24 Hour Fast Once A Week – POWERFUL BENEFITS!

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Benefits of a 24-hour fast once per week, if you want to lose some weight, but you don’t want to stop eating all your favorite foods, maybe fasting for 24 hours once a week can help you reach your weight loss goals while still allowing you to eat all Your favourite food in this video, when they go over a protocol that you can follow hello, everyone, my name is Mike Cola and I’ve been a fitness trainer and gym owner for over 30 years. And if this is your first time here – and you really want to improve your fitness, health and nutrition along with me, hit that subscribe button along with the bell indicator, so you never miss one of my videos. Okay, let’s get right on topic. What are the benefits of fasting for 24 hours once a week? Ok, first, let’s say, for example, you’re looking to lose some weight right, but you don’t want to give up your favorite foods. You’Ve tried all these different diets before, but you love eating certain foods and you just do not want to give them up. Well, actually, a 24-hour fast once a week or even twice a week can be a great option to reduce your calories and help you lose weight while actually still enabling you to eat all your favorite foods. That’S the whole like, say, concept. Look at it like this! Let’S say: you’re eating 2,500 calories a day right just by not eating food for one day, you’ve just eliminated 2,500 calories, so every say week and a half you will be a pound lighter, so you can lose. Maybe you’re not going to lose a tremendous amount of weight, but you can lose maybe consistently lose, say: 3 pounds a month by fasting for 24 hours, let’s say once a week, so you’re reducing calories, 10 to 15 % by fasting for 24 hours once a week And actually, there are also so many health benefits to being in a fasted state, even beyond weight loss. For example, I think the biggest benefit is fasting increases your insulin sensitivity, for example, when you eat foods, carbohydrates, proteins and even fat. These foods are broken down. The sugars released into your bloodstream fat to release into your bloodstream proteins and actually insulin, is released by the pancreas to store away these excess calories. When you are overeating in your over weight, pretty much insulin stops working your cells, don’t respond to insulin, and then you become insulin resistant which leads to so many metabolic type diseases and disorders like type 2 diabetes. Things like that, so, besides the benefit of actually losing weight by fasting for 24 hours once a week, you’re also increasing your insulin, sensitivity. Okay, now, let’s go over the protocol like what’s the right way of doing a 24-hour fast a what constitutes fasting well. First of all, obviously, calories break a fast okay. So what do you do you wake up in the morning today? Is your 24-hour fast day? What do you do? Okay, you can definitely have say caffeine. You can have caffeinated beverages like coffee or maybe tea, but unfortunately you cannot put cream and you cannot put sugar in the coffee because those have calories and that’s gon na break your fast. But I think coffee and tea with a little bit of caffeine, is a great thing. First of all, caffeine can somewhat suppress your appetite a little bit so obviously, if you’re not use the fasting having a little bit of coffee, a couple cups of coffee, a couple of cups of tea or maybe even drinking green tea all during the day, it’s actually A great idea to curb the appetite okay, but keep in mind like I said you cannot put sugar or cream I get emailed all the time people ask me Mike. Can I put sugar in my coffee? Is that gon na break the fast? Unfortunately? Yes, it well yeah, so you can have the coffee the tea, but you can’t have the cream or the sugar. Now you should also drink a lot of other liquids during your 24-hour fast. I love Pellegrino, like mineral water. You know it’s high in magnesium plus. Has a little bit of sodium your electrolytes, so you can drink Pellegrino like all day long. You can even have like flavored seltzer type drinks like flavored seltzer water. I just think all liquids that don’t have calories drink them all day long during the 24-hour fasted window and I’m gon na leave another little tip. Also, if you possibly can stay really active during that 24 hour fast, like don’t bring, don’t pick a day like a Sunday when you’re off and you’re just laying around and you’re relaxing take a pic of work day. I think Mondays are probably best days during the week. You know it’s your first day of the week. You get a lot of things going on. You know whether you’re working or whether you know you get the kids off to school. Whatever your life consists of. It’S a busy day Monday, I think, is the best day to do a 24-hour fast, plus, most people, probably over eat or eat. The most like on a Sunday rest a day is Sunday, the home during the day or maybe they’re, going out to dinner on a Saturday night and actually Monday is a great day to get back on track and also the more you do these 24-hour fast. The easier they become and the more you’re actually it’s interesting. You actually get a sense of empowerment by fasting for 24 hours, because you realize that sometimes, when you’re eating you’re not really hungry, it’s like you’re really taking control of your nutrition in your life. When you can conquer, when you can fast for 24 hours, you’re gon na feel incredible, plus you’re also depleting your glycogen stores. It almost gives you benefits that last beyond 24-hours. This is what I mean by glycogen stores, similar to the whole story. I told early in the video about insulin resistance. You know, you know when you eat excess calories. The body stores these calories away. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles in the liver in the form of in the form of glycogen, but you know only store so much. Let’S say in the muscle you can store, say: 2,000 2,500 calories in the liver, maybe to 400 calories. Okay. So when you have a 24-hour fasting day, you would be depleting your glycogen stores in your muscles in the liver. So say you deplete like 2/3 of them. So when you go back to eating calories on, say a Tuesday when you know the day after the fast all the excess calories are eating, are just filling up your glycogen stores, so they’re not necessarily being converted to fat. So a 24 hour fast has more than the benefit of just reducing calories. For that day, it’s enabling you, it’s like it’s increasing your insulin, sensitivity to store away these calories in the muscles in the liver and not being converted to fat the next day. So that’s like a double whammy of a 24-hour fast okay, but I have to say the negative of a 24-hour fast. If, if you’re not used to is that it can be difficult at first okay. But if you really want to eat all your favorite foods – and we tried multiple other diets and they’re, not working for you, this 24-hour fast, it really is a great option, actually was a famous book. This is one of the first books I read about fasting over ten years ago. Called eat, stop eating. Look it up I’ll, put a link. You know below the video in the description about this book. Actually, it’s interesting. I was on vacation last week. You know I like to work ninety to ninety minutes to two hours. You know one of my vacation every single day like they take a wait, a break from from lifting weights. You know I own a gym, I’m lifting weights all the time. I listen to an audio tape to the eat. Stop eating book. That’S that’s! What kind of someone inspired me to make the video too! It’S such a great book and this book really talks about all the benefits of a 24-hour fast, the author of the book, Brad Pilon, and something like pronounce his name wrong. He recommends a 24-hour fast say two times per week, so the gist of the whole book is that you pretty much eat all your food hold. The food you’d normally would like to eat. You know during the week and then two days out of the week you just fast for 24 hours and it twice a week and you dramatically reduce your calories and you can do this indefinitely. I really love the book. I really recommend. Okay. Well hope you enjoyed this video, you know if you’re looking to lose some weight and you don’t want to stop eating all your favorite foods. I think a 24-hour fast once or twice a week is a great option. Okay. Now, if you have like, if you like this video, you know give me a thumbs up subscribe to, my channel share this video with anyone in your life that you think would find this really helpful and let me know, leave a comment if you’ve ever tried a 24-Hour fast I’d love to know, you know how you did and also, if you need any help with fasting, leave a comment I get back to as soon as I can take care everyone and have a wonderful day.

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