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Tips for Keto Beginners | A Conversation with Aaron from FatForWeightLoss!

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Guys, I have a really long video coming this week. This is an IG live session that I have with my friend Aaron. … Not me. Another Aaron. Living is right. Hello guys. Welcome to AD Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where I speak about the ketogenic diet. I do some keto food vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, please consider To log in, and if you do, be sure to click on the icon clock so you get a notification when I upload new content. About a week ago, I got a message from my buddy Aaron on Instagram. His handle there is @FatForWeightLoss. He is also a channel here on YouTube called FatForWeightLoss, which you can see right up there, where he does it to prepare beautiful videos of him recipes. I got a cheesecake recipe he posted a few weeks ago, and it was oh so good. He got in touch with me on Instagram and said, “Hey, do you want to aa session of Instagram Live with me? We can talk about keto and, you know, kind of address some of the questions that beginners might have? "And I said, 'That sounds like an awesome idea.

"And I wanted to make it available to those of you who is not on Instagram, or did not see it. We have a great conversation, and hope you enjoy it! I will see you back here at the end of it. Alright! I am good! How are you? I am very, very good! I am. You know, for someone whose voice in the moment, it is AD Keto, below or above, I'm not sure what orientation screens everyone is in, but that's it is fantastic. So when you join Instagram, and I see that you were AD Keto, and you were like, "What? No way!" I was like, "What's your name?" and you're like, "Aaron." And I was like, "Me too!" Another coincidence – like, I get it all the time. I know @kellie_keto gets this as well – People think I'm shorter than me, and me do you also think a tall person now.

Not long? Yes, I am six foot five. Holy crap, are you stupid? Yes, I'm 6'3 ", and people always think I'm shorter than that. And I know Kellie's like 5'10 ", and people always think she's super small. But yeah, a lot agreements, man! Yes it is so good. And then again, I think it was yesterday or the day before posting a photo of your run, and I was like, "What ?! No. Like where you're at Strava? "Now I'm following you, and you know, a whole lot of really awesome …

Just collaboration, intertwining things, and you have a YouTube channel, and you have Do the ketogenic diet, and you've had some fantastic results with them, by the body, and you know, it's … yeah, I just … Maybe you can let us know a little a little about what you're doing, and what … what you're doing right now. sure, man! I started doing the keto diet in January of 2017. Right now, I was over 276 … two hundred and … close to 280, I think. I stopped like that weigh myself because I was just scared to even look at what the scale said. I kind of started doing … like January rolled around, and I was like, "I am go do another … just go do calories in / calories out. "And I step on the scale a few times, and I was like, okay I'm at 276. But then a co-worker of mine led me to keto, and told me to give it a try, and I did. And pretty much immediately knew that it was for me after the first three or four days. I felt that link flip, and knew it was something I needed to do.

I got some very big discussions in the early going, mostly because of my cholesterol situation, which I am still dealing with, but since then I have dropped I think 62 … between 62 and 63 pounds. These days, I maintain about 215 so. It's been a really fun year, as far as … discovering this whole path of eating, and the whole community behind it, which I totally adore. This would not have been the same without it. It was … you know, just a real … Instagram In particular, a net is an incredible resource. So yeah, that's me situation. It's fantastic. How about you? I know that um … I don't know how long have you been doing keto, when you start, why do you start? so So for me, I started Keto probably about three years ago, and I was a little bit bitten the same. Like me … I'm not so much concerned about my body weight.

I was more concerned about sports nutrition and performance, and things like that. And so, which I did, so I'm very cycling, and you know I was doing this big long rides, and I do a great long run, I was running half marathons, I do … you know, 250 Ks on the bike, this kind of stuff. And what I found was that I wanted to Get about 3/4 of the way through some sort of race, and I'll just hit this one wall. And you know, II don't know if it was because I wasn't dealing with my nutrition very well at the time before getting keto, which is why I kind of look all around, and I was listening to Tim Ferriss right now, and he said, you know Maybe it's the ketogenic diet, you know? Why didn't you try it out? And so I have it 30 days, and I tried it out, and if you have, you know, like the first three days, you like, "What is this thing?" You know, "What's going on?" and and after you press through that, and kind of thought it out a little by myself, which I actually did came to start doing the ketogenic diet.

And what I … I'm doing it on and off for a little time, and I think the ketogenic diet might be a little bit terrible if you're up and down like that, and so I got myself this commitment thing. It was probably around October 2016, so just before you started in January. and I said, you know, I want it to be more consistent. And the way I wanted it More consistently, I was starting a website, and I said, "I can't upload all now the things I eat, and when I watch people do what you do, you know, then I have no reason to stop. There is absolutely no reason to go back another way. "And right I have it as, you know, a lot of motivation. I just have start hitting hard this site. There was nothing. And you know, started upload photos with my iPhone, and you know, and a year later you get cameras like this, and it just gets a little out of hand, but you know, it …

It's such a great place, and if you have, Instagram's fantastic too. So yeah. Yes man. But I know what you're talking about over, over the wall. A carb burner and that athlete for a while when I was on the standard American diet, I have a marathon to run, and I push the wall around mile 21, and just couldn't … My body just said, "No, I'm stopping." And that was it was like six years ago, but I'm committed to doing another one this year, fat adjusted. So I'm excited to see that. Actually the plans are a little fluid right now. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a marathon, or this mountain ridge run that a buddy of mine is my kind invited to do. So I can do that. After B determined. Yeah, well, so I also think the same thing. So do I. decide not to run this year's marathon this one which does sort of roles around each, year.

I decided not to do it because I was so, you know, worried about my times and all that kind of stuff, and I might think that an ultra is in the books. Maybe I don't know anything on the bike, maybe. Something crazy, anyways. Something ridiculous. You think a bike race? Yeah, so … I don't know. I have a very long one … so I have a 250K bike ride, probably about two years ago now, and it was … the distance wasn't that bad, but it was more than three mountains, so I think there was like 15,000 feet of uprising.

Yes, with this potential mountain ridge walking, I don't know hills. Like, I did for a bit jogged last weekend with some small hills, and I thought I was going to die. I'm like I'm better off doing a few more hills, or I'm going to be in very bad shape. Yes. This is definitely something I have to work on. But man, I love your channel, and I love you … you know, your photos are beautiful. The production on your videos is so good.

I work for a … I'm working a of those cameras. I'm … now, I just use my phone, and deal with it, but it's … you know, there are certain things I can't do with what I like to do with a nicer camera. You know what, though? and I think i sent you a post about this a short while ago. I was looking for do the … you know, i actually just started YouTube in the last two months, and i was looking for it, and … and you know, YouTube is a hard place to navigate around, I think, and I was really, you know, feeling in the dumps, you know, I was like …

I put in all of this effort, 10 hours editing these videos, and then I download this, and just … nothing. And then I watched some of your videos, and I was like you know what? It … you are such a personality, and that is the personality behind the videos that are more important. So honestly, like using your camera, whatever it is to do to begin with, as it is you who watch people, it is not the camera, and it's not the aperture, and all that stuff that people think about all the time. As you know it was really great, and I sent you a message, and I was like, "You know what? You just have to pick me up." Your videos are fantastic. Thanks man! And I'm sure everyone on the YouTube community maybe … might as well be on Instagram here, I'm sure they think the same thing too. Yes, I have a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to YouTube.

I already have an editor … I already have editing video for a living since 1997, so I kind of know my way around editing, so that's a bit of my unfair advantage. But yeah, it's … you know, I'm trying to keep people out of boredom. As soon as I'm starting to get bored, I'm like "It's … it's not work." So ya know, you get things done over the course of 20 years that can definitely help, for sure. It's … it's really interesting. So I see that you were doing an Instagram live … no, not life. Just a story, and you are something of all the recording old tires and put them in the new format, and so it made me think, and that's why I have probably about three or four years ago, I studied to be a full-fledged sound engineer, and I finish what, and so maybe I'm a bit of an injustice advantage with sound, but really …

Yeah! I don't know if it helps or not, I don't think so! But what do you're doing for a job, outside … you know, the AD Keto stuff? I am an editor at a small video production company in Albany. There are just like five or six of us. There are six … six employees. Myself, one other editor / graphic man who amazing, and a director of photography, two producers. And we do you know, its corporate stuff. It's not something you know, I'm really excited about doing, but it's definitely better than work. It's … it's something I don't want You know, it's kind of … I would do it anyway, and it's nice to be able to do something you really want, and make a living at it. So it is a very corporate … internal corporate videos. Like last week, I was working on something for a asset management company, and I'm like, "Oh my God, it's the worst, most boring thing I've ever done in my life." Yes.

BUT, you know, that beats … you know, any other kind of work. So … Yes. And I think so well, you can spray your like, creativity in those things that can bring some life to them as well. Yes. Yeah, there's a little bit of that. Some … some customers are super-dry, others are definitely open to that kind of thing, so yeah. You have to feel them out. You know, you're falling … joking at a customer, and if they don't respond at all, you're like, "Okay, I think it's through the books this time." Yes cut-and-dry.

So … so I probably know … I love hearing people's stories, you know. I love hear about what you do outside of all the nutrition and things you do do as well, but maybe I wanted to flip it over, and we can talk about some things that some people may be watching and you know, may be them new to the ketogenic diet, or maybe they haven't tried it yet, or they are looking to get into it, and there's a question I get a lot, and that's … you know, there are actually … there are so many questions. There are like thousands and thousands thousands of questions people ask as a beginner goes in the ketogenic diet, and what I found was that I was sort of sifted through a Many of them, and I grouped them all together, and put them in like a bit of a bit of hierarchy, and I came up with five topics. How much did you say? FIVE, sorry! We can do it four! Ha! Five topics, that kind of you know, emphasize what's on the ketogenic diet or even what the low-carb diet is about, and some of the obstacles that people can have, and you know, just the big old houses we sit on these things below, and for someone whose beginning and the ketogenic diet through the same types of struggles we have done, maybe we can help them that.

So the first one I was kind of getting your idea on was simplicity. You know everyone is … you know talking about these questions, is there so many different questions, and you want, you need to keep it simple. Whatever you think is … How did you simply keep the ketogenic diet when you first started? This is something I can talk about. Because you're right, there's a lot of … There is only a lot of information when you first start researching this diet. Like, oh my god, how am I going to navigate all this? actually just Recently, my mom has a low carb, which … it just started warming my heart. sy pre-order Keto Connect's cookbook today. I was tickled. And so she always called me, and text me, and ask me for, you know, tips and show me her macros and All of this, and the way I made it simple I found meals that worked get me up early.

It was … it was a matter of first to find out how much I was what it takes to eat. Like my goal was to lose weight. I need to be on a bit of a calorie deficit. Here's what it would be like if I wasn't losing weight, so I can't pull back now that little bit, find that number of calories I have must eat. And then find meals that work, that hit the relationships. You know, the classic, especially in the beginning, hitting the macros was important to me. the 75/20/5 Classic pie chart is what I'm focused on. Not so much, though definitely get up early, find meals that worked. And it was usually eggs, a avocado, mixed together, and bacon. Just ate that for a week straight for breakfast and what really kicks in – the simplicity part of it. As it was a decision made from the table. Like that's what I do with for breakfast. Every morning. it's going to work.

It hits … like this this will meet the … that relationship. At least for breakfast. So this is one of The things that kept it super-simple in the beginning is a meal that worked, or … and it wasn't the sexiest meal ever. It was boring, but it was hooked the knot. And I think that … that's the key. Finding the thing that works for you, and stick to what, and keep it really simple, and not to worry too much about you know … actually don't even worry too much about calories in the beginning. It's more about, you know, making sure you …

You're basically just busy Modifying your body to adapt to fat, using fat as your primary source of energy. Because you know, because you've been a glucose burner your whole life, that's it going to take … as it is … what should be the first thing you focus on doing is like … feeding it fat. make it learn, "Oh, this is … this is what I use now? Okay, I get it. "So that's what the thing holds meals simple, and that would be my point for keeping it … for the simplicity part Of that, is just finding a meal that works and sticking to it, even if it can be tedious. Yes, I totally agree. You know, and … and for some people as well, they like to start the ketogenic diet, even just do breakfast. And so breakfast idea, where it's just eggs, avocado, and bacon, you know, it is something that so many people deprive themselves of before knowing what the healthy fats, and all this kind of stuff. And so I think, you know, yes. Keep it simple there is fantastic. And neither … I think if you do start the ketogenic diet, and you try to keep it simple because you have was, if you already said, like you …

You have a glucose burner your whole life, and so it feels very strange about a hundred percent step in keto. It's kind of like frightening. Yes, and so, and what you feel like is, you know, when you do something simple, and you know it works, you know you can ignore all of it things your brain tells you about, "Oh, it's too fat. What are you do? Why are you doing this? "All these kinds of, you know, negative ideas that … that come in the back of your head, that … yes it is … Simplicity and nail the macros to start with are so important, and I am glad you … glad you talked about that, and … and such another topic I wanted to get your idea or up was the importance of electrolytes. And so have you anything that, you know, you have any stumbling blocks with electrolytes, or what was your deal? I … I wish I knew about electrolytes when I started keto. That's one of the things I do didn't really pay attention to it …

I mean, I got the words electrolytes, I was like, "Okay, whatever. I'm just going to eat these foods." I woke up so many mornings with crippling calf pain. As my legs tighten so hard. I was like 'What's up? "My legs hurt, and that felt like i could tell my kidneys were loaded. Like my back hurts. That's it because I am not taking sodium, I am not taking potassium, I am not taking magnesium. Like those … soon after, I learned that it's … you know, you really need to take those, especially early on, because of all the changes your body is going through. Your kidneys do different things, you liver does different things, those big three is something I still am supplement, and is super, super important, because yes … the …

I was, like me thought that my body was just falling apart. Like I was … "my body doesn't like to do it. These are cramps on me. What happens? “But if I knew, just… you know, to supplement those three things, I would have been … would have been fine. Yes, is there a particular thing you use now that you think help, and you know, you wish you knew when you started? Oh my god, yes. Also I take 250 mg of magnesium in pill every morning, and something just beginning … like, early on I want to … I didn't have potassium supplements, but I start eating more spinach, cross flowering vegetables that had to a lot of potassium in them. I just recently started supplementing with potassium pills, which I think max out at 99 mg, or something. And I'm considering starting out like a ZipFizz thing, I think ZipFizz can pack more potassium into their …

In the thing you get out of ZipFizz, but yeah. 250 mg magnesium, 99 mg potassium, and then just salt everything, pretty much what I do eat, with pink Himalayan salt. Okay, yes so … if so. I knew about magnesium to begin with, but I don't know much about potassium because I do comes from the endurance cycling world, and it's like, "Well, getting potassium, all you have to do is eat bananas. "And I was talking to Dr. Berry about this last week, and he was like, "No!" like, even like, even said that potassium is in bananas is fundamentally not as correct if something like avocado or spinach, or even a few more nuts potassium in them as …

As bananas, so I think, yes it is … You know, so good, I've heard a lot about the ZipFizz. I think Keto Connect is talking about it, but it's something that Dr. Berry also told me. You know, if you can't find ZipFizz, or if you, you know, you don't order stuff on Amazon that still has a lot to order, there's this salt in America, and in Australia now that I've found it so good, it's called NuSalt or Light Salt. Yes. NOW, right? Yes that's right. Yes, and so what the … It is a product born to people who are very scared of salt, and what happened was they were going, "Okay, well you know, let's take some of the sodium chloride out it, which is the salt, and let's replace it with potassium.

"And so it is actually a salt that is half potassium, half sodium chloride. I do not know how much potassium you would get if you used salt on everything for that anyway, but I … you know, I started using it, and I started using it after runs, I started using it after, or even before, runs, and I think that's it actually is pretty good, and it's very cheap. It's like two bucks for a big box of it. Nice! Yes, and then if anyone out there is looking for the potassium side of the matter as well, it is … you can get it from any grocery store. Now Salt in America or a Light Salt in Australia here as well. Did you, uh … have you noticed a difference when cycling, supplementing versus na? Like, when I go out in the mornings, I tried to go out fasting. Like me go out and I do cardio fasting.

I feel like I'm just way more into it, so more kind of focused on what I'm doing, I'm a little … I think I'm doing a little a little better, fasted. Do you find that difference when you replenish yes, when you eat? So I was I you know, coming from the high-carb carbohydrate world, I always have something to eat ahead of time, right? But then, when you start adjusting fat, fasting becomes much easier, right? And so when you get up in the morning, if you can get a little more sleep in, and you can just walk out the door, put on your shoes or even sleep in your shoes if you want, as you're crazy-committed, you know you're getting older, and what I've found is that I am then fill.

Now supplementing in advance I tried for eight weeks now, and I feel like sometimes you know there are things you need to do pre-fill, perhaps, like caffeine. And electrolytes after that, me Finding is the best way to really get salty or like the water coming into you cells, and for you to really be able to use whatever water you drink when you come back. I find you dilute the electrolytes a bit bit, because depending, you know, if you just don't drink straight when you first wake up, unlike when you come back, that you know, different you have to amounts of water at different stages. But right I am reading a a little more about this the other day, and so there are people exercising in it in the morning, and people exercising in the afternoon. There's a book called When, And I can't remember what it's been through, but he talks about being like you get a really fast time, and if you want, or maybe beat your own PR or something else, it is best to do so in the afternoon.

And statistically, Olympic records are or what is broken Olympic records happened statistically later in the afternoon if they in the morning. Interesting! Yes. And so it goes, all marathons and big runs start in that morning. So early! Technically, at night, sometimes! Yes, exactly. You get up at 4am in the morning, you’re like, “And we’re going to start in two hours, and I am at the finish line already, uhghh. "And so … On the other hand, though, if you exercise in the morning, and you practice fasting You are more able to burn the fat on your body at that point as you enter that afternoon. So I think using those ideas tactfully does all your training in the morning, and then after noon, because your body temperatures already increased and name it, and you are able to run a little of the time, maybe. That's it what I found, and that's what I experienced so well, but I don't know. How about you? I know I'm still figuring out the post-run kind power supply. What I really need to do after I usually come back start eating you know I'll have a big old protein-y meal when I get back out of a long term.

You know, eggs, or like steak, even in the morning. So supplement, not so much. I think on run days, I'm more focused on eating habits protein when I get back when, and not really worried about electrolytes. So you know. I need to look at it more. AGG just asked a question about something. Let's answer a few questions. Well AntiGravityGains has some questions here too. AntiGravityGains is AGG. He is the PPP! The Phat Phueled Phenom. He says, have any of you heard of citrulline malate? This is supposed to help clear lactate acid, improves recovery. So yes, I have. I listened to Ben GREENFIELD the other day, and he was just about to use your lactate after recycle back to …

So what happens when you in a very, very hard interval, or a very hard workout, you start your muscles manufacturing lactic acid, right? And you can actually remember that lactic acid as a "Glucose" for you … for your muscles by supplementing with citrulline malate, and me think that's how you say it. I've only ever read, really. And … and so I think which is supposed to commute helps the lactic acid through the Krebs again cycle, and produce ATP from that. If so, it will be interesting to maybe look at some studies of that, but the keto way also helped reduce lactic acid Greenfield is great, unmatched yes.

Such a great tip! Big and fetch, there. Chris says, "When you walk in the afternoon, you get stopped by people you know." So, I think you know maybe we should move on to the nutrition side of the ketogenic diet. So when people start the ketogenic diet, they are often looking for improvement their nutritional status, right? Because they either came from the Standard American diet or the Standard Australian Diet, and they can eat many things who disagree with them, and you don't even know.

So how are you go into the ketogenic diet with nutrition in mind as your … What are your goals based on weight loss regarding the nutrition? Yeah, I guess, because I was … I'm focused on weight loss, that's all about after that initial, you know, couple weeks of "Am I killing myself, is my veins are going to harden up, and the like, I'm going to die. "It's all about just focus on what you know, focusing on what foods have the right macros, but then it is hard to say. I think I was in such a groove with those early meals for that long, it was very … is very normal for me, after after the initial Terrorism wears off … I don't really know. You know, that's it troublesome. II feel like I still have problems with nutrition.

I feel like I am not the cleanest of eaters. I feel like I'm still eating a lot … I mean I'm not eating sugar, but I eat a lot of the stuff you know, artificial sweeteners, lots of ice cream. II has a sweet tooth that I'm still trying tame, and I don't work it, but it's very bad. I try to focus on eating food. Like one of the things that … well the simplest quotes that What I've ever seen is "Just eat food." and I like, you know what? I really have just start eating food. Like steaks, eggs. It can't be, you know? Yes. so nutrition is definitely something I'm working on yet.

How about … how are you you? Yeah, so it's funny. Also come from a family, you know one side was really high carbohydrate, low fat, low fat yogurt, all kinds of stuff, and then one side of my family, my mom's side She was actually a dietitian or a naturopath, and so she knew a lot about it nutrition to begin with, so when I first got into the ketogenic diet, and I was see a lot of people just eating, I don't know, not worrying about nutrition and simply doing what works.

And I think that … that … I think that the ketogenic diet is the place it works for. You know, I don't think nutrition should be as highly held as it did when I first started, and what I thought in my brain, because so many people get such fantastic results, and So if you do it the way you think works for you, then who am I to say that nutrition should be at the forefront of everyone's mind? As it is … it's just something I think that, you know, I'm struggling with sweets all the time.

I have a food blog and 90% off things that are on there like sweet things, and unfortunately they just do very good at the in this blogosphere, and so you end up with a lot of making those, and I have a really big sweet tooth before I go keto, as well. And this is something I still struggle with everyday, and so I think nutrition comes at exactly what you say: eating food.

Like, food doesn't have to ingredients. These are ingredients, and … and I think yes, some of those substitutes or some of, you know, I have a lot in the low-carb kind of bars and shake, and this type of stuff, and what I found was, is what you can use those as a tool. Absolutely. If you can, use it if you have limited time, or you Know, any of those things that affect you eat real food, like you can you go and you play bun frisbee at macker's or you know, it's like you go the shops …

What? You speak Australian now. I don't understand you. And Dr Berry said he said you know, he used to pull in Wendy's and they have 100% beef in their patties, contrary to what you know, other fast food restaurants, and he says, you know, if you're limited on time, and if it is your nutrition, and make sure you throw out the bun, so play bun frisbee with with it, but you know, nutrition comes from what works for you. And so many People have to find out for themselves, and so I'm glad you have to think about it a little, because so do I.

Like every day. And it just takes think about it. Yeah, we're … we kind of break up a bit here. That's okay. Do you hear. You just kind of get it all blocky. I'm not sure it could be my internet. It sometimes freaks out like this, but I'm not sure. But something you said really sounds like me, and that's the results kind of blind you to nutrition. You know, if you … especially in the early go, when you are a week omitting a few pounds, I think in the first couple months, I may have dropped the twenty pounds.

You're like, "I'm this delicious you know eating, Quest bars. It's magic! This taste so good! I'm losing weight! "And you … kind of … the nutrition part of it kind of escapes you, but then if … like, if I hit interview, that's where I really find myself starting to struggle a bit, because the things that really worked for me when I suddenly lost weight is not … you know, the results are obviously not there on the scale, even but it wasn't a big deal … it wasn't the main focus, the stuff I use to eat all the time now doesn't make me feel as good as they once did, because I am not to lose weight, it makes me feel a bit …

Especially the quest bars. I have a really really love hate relationship with those Quest bars. I have like, three of they have the other day, and I just feel awful for a few hours. That's something that … the convenience of it is great, and as you say, early on they really are, really useful, and … but you're kind of blinded by them, because you are still falling weight. So it's … it's something I wrestle with. And you know, like … and I think it's something I love a lot people in the comments are probably struggling with that as well. People who look, you know? And … and so maybe we can talk a little about the following subject, which is perseverance.

Yes. And I think you probably have this, where you know, you may have had temptations, you may have these things that, you know, you're going to offset in the wrong way, or you can this has had an outside influence, you know, people you tell, good you know, "What are you doing?" like, "Why are you doing this?" and … and so what's yours thoughts on perseverance, and why it is so important in the beginning of the ketogenic diet? Especially in the beginning, it's very, very important. And not just in the keto diet. I think it is important in every facet of life.

Also think that, you know, diet-wise, it's really important to know what you need to be eat, stick to those things, but even like, you can find on YouTube, you know? Like a video every week is kind of like, no matter what, there's a video go up. It may not be the best thing in the world, but it goes up.

And just … just seeing that mindset true … I don't know, I don't want to say it is robot, but once you get into the mindset of perseverance, it becomes more natural. But yeah, diet wise it's … it's very, very important, and it's hard. one Of those things, kind of related back to the nutrition thing, is that I live in an in a housekeeping with four non-keto people, and that … it has a bit of an extra to challenge a stay in accordance. There was … Especially in the beginning, I was make my children's lunches, I make sandwiches for my kids every day. I am feed them, you know, chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner, and these things is in front of my face every night, and you know, after … It was tough. especially in the in the beginning. I'm not even lying down now and say I didn't have any last name that stuff, that I did sneak a Tater every now and then, but after a bit while those became …

Things became much less attractive to me, and it's just a matter of sticking to it, and now I can't even think about those things. As they will … you know there is bread in the house, there are rolls in the house, There are bagels in the house, and I just simply don't even think about them. so Perseverance and sticking to what you know is working for you … is the thing. Yes, no, I totally agree. And there are so many people out there who are either in some, or they are in a family, or you know what it is, and they find …

they find it very difficult to be that person who sticks out, or you know different from the norm, and not necessarily that they are criticized for that, but I think they're starting to ask why? You know, what … why are they doing this? You know, is it just to lose weight? Or are you know, what can wait, or whatever it is, and so it's interesting to hear what you're saying is a struggle in you perseverance in the ketogenic diet because I think it is a struggle for a Many of the people as well, and especially to me as well, because my my girlfriend, his … She doesn't necessarily eat a lot of carbs, but when she does, she has a lot in it the House.

And I remember, I saw a video a short while ago showing everyone all in … in the house, and you know, there's Jellybeans, there's cookies, there's … you open the fridge and there is chocolate, and … and it's so important to really realize that … that okay, it's a temptation. Okay, that's … that's what this is is, and just after ok with it, and it takes a little while, KNO you, w like me think that it should take some time for the formation of these ideas and thoughts, because you have to be ok with it, and it's like …

It's like meditation, almost. You just have … you have to practice it, and you have to … just eliminate it all the food of your home is not … is not the way to do it. I think you have you have to be just ok with it. It sounds silly, I don't know how to say it any … another way, but … For some people like me, it's not even an option throw all that stuff. Like, I'm not gonna throw it on my kids' food, but you know, if you are persistent, and you know what you are doing, then things will be ok. If you just stick to what you know works for you and do your best to push away from the bagels, you know? So, my next cookbook that coming out is actually based around this topic so that will be fun.

But I think the next topic I wanted to talk about was the science behind the ketogenic diet. So I think maybe … what I found that works for people in the past maybe it's going to point to a book or point to a video, or whatever it is, whatever People can go and referral before they start a ketogenic diet, or maybe it was something you received a tip, and you really convinced yourself to think that Keytogenic diet is going to help you in your scenarios. You know what what do you think about it? Well, most of my science, the things I think about When I think about "keto science", my focus is always cholesterol. Like I always have have high cholesterol all my life, even before I start keto, I have always been " cholesterol in the upper 200s to 300s, and as recently as a few years ago I have was taking statin medication.

So cholesterol has kind of always been the thing that I do research, and look up, and search and try to learn about, and that's the thing that scared me when I first started, because everything I read that you start the ketogenic diet and your LDL shoots up. And I already got very high cholesterol, and all my doctor ever told me is that high LDL Cholesterol is bad, and you need to work to lower it. And the thing that really lit up my mind … well, not quite enlighten my mind, but the thing that scared me less, was the research of a man named Dave Feldman. I don't know if you're familiar with Dave Feldman. He is not a doctor. He is not a dietitian. He is not a kind of medical professional. He is an engineer. I think a software engineer, or a computer engineer, and he is what you call hyper-answer. He has the same response to the ketogenic diet that most people have, except it really, really docs its LDL, like many, very high.

And he wanted to find out why. So he joined it chose an engineer with perspective, so he did this wonderful N = 1 research for the last few years on his site, which I think has been mentioned, and he basically used his own body to come up with this wonderful inverse correlation between the amount of fat … basically its premise is that the lipid system is an incredibly dynamic system, and it is basically an energy supply system, and it's so dynamic that after the base anything goes up This is especially medicine that is going to waste on a lot of other parts of it your system a part of your body is ridiculous. Um … because that's it is so dynamic, and he comes up with this … I can't ramble right now a little here, but he comes with this protocol basically hack you lead, if you prefer. He found this incredible inverse correlation between the amount of fat you take three days before a blood test and the results, which are against everything everyone thinks about vet. Like, if you eat super high-fat meals three days before a blood test, the results, will shoot your cholesterol.

The less fat what you eat, your cholesterol increases. And there is a three-day gap between the time you eat and time your blood work done, but the he cards out its numbers, and many other people have done this protocol, and have a similar one results, that if you take the amount of fat you eat and flip it, it looks like your cholesterol numbers. And it's remarkably similar, almost in lockstep. so it was super eye-opening after watching, just reading about this guy, and what he's doing, what he's researching.That's …

What was my main focus is to learn from him, and which really got my mind at ease. Like the demonization of LDL is another thing. The… it's an energy delivery service, like … an energy delivery system, because you're on the ketogenic diet now, your body is mobilizing fat, that is … LDL is basically the taxi which is taking everything where it needs to go, so it makes sense to you LDL is higher, and then, the one last thing I will say about the science of it is …

From in person, starting with him research, it led me to get answers for myself, get more in-depth blood panels done – called an NMR test, which measures not only the amount of particles, but the size and consistency of the particles. Mine is mostly big and fluffy … fluffy, and that's what you want. They don't kind of stick your arterial walls, and then the big one was calcium scoring test, which is not only the markers that can measure cardiovascular disease, but ACTUALl cardiovascular disease. They can see real calcium build up in your veins and your heart. It goes from a scale of zero to a thousand, and my score was 14. So very, very low, which means very, very low risk of cardiovascular incident. So it really puts my mind at ease, as far as that high LDL. That's just the way my body works, and I'm totally comfortable with it.

I am off my statin medication and he is a big reason. So I … he's the guy I always tell people to check if they're worried about cholesterol, is Dave Feldman. Wow, that is … that and thanks for sharing the story. It is … it blows my mind because when I hear about this, I find some nuggets of this type of information all around, you know? And there it is so there are so many of this information it's so hard to get around it, and I think, you know, When you say that cholesterol was also a concern for you. When an engineer takes nutrition perspectives and delicacies that you know, in their own framework. So I went on a software developer, and the same thing, you know, when you try and apply it system to another way, or another area that has not used that system before, you can get some fantastic results.

So I can't have now to see what I'm going through check the website because i was low in cholesterol. I know. I am sorry. Also was I was just going to say, I was diagnosed with low cholesterol, so yeah. I don't know the implications for what, either. So I can't go check now what out. Yes, I know this guy … who Matt and Megha just interviewed this guy a Few days ago, I think, but the podcast doesn't come out for another four or five weeks, and I messaged them: I was like, "Please ask him these questions for me! Ask him these questions. "I'm really excited to hear that. I don't know if they do but oh man. I said what I was just now. Sorry. There is another book as well as me don't know if you've read it, but it's known as Cholesterol Clarity, and … and the man also did Keto clarity.

Right, by Jimmy Moore. Yes, yes. Yes, I do did not read any of the ones I read Keto Clarity, and it was pretty good. yes and also Nina Teicholz is The Big Fat Surprise. It was very interesting to me as good. That book was the reason I started it again. Nice. Ah, talk about books – they are not super sciency but well i think they are kind. I read two books based on an interview Meg had about Kyle a few weeks ago – Grain Brain, and can not remember the author of that, and then wheat belly. I knew their adjective- body part, or, you know, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. but they are both … both the Grain Brain in particular makes me very angry to read, just the fact that you know, our lives have been based on false information for about thirty years, and it's … it's pretty furious to know that you know, when … when the diet Guidelines changed in the 80s or that the government said … the government … but the USDA said, "Eat more carbs, and not eat fat" is when diabetes and everything just kind of shot in the height, you know? That's crazy.

Yes, and it's all a panel of people, and they have … they have absolutely no idea, but they make a educated guess, right? And … and this is a when you … when you mind like me feels like it's a bit like – Lance Armstrong of elite cyclists, you know? That these types of organizations are unwilling to sit back on their … on their ordinances, because they sat behind it so much, you know, they would … they'll feel like they're stupid if they go back on it, but you know, We are constantly learning, every day. We are constantly learning new studies, and you know, and people take the time to do themselves, you know? I think we're going to see a lot of big shifts in the next 10-15 year, with regard to nutrition.

I really hope so. I feel like in general, the guidelines probably … they would probably take a decade to catch up with emerging science, which … I'm not willing to wait for. like, that's part of the another part of the reason why i started keto, though the people in my life question it, and I question it myself, I wasn't even waiting now until it is the mainstream to do so. Like, I knew right after I started this … it makes me feel fantastic. I am losing weight. It's kind of where I want to be be.

Or I'm ahead of the curve, me don't care. I'm not willing to wait until you know, it's "accepted" to start it. yes, and I think on the other hand, as well, maybe the ketogenic diet is not for everyone, and so when you try it out for yourself, and you implement those changes, and you see results, then why not? Like, there's this …

You know, you're in controlling your own health, really. And understand it a a little more can potentially extend your life ten to twenty years, so why not? For sure. Yes, it is … it's really great to hear you story as well, because I didn't know about the … you know, that you had a high cholesterol concerns, and … and that ketogenic diet has helped get you off statins.

It's fantastic. You know, when someone says they were able to get out of the medication, great. So wonderful. Yes, it's crazy, because not only does it skyrocket my cholesterol, but then I have some of my cholesterol as well medication. So it's kind of like I did the opposite of what you think you do should do. Yes. But all my signs of cardiovascular disease are minuscule does not exist, so I am not worried about my cholesterol. Yes, that's fantastic, you know, and … and it's great to hear so much success as well. So you already have keto for a year and two months, is that right? I think yes 14 months.

14 months, yes. so it's … it's fantastic to be able to help the people who are beginners, or you know, what might be someone out there who is just thinking about the beginning, and maybe in that scenario you were 14 months ago, and … Absolutely.You know, What advice would you give to someone like that in this situation? I would say stick to it, especially if it's the first few days, and you feel like garbage, and you want to stop. Don't. It is … there is magic on the other side of this this malaise that you feel, and to stick to it, because the results are coming now, and when they come, they're going to be … that's the thing about keto, is that results really, at least for me, they happened fast, initially.

And it really helped with motivation, and holding on to it. I see… see the results, you know? But yeah. I would stick saying that, and not just for the weight loss, but for the spiritual order, for .. for all the other non-weight related advantages. You know, I had to sell my old clothes, you know? You feel … you feel better about yourself. I have more energy. I'm cleaning the house, like more than What I've ever done.

I just had this crazy energy that I didn't know what to do with. So yeah, me would stick saying it because it's real … It's great … it's a wonderful feeling, you know? Yeah, and and you know, maybe some of that extra energy goes in that direction start from a YouTube channel, so if you haven't started yet, you haven't started watch Aaron's keto YouTube videos or his YouTube channel, you must definitely go check it out. Type in ADKeto, and it should come right. That's it the green logo with you …

With the letters flowing in from the side. So that really fantastic talking to you. And you know, I think maybe it can get uploaded to YouTube as well, I think, if we can figure out how to save it. Yes, for sure! And I think … I think it will help a lot of people, you know? I think this … this video contains a lot things that some people may not know, and if they just go to the ketogenic start diet, and they watched this video, I hope someone gets a lot benefit from this.

Yes. I really appreciate that you, you know, stick around. I know it's late. Ag. 10am is my time. My day is just beginning! The kids are in bed, that's when I record things, when I edit, yes! It's fantastic. Well thank you for inviting me, man, I feel like it was big. And you know, that's the reason why I do launches the YouTube channel and the reason I start doing is Instagram because I knew that there were people out there who were questioning me or to start, and if I can help someone say, "Hey, this weirdo did it, Maybe I can do that too. "That's all there is to it.

And and if anyone wants to see this video, it will be posted on YouTube somewhere, and so on and so will I guess Instagram for the next 24 hours too, so again Thanks, Aaron for sticking around and talking, and if you ever come Australia, more than welcome. Let's go for a walk, and let's go create some crazy recipes or something. I would love to, man. One day when I made those YouTube millions, I would come to Australia. Yes. Adsense. Sponsored by … it will be a plane that YouTube says on the side. All right man, thank you very much. Goodbye. So this was my Instagram live session with Aaron really wants to thank him for inviting me to do so. I have a lot of fun time. Hopefully we can do it again definitely check him out on Instagram. It's @FatForWeightLoss is his handle, and definitely check out YouTube channel on here. He posts some incredibly beautiful recipe videos. So, so … tasty. And now it's all twisting it all! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for bottleneck around this long, and I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time.

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