APA Citation: How to Cite Websites

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my name is Nicki Lerczak and I’m the instructional services librarian at Genesee Community College and this is APA citation style how to create references for web resources the basic format for a web page is very very short there is not a lot of detail that is required when citing a webpage in apa you can see that you start with your author when you have one you only cite the year after the year comes the title of the web page and just like most things in APA you don’t go capitalization crazy just the one main word if there’s a colon is subtitle you capitalize the word after the colon if there are major words that should be capitalized like Alzheimer’s or New York those words get capitalized the title of the web pages all in italics to help it stand out and finally you end the citation with this thing called the retrieval statement and retrieval statement starts with the two words retrieved from and then the web address of the page that you’re looking at you want the complete address not the basic address for a site but to a specific page if that’s what you used just like most citations of course the whole thing is double-spaced and the second line is indented, if there were a third line that would also be invented so let’s take a look at a couple of examples here is a page about nurses and stress helping nurses deal with stress when you’re citing a webpage you want to start with an author if you don’t see an author at the top, I have photo credits but this does not make this person the author specifically because it says a photo so if I don’t see author at the top here almost always if it’s not at the top if there’s going to be one it’s down at the bottom and this one is nice enough it actually gave me a copyright notice and an author so I know that this is a page designed and created by Lois Turley so my citation is going to be Turley comma L period after my author I want my year of publication, we go with the most recent date which as you can see down here is two thousand and ten so in parentheses I have two thousand and ten both my author and my date end with a period the title of my page is open for a little bit of interpretation I have down here something called nurses’ care plan I have up here something called nurses’ care plan this technically is the title field but you see up at the very top of your screen is what is generally considered the title but I’d tend to see if there’s a match between this and what’s on the page and nurses’ care plan seems to be the match, the rest of this stuff seems as though it’s not really descriptive of the particular page we’re looking at here so I am comfortable saying the title of this page is nurses’ care plan, you can see how they’ve capitalized here it’s different than how they’ve capitalized it there but it doesn’t matter because APA rules apply here we’re going to take that capitalize only the first word and put the entire title in italics and we’re going to end our citation with the retrieval statement so that you can see the words retrieved from and then there it is the specific web address for this page as always they’re double-spaced and we are indented this website is a little more involved.

It doesn’t have person listed as its author, in fact at the top here we see national council for hospice and specialist palliative care services as I come down I can see it’s called breaking bad news … regional guidelines it tells me it’s developed from partnerships in caring from two thousand by the DHSSPS from February two thousand and three and down at the bottom I see department of health social services and public safety and then underneath that is my best guess is gaelic I do happen to know as I keep scrolling down a little bit about my publication here is that this is an irish publication which makes sense then that it would have gaelic on it so again I’ve got published by, this is something that comes with a group or an agency as its author, there is no person but I have a department so this is kind of like the equivalent of a US government website you know when you have different departments and offices this one’s a department so I don’t have a person but they seem to be taking the credit they’re here and they’re here and I’d say that calls for author credit you abbreviate just ever so slightly, department can become dept period and there’s the rest part of health social services and public safety two thousand three was the year of publication as we saw on the first page and down here as well the title in italics breaking bad news dot dot dot regional guidelines that is the way they list their title on this page and in fact it’s all over the background of the pictures you can see treating that dot dot dot as a colon, as a break within the title, seems reasonable if you keep scrolling through you would notice that at this page they’ve put a hyphen there so they are breaking this title up into two pieces, I consider that enough of a break that I’m going to capitalize the B because it’s the beginning of the title and the R because it’s sort of a subtitle at this point that’s why my title looks like this again it’s in italics and I copy over their formatting as best I can dot dot dot goes kind of the middle next to the R and then I end with the retrieval statement again so retrieved from and the address of my website completely you’ll notice that I have broken the up onto two lines because this is a long address, you are ok breaking address to get it to go over multiple lines by breaking it after slashes like that so you can chop it up into little pieces again we are double-spaced again everything after the first line is indented if you have any questions about citing websites in APA style please do not hesitate to get in touch with the librarians through the library’s ask a librarian webpage or you may call or come in person

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