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Oh hello, guys, it’s me nikki hello today. I am here to do a story time about how james charles, the one and only james charles rejected me a couple of weeks ago, james snapchat of me, and he was like. I want you to draw my makeup. Look for me so me, being in the middle of a restaurant. I was like okay, um, okay, sure my dinner’s right there, but i’m gon na do it for you baby. So i came up with this really fun. Purple blue polka dot, realness fantasy and i was like, oh my god, can’t wait to see it on his face and then a couple of days ago, james uploaded his my friends draw my makeup: look video and i’m so honored, because finally, charlie d’amilio, dixie demilio larae And myself have something in common: we got rejected by james charles james ended up going for four incredible other looks and the rest of us were left hanging. No i’m kidding this video is all in good fun, of course, because basically, what i want to be doing today is recreate my own look that i created for james’s video, because i really had so much fun, drawing it in snapchat, making it fun and yes, at The end of this video, i will facetime james charles to see how he responds to my rejection and to this look, let’s go all right. Let’S get this polka dot, realness started. Oh my god wait. I got to do my before for the tick tock. By the way, if you’re not following me on tick tock, i’m almost at 1 million followers and it’s like having a new baby – that’s growing up and i’m so proud – and it’s so much fun. And it has totally sparked my interest for makeup times 10, because i feel like i’m re-inspired again. So let me just let me just do a before. I came yes. The first thing i’m gon na do is prime, because not too prime is a crime and i’m using the prep and prime uh mac skin refined zone treatment for foundation. I’M taking the makeup revolution xx double x, i don’t know the name of this. The foundation looks like this. I think the color is fx1, oh, by the way your girl got a brand new piercing this baby right here. I got it a couple of days ago and i am living for it. I honestly felt like this. This is like my show ear, and this is like my basic bitch ear and with this ear i feel like there was emptiness right there in the center. So no more honestly, this foundation slaps honey. Oh, i didn’t color correct jesus for concealer, i’m using the marc jacobs, accomplice, concealer honestly such a bear all right and then using some loose powder. I’M just gon na set my entire face: [ Music, ], okay, i’m gon na! Do my brows off camera and i’ll be right back, okay, darling brows are on and looking very snatched and in place, and now it is time to do the first polka dot eye and um. I must say that the color that i chose in my snapchat i’ve never seen in an actual shadow in real life, so i’ma try something else before we get to any shadows, though it is time to prime the lid – and i am using the nars soft matte, Complete concealer in light one, the first color i’m gon na go in with is by the juvia’s place, zulu palette and i’m taking this purple, and i did wing that shape out quite a bit. So, let’s just start off with that right away, grab the look by the balls and show it who’s boss and then we’re gon na drag it into the lid drag it in. There see the shape, we’re just going to move this along all the way towards the inner portion of that crease, but see how, by just taking a bigger brush and just softly, sketching that shape in it already does have to work for you beating the system. Okay, we’re gon na bring this inwards; oh yes, bring it in here: okay, okay, okay and basically, once i have that shape whatever is left in the brush. I just start applying soft circular motions to the edge to diffuse everything and make it soft and it’s it’s really doing it with the lipstick. Okay, with a little bit of a fluffier brush, i’m taking the ace beauty, slice of paradise palette and i’m taking a mixture of these two right here, like i said that purple that i drew in snapchat, i’ve never seen them in real life. So i’m just gon na make it more pink and we’re just gon na haze out that outer edge slightly nothing crazy, just a little smudge of pink and i actually envisioned the lid just being one color and then the polka dots, adding the contrast. So i’m just taking that same purple that we started off with, and i’m just gon na literally smack this on top of the lid, then on this bare inner corner, a pop of bright yellow. Oh, oh, my god. I love that! Oh, my god! Yes, that is everything itchy nose from excitement. I think let’s do the polka dots last so we’re moving on to the lower lash line, i’m grabbing a liquid eyeliner to extend the inner corner of my eye going back in with that purple, vegevious place and just smacking. It on that lower lash line on the outer corner and connecting it to the top portion here, just swooping it in and then i’m hopping over to a bright ass royal blue. Let’S change things up a little bit a pop of liquid white liner right here in between that gap and then let’s polka dot it out. I’Ve never tried polka dots on the lid because, usually i just slap rhinestones on so i think my technique for today is to grab my liquid white liner and sort of paint, the top of a small eyebrow, pencil lid and then stamp that onto the eye. Please don’t feel, please don’t fail, i mean sort of – oh my god. Oh my god. This doesn’t feel right, not the greatest. Well. Okay, something obviously needs to happen, because this is not it that looks so bad. It looks really bad. Okay. Is it time to just stick rhinestones on this? I think it’s time it looks so bad. I think i’m making it worse. Oh that’s! Terrible! Okay! You know what i’m gon na do my other eye and pop some big lashes on, and that will save this. Okay. The eyes are done, and, oh, my god in the end, i love it. It looks nothing like my inspiration picture. These are definitely not polka dots, but it’s giving you the vibe of the photo and i’m here for it. I’M living for it. James is gon na read my ass when he sees this okay. It is time to get this face together and complete the look and eventually end up with a smile on our face. Okay, i’m just going to take my bronzer. I already did my forehead a little bit because of the hair situation, but we’re just going to warm up the face even more in chisel for blush darling, i’m going into the lunar beauty, moon, prism, blush palette. I have been loving this right here and i usually take these two colors right next to each other and go to town nose like how am i able to breathe. It is snatched there is something so magical and like laid back, but really not being laid back at all about having like a full, crazy makeup, look and then a hoodie. It’S like so casually slaying everyone in the room or anybody who’s watching you it’s like. Oh yeah, i didn’t try at all, but then the face says hello. Okay, then, for highlighter i have just been obsessed with space baby, the one i created myself in collaboration with ofra. It is a purple blue reflex. It is stunning and it will go perfectly with these crazy eyes, so, let’s hit it it’s just. It never gets old. Every time i put this on, i’m like all we need is like a juicy fresh lip. Okay, so i’m gon na line these lips real, quick. Okay, once i’ve lined i’m going in with my favorite nude lipstick at the moment. Okay, then i’m popping a little tiny bit of red lipstick on the center of the lip, her nice little gradient and then popping this nebula shine. Theory lip gloss in district on top [ Music ], all right. Let’S set this face and call james okay. The moment of truth is here: let’s see what sister james has to say about this look: [: Music, ]! Um! Excuse me pick up. Oh, that is good. I just have one question: why did you reject my luck? I have one question. It’S eight in the morning. Why are you calling me okay, guys that looks so cool nikki? So that is the look that i drew for you. It looks far better on you than it did on me, but thank you, okay, so i snapped at a ton of people for the video and i wanted to do like the most like the most like full face yeah. So everyone was asking me to do a part two already with the love. Yes, i love how you went. Are you okay? Well, you can text me for the last three days in a row be like hi. Please stay tight. I’M gon na facetime you in the morning, oh well, i’m gon na facetime you tonight! Well, i didn’t want to like bombard you with it. Oh my god! What’S going on here, i was like i’m dropping my exposed video on the entire community. Not again – and that concludes the video on me – recreating slash, messing up slash then saving my own look that i drew for james charles and he ended up rejecting me not using my look, so i had to come up for myself. Of course, this video only comes from a place of love. I love james, so much and um we good and uh yeah. I definitely want to know what you think of this book. How do you think i did? Would you recreate this? It’S like pride. It’S like the pride after party for today’s dutch word of the day. Thank you so much for commenting on my last one. It has to be for rejected. This look may have been afghan by james, charles, but at least i rocked it myself. If you want to get featured in the next video, all you have to do is leave the dutch word of the day down below in the comments. I love you so much don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video and hopefully i will see you guys on the next one bye guys

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