gon na reveal it here.

Oh can you hold it just hold, so she went down to look at this brother, oh yeah, oh that’s.

Alright! Here we go there.

We go does that make more sense, so she dropped all the way down to like 120 over 70 s yeah.

So what was this number yeah? This is kind of the range she was in. He was hitting 140 over 90 yeah, so she dropped like 20 points.

Yeah that’s nice yeah.

So how long did she need to this was February, and I mean we started seeing it fairly quickly, but now we’re in what a receptor yeah right now – and so you know this is where she’s at right.

Now, okay, interestingly enough – and this is where maybe it’s not so good living with me – so what she was, we were kind of tracking over the weekends how she was doing.

There was one weekend where I was gone: yeah and it’s like the blood pressure, went way down.

She’s like 110 over 60s, Oh, like I’m psyche, it used to be like really like almost before she met you before.

Well, I love before we spend a lot of time together.

Salt yeah, sorry Linda, you know, I, you know it’s a medical price.

You had to pay for living with me so but anyway, this is a such an easy solution.

I mean I I had certainly give it a try. If I were all yeah, I mean if you can avoid taking medications just by it by taking a food list.

This would be it it was it very expensive for no no reasonable it’s reasonable.

I don’t remember what else, but it’s not that much.

So maybe I should just take some right now.

There you go.

Take some right now, all right thanks everybody for watching .

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