Applying for a US Passport During Pandemic (MUST KNOWS!)

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Can you renew a US passport right now or apply for a US passport for the first time? If you’re looking to apply for or renew a US passport during the current pandemic, this video is for you. Here’s what you should know before you apply for a US passport. This is based on the latest guidance from the US State Department as of May 1st. For more updates like this, subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video. So let’s start with the most asked question. Can you apply for or renew a US passport right now? Yes you can, but passport operations are extremely limited right now. So whether it’s your first time applying for a US passport or you’re looking to renew your passport, the state department is advising people to wait until normal operations resume. If you choose to apply now, you will experience delays of several months, possibly longer. You can’t expedite passports right now as that’s been suspended until further notice.

This means that if you submit a document such as a naturalization certificate or a birth certificate with your application, you’re not going to be able to get it back for months when you get your passport. Now, I personally would feel very uncomfortable with this. A viewer asked me if they’d be able to get a new passport by July, but based on this guidance, I don’t think that’s going to be possible unless you have an emergency situation, which I will talk about a little later in this video. If you’re okay with waiting several months or more and want to apply the process is the same as before and you can watch these two videos for a step by step tutorial. But remember, if this is your first time applying for US passport, you have to do it in person and currently a lot of passport acceptance facilities are not taking appointments.

So be sure to call your local post office or whichever facility you were planning to go to so that you don’t waste your time. If you have already applied for a passport before March 19th when passport operations were limited, you’re still looking at a several month delay according to the state department. Now let’s talk about emergency travel. I’ve been getting asked a lot, how do I get a passport quickly if I have an emergency situation? According to the state department, a life or death emergency is a serious illness, injury, or death of an immediate family member that requires you to travel within 72 hours. You’ll need to provide proof of travel, such as an airline ticket or reservation, as well as proof of emergency, such as a letter from a hospital. If you meet this criteria, you can make an appointment at a passport agency or center by calling the National Passport Information Center from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time at the number on the screen.

If it is outside of these hours, you can call this other number to make an appointment. Passport agencies in the state of Connecticut and New York are currently closed. So if you’re in this emergency situation and need a passport, you can try calling one of the agencies in New Jersey to see if they’ll give you an appointment and help you out. Okay, so quick recap. You can renew your passport or apply for your first passport ever, but the state department is advising people to wait until normal operations resume. If you decide to do it anyway, expect to wait several months, even longer, I wouldn’t be surprised and if you have an emergency situation, then just follow the steps that I shared earlier in the video. If you have any other questions about passports, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them and as always, if you found this video helpful, hit the like button below, subscribe to our channel and share this with your fellow citizens. I hope everybody’s staying safe and I’ll see you in the next video..

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