APA 7th Referencing: Webpage

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the series of videos using APA 7th reference format. This video teaches you how to cite online literature. What if the document has no author or date? To cite online literature, you need the following information: Author Latest update date Literature name Site name URL With this information, you can start writing references. References begin with the author’s last name, plus the first letter of the author’s name. Then add the year in parentheses. If there is a specific date, it can be written as: (2017, September 21). Next, write the name of the document. The document name must be italicized, and the first letter must be capitalized. The first letter of the subtitle after the colon in the document name should also be capitalized.

Both country names and proper nouns must be capitalized. Then write the name of the website, capitalizing the first letter of each word. Write the URL at the end. Note: There is no period after the URL. If there is no author, move the site name to the beginning. The site name does not need to be repeated. If there is no date, write nd. Note: The copyright year cannot be used. In this video we talked about how to cite online literature. What if there is no author or date. For more information about using the APA reference format, please read the library’s reference page or consult through Ask a Librarian.

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