Baking Basics: How Many Grams are in a Cup?

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Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and today we are talking about cups versus grams. And how many grams are in a cup? I’ve gotten this question several times, so let’s get started. This is a cup. It’s a set volume. I will repeat. Volume. The metric conversion of one cup is actually 225mL. That is a volume amount. Grams are a measurement of weight, not volume. That’s why this question isn’t that easy to answer. How much a certain volume weighs depends entirely on what material is being measured. As such, the amount measured is more accurate by weight than by volume. The volume of an ingredient can vary quite a bit more than the weight. I’ll demonstrate. Here’s a kitchen scale. Place a bowl onto the scale.

Turn it on, and it should automatically go to zero. I’m going to start with sugar. I fill my measuring cup with sugar. I know my measuring cup is correct just under the black line, so I stop there. Now let’s weigh it. When I pour the sugar into the bowl, you can see that it is 206g. Now let’s weigh something else. I replace the bowl with a new one. I zero out the scale.

And I measure out a cup of flour. Then I weigh it and it weighs 127g. So, you see, that even though we have the same volume, the weight is significantly different. Therefore, I am immediately wary when a recipe calls for the “same amount” of two ingredients. Do they mean the same volume or the same weight? To help those looking for a fast conversion, I will include the gram conversion of some common ingredients. 1 cup of flour is about 125g. 1 cup of sugar is about 200g. 1 cup of brown sugar is also about 200g. 1 cup of cocoa powder is about 120g.

1 cup of butter is about 225g. German butter comes in 250g packages, so I call it a generous cup. 1 cup of powdered sugar is about 125g. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. For more cakes and tutorials, visit our website at AmericanBakerinGermany.com. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe for more tutorials and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss our future videos..

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