3 Ways to delete unwanted blank page in Word (2016-2020)

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Hi everyone and welcome to my youtube channel Today in this video we will see how to delete unwanted blank page in Microsoft. Word. If you want to know how many pages you have just check it at the bottom page 1 of 2. That means I have two pages and I am at page 1 right now. So if I have to delete the other page, I will show you 3 ways to delete. The first way is, I will go down to the second page and then I will click at the top of the second page.

Then I will press the then I will press the backspace key 3 to 3 times and then you can see. The second page is deleted. If I check here there is page 1 of 1, So this is the first way Now. Let me show you the second way, So the second way is, I will click on this icon here, paragraph icon and then, if I go here, I can see here page break. I will select this page break and then I will press the delete button.

So once I press the delete button button, you can see page 1 of 1. That means the second page is deleted. So after you have deleted the second page, you can click on this icon to hide the paragraph symbol. So this is the second way Now for the third way. What I will do is, I will go to view I will go to navigation pane and I will go to pages. This will show me the number of pages and suppose, if I have to delete this. Second page, I will select it and then I will press the backspace key on the keyboard.

So this will delete second page, So these are the three ways by which you can delete unwanted blank pages in Microsoft. Word. Thank you for watching this video Please like and share this video. If you found it helpful, Also click on the subscribe button and hit on the bell icon to get the notification of our latest videos for free..

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