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Again, with Pedia tutor, this audio book edition, I will read it caudio book how to win friends and influence people in the digital age a classic that is considered the most successful motivational book of all time and has sold thirty million copies worldwide and has brought millions of readers climbing the rungs of success in business and in personal life is now the first and best book in its field updated to help you conquer the complexities of the modern age and will teach you how one communicates using diplomacy and tactics discover nuances and value in online media make people like you build Jan using a solid network Be a Suassive Goalkeeper Talker gets your message wider and clearer Become a more effective leader rule the internet era increase finishing ability profession maximize power with digital means audio book how to win friends and influence people narration by Eko Novianto dot id Chapter 1 bury your boomerang if you ask Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Junior What is the basic definition of influence may be that they will quickly give you a similar answer Take a look at how they have influenced their history and you will find out how strange it is their definition the real difference begins with their words if How lucky the leader because people do not think in comparison with I’m not interested in power-oriented strength but I am attracted to the power that supports righteous morals and good the difference is obvious the first statement assumes influence is a reward for the Cynics who are Cunning and disparaging The second statement considers influence as a reward to people who can be trusted and bringing goodness in our everyday world lives puts us at a point between these two different approaches history provides details of the results of these two different ends we communicate to destroy others or to build someone else’s because cie is not wordy in the suggestions given, don’t be cursing and complaining techniques but in this day and age that suggestion seems more complicated to implement we don’t just have to be careful with words us-us communicating our thoughts on a digital canvas that is so big and we are dealing with a canvas the same amount of responsibility which is known as public access Digital communication allows us to reach more people faster and at less cost Said the author of Encount monkey Kawasaki in a recent interview but a loser remains a loser technology can ruin one’s reputation faster and easier than ever before this is a nice thought and shows What happens if you apply something to the contrary this type of the day today A hidden criticism can get you fined Try asking the nickel factory doctor Naisbitt, a former family doctor from Canada who has been fined as much as $ 40,000 for writing cruel quotes in quotes and slandering the mother of her daughter on Facebook or Ryan Babel the Liverpool Football Club striker a Dutch national who after your defeat tweeted a photo of the referee Howard Webb which has been modified with a comment and they call it a one of the best referees.

Come on. He’s been fined as much Rp10,000 Euros or thereabouts 16000x dollars to comment on this duet of Babel blogger bbc and benders says if this happened a year ago it could be that Babylon is just taking the blame on her lover Hi now She has a comfortable and very seductive medium at her fingertips that she can too express his fault to the world A frivolous complaint said to his friends this way could get you fired A case study conducted by Proofpoint in 2009 revealed that of American companies with more than 1000 employees Eight percent of them reportedly fired an employee because of comments made on sites like Facebook and wanted more specifically the online edition huffingtonpost recently outlined 13 posts on Facebook that got people laid off from their jobs six of them were a waitress at a pizza restaurant complaints and harsh criticism of two customers for receiving a small tip serving these customers’ tables for three hours which made him have to work overtime for one hour Thank you for eating a meal at her gospel bridges and she continues to boo those customers call them stingy an employee at the Filadelfia I stadium could write off an insulting status for the team for releasing a favorite player driando Gin to join Denver “Broncos and very upset because Dawkin joined the Denver base,” he said stupid Timika seven supermarket employees named fanboy who created a group on Facebook named famoid icot to ridicule customers and carry out verbal attacks on customers and staff sometimes it can occur to someone’s mind whether the criticism has become a common thing than compassion and judgment is more prevalent than kindness in the media our communication with so many opportunities to be heard A lot of people seem so eager to put their speech first when the other side is at fault but these people immediately exercise their right to keep quiet when they are at fault many were accustomed to holding a sword named First Amendment in one hand and a shield called the fifth amendment in his other hand the first amendment of the Bill of Rights is a human rights law then the fifth amendment is the same pilots-ride from America’s human rights law meanwhile they forgot that by doing it they were regard human relations as a battlefield in many ways the culture of criticizing and complaining.

This is a sad reality but people with great influence understand that this kind of careless act hastens the breakdown of a relationship no matter how right the person did it such tactics are often devastating rather than building because it gives the impression that there are ulterior motives one-sided whether the motive is true or not These tactics turned a tight Chinese Interaction into tension no wonder so many people are more articulate than they are to become real leaders today the opportunity to have influence is always there but Most people just want to expressing their thoughts this not only sets a bad precedent but also makes it worse tension and widening the gap between messages and meaningful collaboration if a leader Ati appears different effects cannot be denied an interesting communicator less than reading the emancipation proclamation been longtime president of Lincoln is known as a person who deals with stressful situations calmly and politely One example is the reaction when facing a significant tactical error during the civil war the get bispro war takes place on the first 3 days of July 1863 at the evening of July 4 General Robert Eight begins to retreat towards the South as a storm cloud sends heavy rain across the country when Lee arrived at the photomath with his defeated army in front of him is a river whose water level is high and impassable and behind there is an Army unit that is winning the war of le Hai cause Yunarmi also got a golden opportunity to catch Lee’s troops and immediately end the war Lincoln full of confidence ordered General George Mide to immediately attack Lee Instead of contacting the presidential stimulant board, sending orders by telegram then sent a special message to the media for him to take action Mayday contacted the war council he doubted he was delaying he sent all kinds of excuses through the legislature to the President finally the Potomac River receded and took off crossing the river and fled with his troops Linggau furious What the meaning of this he cried to his son Robert he was god what means they are within our reach and we’ll just storm to catch them but there’s nothing I can say Or I do to get us moving in that situation any general should beat Lee if I go straight there I can mix it with my own hands In the bitter disappointment of call links who usually calmly sit down and write remembering its history a harsh letter to the media Dear general, I’m not sure you realize how bad the escape was he is within our reach and along with other successes that we have achieved his arrest will end this War On the other hand, the war will continue for an indefinite period of time If you didn’t hit Lee well last Monday How can you do it South of the river where you can only take a few soldiers with you.

You no more than two thirds of the number of soldiers who are with you right now there’s no reason to wish you success. And I don’t expect you to bring about much change at this point your golden opportunity is gone and I am very disappointed by it the letter deserves to be sent however, Link County never sent it. The letter was found among its files after the President died What do you think is holding back the President from sending understandable disappointment and criticism the president of link count is a master communicator. And humility is in every word he speaks he must have thought that if the letter was sent he would be blown away from some of his frustration but it would arouse hatred in Mei Hai who will make his leadership as the commander gets worse lincon knows that May has just been appointed commander of the Army Of The Potomac only a few days earlier he had also learned that Mayday had several successful hero stories Mayday must have been under a lot of pressure with the added burden between him and his soldiers awaiting his orders if Lengkong ignored all of that and sent the letter he wrote, he would definitely win this war of words but he will lose the war of influence This does not mean that General Midi does not deserve to be criticized for his mistakes, it means that there is an ineffective way of conveying it his mistake and there are effective ways In the end Lengkong conveyed his disappointment to maybe.

But he did it in a respectful way By choosing not to send the scathing letter Lincoln chose to maintain or improve authority in Mayday’s eyes which continues to be a force for civilian good in his city Philadelphia Until finally he died in 1999 1872 it seemed like Lengkong knew how to close his mouth and when that silence became a bigger mistake Compared to the open-mouthed attitude at the center of this ability there is one truth the basis of human nature we are beings with a defensive instinct deflect and ward off all kinds of threats to our well-being which may be a threat to our self-esteem Let’s take a look at the steroid scandal in Major League baseball from 129 players related to steroid and hormone use human growth Based on information on positive test results Michelle Freeport or the implication of fellow players Only 16 admitted high-class athletes with high-class egos do not make decisions by going to the Ka’bah just yet try to remember the last time a colleague came to you for something you said or did did your colleague’s words make you want to hugged him and bought him lunch or did you just want to hide a can of sardines open at his desk and perhaps that would still be considered a very nice gesture you and I both hate to be subject to criticism whether we deserve it or not We really want to be accepted by others, said one person psychologist Han Selly as much as we hate a curse when we try to use criticism to win an argument he is making a point or to make a difference we are taking two steps back men can be led to change just as horses led to water but acts of shame seldom produce the results you expect this doesn’t just apply in conversations that occur in public but this also applies when you are having a closed conversation although unfavorable comments on the Talk Show blog and on social media may seem casual When you use a medium to criticize the target of criticism you are driven to defend yourself and when the other side gets defensive and there’s not much you can do about it break through the barriers created by the other party he will be skeptical of everything you say or worse, he would doubt it thus commentary criticizing the weather is like an invisible boomerang reducing it back to the head of the person who threw it all this is happening faster in a world a place to look for everything that we communicate can be known internationally just by pressing the keys to record sound or record via the phone camera actor Mel Gibson took this lesson badly when the Message was full of racist curses left in her former lover’s voice box tucked around the world Global influence that was once significant in Hollywood immediately Kandas an example that was not as bad as it was but still devastating occurred in July of the year 2008-2009 caught the comment according to a post on the CNN blog intended by Reverend Jesse Jackson to be delivered in a private way that seemed disparaging this is suspected as the Democratic Party’s nomination because of that person seemed to lecture the black community regarding moral issues even though Jackson immediately apologized publicly his comments undermined the national influence he had in matters that mattered to members of the community dark skin In addition, they also questioned the pastor’s support for the Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who soon became the 44th president of the United States Although most of us try to avoid communication mistakes that are published on a large scale before we judge the public figures who make mistakes we can try to think about what others are saying when our personal anger goes public it is better we always follow the principle of simplicity to face people please don’t criticize cursing or complaining we live in an era where the world can hear our words global accountability is a very real possibility where a communication disaster can follow us anywhere even though the current Global trend tends to towards looseness in speaking it is not wise to criticize others or make your message more effective more important or more important to know the public if your words are heard you better take it as a responsibility not a burden or a blessing from those who accept responsibility It is with humility, compassion, and a zeal that can be trusted to advance more rapidly that others are willing to listen to it highly respected people in the corporate industry family and group of friends are those who are in a clear perspective and show their compassion to people whose behavior or behavior they want to influence change through the power of words is referred to as coercion in some scenarios there is a reason it is considered action criminal although it is not illegal when done between two co-workers colleagues or findings we should avoid so as not to hurt other people’s feelings that is important rubbing Attention to developing oneself not others Change your use of media from a passion for exposure and a spirit of argument to become a passion for uplifting and advise There is nothing wrong if you want to inform your friends or fans Even about things they might want to avoid but the passion behind the information you provide is key Hi Moreover, you are sharing information because there is something you want to complain about you should save this kind of communication to avoid fighting between you and your colleagues Even people who are on your side will not get close to you if you are boasting or complaining about your actions will only make them wonder Can they trust you with the faults and reflections they have resist the urge to demonize as a different strategy bad-mouthing will only have a more harmful, long-term effect on you Rather than helping you in the global economy you never know when your toughest rival will become Handa’s best collaborator What do you do when the Best Way to business growth goes through someone whose relationship you have broken competition is healthy and must be respected collaboration is very important and must protected Make your message meaningful by removing your hidden intentions either You’re delivering great news via Twitter to fans who are large in number or are keeping board members updated you better remember that no one wants to be bombarded Information that is important to you is what the recipient of your communication really wants is meaning If all you do is fill your ears their inbox and iPhone with a description of your most recent problem or your biggest complaint they won’t want to listen to for a long time the amount of positive communication available is sufficient that we don’t let the negative support of others fill our minds Calm yourself before communicating with others if you lose interest Usually the first five interests are overwhelming if you can train yourself to respond immediately to a situation you will save yourself from wasting time although we have all experienced times where we are not being wise it is even worse if this unwise disclosure to the public Save yourself from this problem and all the Dilemmas that have a risk to become interests by taking one step back before spitting out something you might regret at a later date Thus the audio book how to win friends and influence world by Del Carnage The first episode is page 1 to page 15 Let’s continue in the next episode but before that don’t forget to like play and of course subscribe to this channel, hopefully it will benefit you and if there is a book you like that you want to make an audio group please enter it in the comments hopefully useful until

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