Absinthe Adult Ice Cream Recipe

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Welcome friends, welcome back to the kitchen today we’re going to do another ice cream recipe, and this one i’m pretty excited about because we’re going to use absinthe um, it’s going to be an anise flavored ice cream, because anise is the major flavor component in in absinthe And if you’re worried about using absinthe, because it’s got alcohol in it, you don’t want to put alcohol in your ice cream. I’M just going to remind you for a moment that vanilla extract is 40 alcohol, so anywhere that you’re using it now in your baking or in making ice cream that alcohol is already in there. So using absinthe really isn’t much different, because alcohol is a great way to carry flavor. It extracts flavor and it carries it extremely well and that’s why it’s used in all of these other flavorings. So it’s in a lot of things that you already eat, and you probably aren’t thinking about it because it just doesn’t come to your brain, which means i’m also going to explore some of these other liqueurs as flavoring agents for ice creams in the future. So in this pot i’ve put whipping cream and milk. This is skim milk powder i put that in because it is high in protein and that protein gives us a smoother texture in the finished ice cream. I’M also going to put in a little bit of corn syrup, because corn syrup is an invert sugar, invert sugar changes, the temperature that water turns to ice crystals and it makes the ice crystals smaller, the smaller the ice crystals, the smoother your ice cream. These are tiny little tricks that help you make ice cream at home, that is as good or better than anything you’ll get at any ice cream shop. So i’m just going to stir this together over medium-high heat. I want to bring this up to probably 160 170 degrees fahrenheit in here i have five egg yolks and to that i’m going to add sugar and we’ll just whisk this together. Okay, the milk and cream mixture has come up to a really good temperature. So now we temper the egg yolks a little bit of cream at a time, whisking furiously a little bit of cream whisk spill everywhere. At the same time, i always do can’t get away from it, mostly because you don’t want to put the milk the hot cream in too quickly. You don’t want to uh, you don’t want to scramble the eggs. So that’s good enough put the pot back on the heat and put this mixture back into the pot. Now we want to bring this up to 170 degrees fahrenheit at that temperature. You’Ve pasteurized the egg and you’ve also created the custard texture that we’re looking for in the finished ice cream. So we’ve reached 175 i’m going to pour this back into the glass jug and i’m going to let it come to room temperature before we add the absinthe. Okay, the mix has cooled down quite a bit, maybe not quite room temperature, but i did want to bring it down from that 170 degrees because i didn’t want to drive off the volatile flavor compounds from the absinthe. You should always do the same thing when you’re putting in a flavoring extract, especially like vanilla, let it cool down before you put it in just so. You get the full flavor. So i’m gon na do that’s two tablespoons. Let’S do somewhere between three and four not enough to uh knock your socks off but enough to get the flavor in there. So i’m gon na stir that together, i’m gon na put this in the fridge and i’m gon na. Let it chill right down – i’m probably not gon na come back to this until tomorrow, before i put it into the ice cream machine and once everything is cooled down, we just put the mixture into the ice cream freezer, give your mix a really good stir before You pour it in just so. There aren’t too many clumps and away we go and when it was halfway frozen, i tipped in some chocolate chips and maybe a few more ice cream. That’S you know, there’s no wax listed on our swix, it’s so hot in here. It’S over it’s over 40

So our wax thing says that there’s stinkers yeah stop talking eat it’s melting, ice cream, mmm as refreshing yeah, but not really sweet. No, but i’m having a hard time putting my finger on the flavor. It’S like. I recognize it absinthe. Why would i recognize absinthe as a flavor? Where else would i find it anise? So the main flavor in absinthe is anise. Okay, so that’s why it’s the anise part and there’s also fennel in it as well: okay, wormwood and as he runs off to the ingredient list and 67.5 alcohol, all right, so the very best kind of ice cream. But it’s super smooth. It is super smooth. So there’s a whole bunch of reasons because we put in the invert sugar and we put in the milk powder, but that alcohol content really makes it smooth what okay. So then? What do you call this ice cream? I mean do those things that you put in there all make a specific drink or no. No, i didn’t think of that cocktail. Ice, creams, yeah, okay, don’t steal that idea. Until i can make some. You know, i’m sure someone else is already doing everything. There’S nothing new, absolutely nothing new. This shows up on a whole bunch of ice cream, parlor ice cream lists as crazy things and, as i did, research into it, they’re just adding anise and and fennel they’re, not actually using um absinthe. Absolutely because, in a lot of places, absinthe is still regarded as something that you shouldn’t drink. Well, my ice cream is almost gone so clearly i like it. So thanks for stopping by see you again soon, you

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