Quinoa Stir Fry | (Quinoa Fried “Rice”)

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How to Cook Quinoa

Hey guys today we’re making a delicious Asian quinoa stir-fry lots of healthy grains and vegetables, so I’ve already cooked the quinoa. What I did was, I used one part quinoa, the two parts liquid, so you can use either water or stock chicken stock, vegetable stock or just water, and some salt, but I do find stock adds a bit of flavor. In this case, I didn’t have any stock ready, so I just use water and a bit of instant chicken stock mix. So I brought that to a boil once it’s at a boil. I lower down the heat to low and cook that for about 13 minutes, generally 14 yeah quinoa, you cook it for about 15 minutes, but because I’m adding it into the stir-fry. I want to kind of cook it al dente once the quinoa is cooked.

How to Cook Quinoa

I just put it off to the side: you can even refrigerate it because we don’t want it to get too soggy, and so let’s get started with the rest. Okay, so I got this wok on the highest of heat and I’m just gon na add in a vegetable oil. So I got canola. You can use sesame oil use avocado, whatever you got, but I want use something like olive oil, because that’s gon na have a pretty low smoke point and we want to cook this pretty hot okay. So if you’re vegetarian, you can skip the eggs or if you’re vegetarian you eat eggs, go ahead, but cracking in two eggs and just mixing that around and I’m just going to fry that separate bring that down. I just move it around gently. So what I’m going to try and do here is create basically almost like a pancake just so I can cut that into nice. Strips now, we’ll flip that then we can set that aside. Okay, we’ll add a bit more virgin olive oil or vegetable oil turn that back up to high start frying our onions. I got one cup of onion here and one heaping tablespoon of garlic just letting that fry for a minute. Then we can add in our carrots. That’S one cup of carrots, so I hurt my arm my right arm. I have an HD tear, so I’m doing it trying to learn how to flip. With my left hand, think I got then one cup of broccoli and we can throw in our tablespoon of ginger as well and I’ll. Take that egg and chop that up now.

How to Cook Quinoa

I’M also going to add about one cup of frozen peas: lots of vegetables in this. You don’t need to use it all if you don’t have it or you can substitute others, there’s some red peppers and some now it’s starting to brown on the bottom. So I’m going to add a bit of soy sauce just about a tablespoon like that double. Let’S scrape off that bottom lots of color here also going to take a couple: green onions, yeah with the green onions. You can take the ends of the stems and just check those right in there and we’ll save the green bits for garnish. Okay, now we’re going to add our quinoa whip that around and lower the heat down a bit and I’m going to add in my egg, make sure to stir the bottom. We don’t want any burning here and a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce. This stuff is essential for a great stir-fry, maybe about three tablespoons. Okay, I think we’re done just give that a taste perfect. If it’s not salty enough or it’s not sweet enough. You can add that sugar or a bit of soy sauce, but that right there it’s done that total fried time was like seven minutes, love cooking on high heat garnish, with some crushed peanuts, green onions. Thank you guys for watching. If this is your first time here, please hit that subscribe button. It really helps me out. You can also help me out by going over to the Facebook page at bachelor, on a budget facebook.com, slash bachelor on budget or, if you’re, an Instagram user, its bachelor budget. I got tons of great content down there: lots of other cheap, healthy food ideas, thanks guys,

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