AMIE GPA Calculator, AMIE CGPA Calculator, AMIE GPA to Percentage Calculator

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Welcome to AmieStudyTips, Let’s Find out how to Calculate GPA, CGPA and Percentage Using this Excel Calculator. Now I am going to Compare GPA of Section A Grade Card with this Calculator. You have to enter number of grades. You got in tihs Excel. You have count the number of Grades and Type in Excel Sheet In this Grade card 2C, 1B and 1D Type in the respective Row of the excel sheet. Thats It Its automatically displays the GPA and Marks in Percentage in the rows. As shown See Check the GPA Displayed in Excel Sheet and GPA, Given in Section A Grade Card, Noe Lets check the Section B Grade Card with the Calculator Here you are typing, for reference only Now Count the grades and type the numbers. Accordingly, If you count the number of grades, excluding Project n Lab, then it will show GPA of only Section B, Now check Grades of Project n Lab Now For CGPA of AMIE. You need to count All Grades of Section. A Section B Project Lab Now Check the CGPA in Original Grade Card and Excel Calculator. Thanks for watching this Video, Please Visit amiestudytips.blogspot.in to download Old Question Papers and AMIE Study Notes.

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