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Translator: sann tint Reviewer: Myo Aung When was the last time a letter was written? How would you feel if you had received this letter in the mail this morning? What will this mean for you? Well, according to Royal Mail The volume of textbooks has dropped by a third over the past decade It fell 4% last year. More packages than mail.

So it’s called ‘global shipping’. This means that you can put something in the mailbox That’s where the UK goes somewhere else at this price. But how long will we stay here? So what I want to do is to commemorate the manuscript and refresh it. This is the future that we want to shape and the way we want to shape it.

1915 On August 16th Flo wrote to Sergeant Jones. He is one of my son’s principal teachers. ‘This letter reminds us of the death of our beloved son Thank you very much for your kindness. ” He went on to say that it was good for the soldiers With the funeral procession, He was lying in wait, with no chance Getting fired is a cruel thing. At the end, he wrote: “If you have the time Let me know if my son has talked to him after being dumped. ” This is a cherished possession Still in the family’s hands. So I had a lot of letters, With boxes. Some letters still have the scent of the people who sent me. Reading these letters is an emotional and emotional experience As was the first time we heard a letter from a mailbox. It’s even better now.

The main thing for me is that these are handwriting. They are not perfect, but they are perfect. Father’s handwriting is life, Accurate Larger Mothers Stronger and more independent. In the first half of college, I was not happy. My mother sent me this ‘Blink your eyes and think of England’ There is a smiley face Two years and seven months before the first message. My mother sent text messages, He created smiling faces. I love the way Rupert writes. ‘El! I miss you so much. Well, sister. ‘ He didn’t say anything to me anymore. This is a rare letter from my brother Alistair The bread circle is a real cat. Looking back at the messages I was called by various names. Messages may be part of an unfinished joke. Like the Snapchat story ‘Mrs. Edna Muriel Pencil “Dear Bog”. So the difference is that it saves. I was so happy with it. So sometimes you just have to express yourself Not enough space. Some of my favorites are from Auntie Barr. See what he wrote as a mail at the top. It’s spelled ‘male’. (Laughter) A month or two ago I once again got the message and was eager to get involved.

Sorrow in my bedroom. Old age I found the forgotten shelf The rocks were thrown down and These include things like paper and ink I went into a café and asked people if I wanted to write a book. So the first person wanted to write. It’s called Nicolette, He wrote a letter and thanked me and left. So, in fact, I’m a bad example. In some ways, the writing stopped. Friends! I used to write to relatives on a regular basis.

I write a lot of emails, The text So the question is, why did I go straight? Is this just too busy? Viewing text messages is too complicated The love of handwriting stopped. So a letter is a brain, a brain. Direct from the oil to the paper. Something is made by hand We carry something of DNA. Sometimes to the generations. So when you send an email to an email, you say “send”. So I started ‘Scent’. So the other letter in this ‘scent’ is an extra one. That’s the way. There are two parts: a sent-a-bent. First, ask people to bring a letter and share it. Something in their past Whatever the message, Whoever they are, Regardless of age From whom? This is a lovely thing. Then I invited them to write letters. So the way you write a letter is both personal and professional.

I want you to remember me too. So they took a piece of paper, Cool! It is smoke or mint. Pen A pen; Ink, If you like it, you will have the bird and the ink. Make it comfortable where you want to stay, It’s on the park or on the sofa. In this letter, my son tells his feeding mother Cora, He will be preaching for a while. “As I was writing this, the CD was playing in the background. I like it It reminds me of home.

Or the ending song of the play It’s going to sink into your favorite chair. A lighted fireplace next to it. With a cup of hot Pengenian tea. Focus Think seriously, Write one or more words Draw pictures! Make mistakes and scrape them Or leave it! That’s part of the whole thing This makes it personal. It is the story of what happened That’s why it doesn’t have to be so valuable to make a Scent Letter. Recently, I was asked to write to children in a nearby elementary school. Zoe wrote to her mother: She had taken him on a trip after surgery to relieve his mother. I like the way children respond. This is an open-ended, unofficial, open-ended relationship They like the attitude of communication.

So this is going to Picasso in Charlotte It’s written. He wanted to get it into a balloon and get it into the air. This is a true expression of his own dream of liberating the artist. This is Finley’s letter to Liverpool Football Club on a piece of paper. There are rules when writing letters. I have taught at school In some cases, these rules also apply. Mom had a bookstore As a teenager Incoming mail, I used to clear job applications.

If our rule is written on a line, we throw it in the bin. Now my mother is shy about that. At Scent ‘I said, “Discard the discipline book; If you like it, write it in the prescribed form. Leave a lot of spelling. ” This means that if you write “Dear” at the top of the letter, you can’t write at all. (If you like, at the bottom of the message But at that time, I was not spellbound. This letter from my sister points out. A letter from this father I didn’t have a date, so I was boiling. Some children at school say: “This is the best literary course.” The teacher wrote them a letter He is kind enough to speak enthusiastically. That was what I wanted. So in the past Last year? Was it last year? People were expecting a day or two to get a reply. Some people had shortcuts, It is like the inside of a tree. Now there are other shortcuts Writing can be almost immediate Sometimes they expect an instant reply. We are amazing, amazing and wonderful.

Powerful words of wisdom! Email but strange Easy to cut and sew By the way, they can be a little bit darker. So a deeper, warmer word lives on in the handwriting. They expose our weaknesses and enrich our relationships. So don’t miss out on the best we have. We can make marks on a page with our hands; With the friendships you have and your family Let’s commend you for connecting in many ways. In WH Auden’s words “Without the heart’s urgency, the messenger will not be knocking.

Because of his birth, who can resist? ” I ask you today to write a letter. Think of someone who wants a letter from you. What do you say, your hand? Create it with your heart, Create something to hold on to. Use whatever you find. Grab water and add fragrance. When children say they can write to everyone The person is either dead or unborn. Some people say that they write their dreams. Handwriting a letter indicates a future in themselves It’s giving them something to hold on to.

So I’m Elspeth Penny. ‘Scent’ is a re-enactment of the manuscript. This is not only the direction in which we come from It also has to do with the future we want to shape. Thank you (Applause) .

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