APA @ Your Library: How to Cite Websites

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Welcome to NSCC’s APA @ Your Library Video Series: Websites. This content is from the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or APA. Always ensure that you are using the most recent edition of the APA manual. In this video, we will examine how to cite websites. Remember to evaluate all websites for credibility and accuracy. When referencing a website use the following format. The author’s last name, followed by the initials of his or her first and middle names, followed by a period. The year the website was created, as well as the month and day if provided, are enclosed in parentheses, and followed by a period. Add the title and subtitle of the website and capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle, as well as any proper nouns.

Lastly, add “Retrieved from” followed by the web address or URL of the website. Do not hyperlink or underline the URL. Note the in-text citation for direct quote. Enclose the author’s last name, comma, the year of publication, comma and the page or paragraph number of the quote in parentheses. For an indirect quote, enclose the author’s last name, comma, and the year of publication in parentheses. Let’s look at an example. Note that the in-text citation for the website appears immediately after the direct quote in the body of the paper. The complete reference to the website appears in the reference list at the end of the paper. note the URL of the website is not hyperlinked and the font is the same as the rest of the reference. There is no period after the URL. Sometimes not all the information required for a reference is provided.

If there is no author, start the reference with the title of the website. If there is no date in close n.d. in parentheses. For a direct quote, if there is no author the in-text citation includes the first few words of the title in quotation marks, followed by the year, and page or paragraph number. For an indirect quote, the format for the in-text citation is the same except there is no page or paragraph number required. For more information on the APA documentation style, refer to the NSCC APA Subject Guide located on our Library website. You can also contact your Library staff for assistance..

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