Strawberry galette — easy no-pan pie

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This recipe for strawberry galette is sponsored by Squarespace everything you need to make and run a website wrapped up in a toasty crust, get 10 % off yours at squarespace.com, slash Ragusa, the galette is a truly liberating form of pie, it requires no dish and no talent And even if that weren’t true, I would still prefer this over a deep fruit pie baked in a pan, because a galette gives you a higher proportion of crust relative to the filling and I’m a crust man all day long. The crust is just a basic pastry. Dough that I would normally make in a food processor, but here’s a low-tech method like two cups or 260 grams of flour on a big cutting board. It does not have to be precise, I’ll. Do a quarter cup of sugar, maybe 50 grams, but you could double that I like from my crust to be just barely sweet, maybe half a teaspoon of salt, that’s moderate!

You could go higher, especially if you’re using unsalted butter, which I am NOT one cold. Stick. That’S 8 ounces or 225 grams got to be cold, so it does not melt. If I was gon na do this in a food processor, I would cut that butter into chunks and then just pulse until the butter seems to disappear. But you can just take a big ol knife and cut and cut some more and some more bring it together chop through it and repeat, you want to keep this vegan use shortening instead of butter. I really prefer the knife to the more traditional methods of using a pastry, cutter or Forks. It’S just so easy and simple, and I think it gets you a more crumbly pastry at the end, which is what I like. When the butter is just a bunch of little grains of rice in the flour, I’ll make a mound and a little well at the center and pour in just enough cold liquid to bring this together into a dough, be conservative.

You can always add more. Yes, I’m using white wine, it gives pie, crusts, a lovely fruity, aroma and the alcohol maybe helps keep it tender. Alcohol does not react with gluten the way the water does, but you could absolutely use just water or use something else. Fruit juice, milk, whatever, as long as it’s cold, the key is, to only add the tiniest amount necessary to make this come together into a dough. I think I did maybe four tablespoons 60 mils. This should not feel like a bread dough. It should be on the verge of crumbling apart if it’s easy to work with at this stage. The final result will be chewy, not ten and crumbly I’ll wrap that up and it needs to sit in the fridge. For about a half hour, the flour will hydrate in that time, so it won’t be quite as crumbly when we go to roll it out while we’re waiting. We can make our filling it’s strawberry season where I live. So I’ve got 8 ounces of farm fresh strawberries. That’S half a pint 1/4 kilo, I’ve washed them and I like to dig out the stems with my thumbnail.

That way, I can get out some of the fibrous white flesh underneath, but it doesn’t matter that much everything is gon na get softened in the oven. Thin slices again does not have to be perfect or particularly thin. They’Re gon na get cooked a lot in a bowl, and then this is highly optional. Some lime, especially with real springtime, strawberries, they’re so sweet that some additional acid is nice to have, and I like the lime flavor too, which is concentrated in the zest. I’M scraping some of that in there. If you want to keep the strawberry flavor pure, you could just use the juice and you don’t need much less than half a lime. For starters, at least we can adjust. Similarly, we can adjust sugar, but I think a tablespoon is a good starting point. Put that in there give it a stir and then we’ll set that aside to just let the sugar pull moisture out of the strawberries it’ll happen in minutes. Meanwhile, a little mixing bowl for whipped cream at most a cup of cold cream goes in there, 200 250 mils. You can whip cream with a hand whisk, but I’m not gon na the trick is to stop beating when the cream is about doubled in volume. It’S thick it’s leaving ribbons in there, but it’s still smooth and silky.

If you pass this point, it’ll rapidly transform into something that looks like loose cottage cheese and there’s no way to undo that a little sugar again, I think a tablespoon is a good starting place, but you might want more. You could put some vanilla in there, but today I’m gon na use almond extract, maybe a teaspoon and here’s something fun that you can do if you have it mix in a little sour cream or yogurt or any thick fermented dairy situation. You’Ve got to do this after you’ve whipped the cream and it will make the texture of the cream kind of heavier, but I quite like that, and it adds great depth of flavor, give that a taste and you can adjust it. However, you like, I think I want a little more sugar, but I don’t like for my cream to be too sweet and I definitely want more sour cream cover that up, whipped cream really absorbs smells in the refrigerator, which is where this goes until we eat a Couple other little jobs, I’m gon na prepare a little topping to sprinkle over the crust.

This is Demerara sugar, but any form of coarse sugar would be perfect. You want big fat crystals of sugar and you could just use that, but I like to grab some similarly coarse-grained salt and mix in a little bit of that. Maybe three parts sugar to one part: salt, if you don’t like salty sweets, don’t do this we’ll need something to brush on the crust to make that topping stick and I’m gon na do egg wash an egg with a little bit of water, beaten up nice and Smooth this will also make the crust shiny, which I like, because I’m a primitive creature. You could use melted butter for this purpose instead or maybe coconut oil. If you don’t want Dairy, let’s check on our strawberries, which are already looking syrupy thanks to that sugar, give them a good stir, just to make sure that everything is coated and then give one a taste. Oh, it looks like a heart that tastes good to me. Okay, let’s prepare our baking sheets and if you’re, not using parchment paper in the kitchen, get ready for your life to improve. There’S no sticking and you won’t have to wash the pan afterward. Now we get ready to roll the pastry out and if you’ve got a granite or marble countertop, that is the best surface. A bunch of flour goes right on there, stone is cold which will keep the butter in the pastry from melting I’ll, get my oven heating to 350 Fahrenheit, 180 C convection. If you don’t have convection go a little bit hotter, it’s been about a half an hour and my pastry is ready. You can see that it’s more dough like and stable after hydrating in the fridge good amount of flour on top and I need a rolling pin. I can’t find my rolling pin, but guess what a wine bottle is a perfect substitute. Here’S, the best advice ever for rolling out pastry roll a little then turn 90 degrees roll a little then turn 90 degrees.

This accomplishes two important things at once. It makes sure that you’re rolling evenly in all directions and for a galette you do want something as close to a circle as you can reasonably make, and also make sure that your pastry will not stick to your working surface. Every time you turn it. You can kind of wipe it around in the flour and that’ll, keep it from sticking to the board. You want it maybe 1/8 of an inch thick, half a centimeter, basically as thin as you can get it, but it still holds together when you move it around. Speaking of which, before we put in the filling, we need to kind of drape this over the rolling, pin and transfer it over to our baking sheet, or if you have a large spatula like one for pancakes. You can actually assemble this right here and then lift it on to the pan strawberries in the center spooning them out, so that I don’t dump all the excess syrup in there. You got to minimize moisture in these things. You leave yourself a really wide border.

All the way around, and then you just pick up the excess and fold it on top of the filling you can do, a fancy, decorative crimping situation or not. You could just bake that that’d be great, but I’ve got my sugar topping, and I need my glue to stick that on I’m painting on my egg wash nice and heavy, but melted butter is nice too. You could even just use the spare syrup that we left behind in the bowl that would be vegan too I’ll, grab that sugar and salt mixture and just sprinkle that generously over the top of the crust. Guess I had a little bit too much now hmmm. I thought I had a bigger spatula. This one is not big enough. Well, here’s the thing you can just kind of flop it on over see surprisingly unscathed, probably easier to build the pie on the baking sheet. So this does prove another point. If you want to double this recipe, make two pies, not one big pie when a galette gets too wide. It just doesn’t hold together, even after it’s baked in the oven that goes it’ll take an hour at most I’d, say some people like to bake these. At a higher temperature, I do not like soggy pie, so I want to give this a chance to cook all the way through before the top gets too Brown. If you cut into this right now after it came out of the oven, everything would just spill on out, let it cool for like an hour and the filling will set up like jam. In fact, I believe it literally is a jam at this point. You can cut this into four nice wedges on a plate, a nice dollop of that slightly sour, whipped cream with the almond flavoring in it. I’Ma be honest, you know what that tastes like that tastes like a high-class pop tart, no interesting thing Lauren liked it, but she thought the combination of strawberry and lime. Tasted like kool-aid, I think that’s an association you’d have if you grew up drinking that stuff. The combination of berry, flavor and citric acid – if that sounds bad to you, then leave out the lime or put anything that you want in your galette. This is such a simple elegant wrapper for anything. Much like a website template from Squarespace. It can wrap up anything good you’ve got. Maybe you’ve just got a picture of yourself or of a thing you made, and you want to use it to persuade someone to hire you there’s a whole bunch of templates for simple resume type sites. This is a nice feature if the text is not popping off the background, try tweaking the image blurring it or making it darker they’re worried how your site might look on mobile. Well, no need to imagine here’s how it’ll look on a phone. You can tweak your design accordingly and then that’s it. You publish it and Squarespace hosts the site for you. They can register your domain, they can handle any transactions. You need to do on your site, money, emails whatever, and a site like this can be yours. For 10 % off just go to Squarespace, calm, slash, raghu, sia and use my code raghu sia. That’S all in the description, as is the recipe for this lovely springtime pie. Do people know that I always put the recipes in the description there down. There. Trust me

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