Bars of The Month = July 2020

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You ever heard the quote if it first don’t Try something else. Let’s be honest They looking stressed we two of the best rebuttals in the world I don’t even know why they took the test because they gave your chef award. Y’all should have already known that we cooked the best Find a plug and wrap the plug up like it’s assured in it you’re on this side Tears of joy, my destination is destiny. I plan it to rule the planet your planet. You’ve set your feet. See limbs See limbs are supposed to work together But your climb is as high as it’ll ever be your effort seems comparable to a mountain to a molehill To sum it up. You don’t even have an impressive peak what that expression means That’s the kickback from the pound now grit so before I get the bad news I might want to sit down for this Part in my manners But I feel like i’m on steroids when i’m drawn to him Cause just in case he don’t do what I tell him to I bought a performance enhancer Oh I had to learn how to piss again learn how to shit again That shit gave me in the same mind.

I feel like god was sending me a message My whole life flashed in front of me showing me his game time I got clapped a couple weeks after my daughter turned two twerk with a strange time that shit made my pull-up game mean, bro I had to re-potty train myself and my daughter at the same time Mine I lost my Fucking with the wrong guy. I send me on them and leave a nigga drop like the fall time cross lines I got this body covered.

We’ll let dog slide you’ll be stuffed in the casket under clothes all cause we couldn’t get along. John i’m a juggernaut I’m gonna hit the trunk and go ten diffusion Just like you twice That can’t be good for fitness or your vision on it me i’m a shooter nigga’s supposed to run off on me they like Bitch I pulled up When I pull up it sounds like hardwood and new sneakers I gotta stop doing this I’m trying to take everything out command center, honestly Honestly your career about to take his exit though all that cowardly lying courage talk.

We’ll get to that in a second, bro See i’m a witch i’ll catch ease on down the road you really? So I can run down on him if I hear you push out valves By asking my money you stutter like the other man trying to look all wild In the automatic on stutter like mayweather trying to read the fuck out loud I see you say the words Because that’s a bible ball. You read it, right your mother a preacher you believe it right i’m talking about the propitiation of sin sacrifice Resurrected redefined a hundred percent god a hundred percent man. Jesus christ and after that melatonin It’s so much easier for us to sleep at night Visions and flashes brains flaps are no brainer all these digits and gadgets.

You can’t even begin to imagine. What’s wrong? Strolling through now i’m digging your grip, you know, you’re through like i’m really a down-to-earth fast nigga now. So are you Is you’re Selling it’s literally my children With them overused fake lyrical subjects and plots that pen wise have you liked them ugly sneakers just stuck in a box But popular people tell the public you hot So what they do instead of shoe string you along to help you get better support telling you you something you not so because you know Who the fuck is you talking about, bro? Bro, whack smoke don’t fuck with my bread.

I’m gonna spread don’t even give a fucking be dead Keep shooting the crow, but then a few minutes dawn when i’m dumping a leg. He’s deranged He’s supposed to have more than one in the head Y’all niggas been afraid of god for the days when he’s not fired but I act like he’s killed you. That’s what kyle You better know me dead cause you to drove past some niggas crib 20 fucking times in that yellow camaro smoking leg Fuck you talking you get a new car. That’s what oprah said Section just to play all the latest video games I keep smelling it right in the face motherfucker He telling shit blade across his stomach now the bottom half drop nice zeke elliot jumping I’m coming to kansas city to the priest’s home You shouldn’t even step here I actually seen.net made you calm all that shit down on the beach and you wanted to talk it out knowing damn Well, it was falling on deaf ears.

You were dumb And I won’t miss a moment and break potency clock rounds opening if you ain’t dead you hooked up the hell of wires exactly how blood posed to be The first threat getting the first step I fight good and I search rep with a big ass gift And told a judge fuck him and fuck his devil Send me the gp man right off a gp. I need a pg odell beckham jr. All I needed was one arm for t.d This ain’t the first time in the world and being through no pandemic anything I said to your stupid ass a damn minute That’s why I pulled up in this nigga nissan with the sedan tennis like bitch.

What you fitting to do? Fuck corona. Listen, zika virus will be the last thing stop him from getting you niggas Like that ain’t a bad plan to some see that’s a good slogan for the wrong nigga I wanted to make it so i’m getting fucked I’m, one of those niggas don’t give a fuck about pulling up shooting with a big ass ruger boy I have a cannon on everybody in a swamp like i’m certified shooting bro Yo pin trash it’s big weak like hump day nigga and you walk in the kitchen and get slept like sunday dinner.

Hey, bitch Hey bitch, it’s your fault. I gotta slay these fucks this round better than when the macaroni and baked beans touch y’all I said don’t look at me god I get paid more and i’ll be scaring niggas one thing. We ain’t got in common Well, and y’all wait under this maryland, nigga Bitch but it came from the source and once I spent this when the fortune ain’t going with that bit of camera results damn y’all I can’t believe I throw this down farther lay hands on take me camera I just felt like that was fucking clever.

But seriously this my god, I mean like a real life tool like twerk I’ll body a nigga in real life. They try you with some of the niggas you deep cool, but the way they move is Losing the battle in this small room they’re getting dirty in the emergency one not like something Put slugs all through your body and take the life from it. You see the drum clip shaped like a reese Oh, but the banana like a nigga took a bite from it I know you got that stank on you So i’ma switch the road niggas draco in two k’s put me in a sicko mode and get risky when I smell something fishy So i’mma grip the nose I coulda had a gun by debate with a fan Cause that’ll raise the poles or pick up the ratchet. It’s entertaining but to lose you frenchy That should be right up john’s holly I ain’t coming to play with this puck You can’t spend the day where i’m from you like calling yourself the nose.

Okay, that sucks. You just making shit up Well today you’re in luck That knows name making the cut blade to lift up take a swipe at the nose faster than the gray hoodie. Look nigga My mother worked 15 hours She could only afford the cheapest bill marine used to put me and my sister ass we had a puerto rican city, right? Was it the 40 year old hairline the pe rhino swag Or the black forces that he wear to make you think he about phase but this nigga bitch, mate I’ll run up on stroller with a switchblade. I’m a hustler. I just survived alone off soda for six days And shove my finger in a hole for the proof that nigga’s dead you can’t get down with my teeth That hired me to recruit you on the heads with a tenant strap Men in black.

Well, I give you the last suit you’ll ever wear you see Hey Black people mean With a draco clip full of colorful chips reading rainbows Five minutes but it’s probably gonna feel like you died in seconds. You didn’t get nominated for this shit motherfucker You got elected. I can’t let you win this shit Shit the last time I let shit slide it got electric. So any nigga like dude These niggas don’t want none They act stupid And they gonna catch a dumb dumb and they kick back and still kick y’all niggas back wherever the fuck y’all come from Body parts on the pump when the gun dumped they trying to figure out why you’re on the shotgun Or playing duck hunt hold the ground About to make hell rides, he won’t have a clue right after his house like his mail time again Uh-huh Rosie knew he wasn’t made for this Talking about y’all junk skinny, man.

I’m just saying saying what You went to prison on some petty bum ass shit. You ain’t no fucking menace this bitch fucking timmy I’m on a mission, you know i’m gonna get my commas up or i’m gonna get a fucking sentence now, what the fuck maybe? I said i’m too serious Thinking about nwx the battlers and the media All in casting me as weak as fuck.

Once again. I appreciate you speaking up and they don’t know my name They don’t know the punch lines the bars that have schemes is tough Not to mention my flow got that magic touch like reader, but i’m not Thank you Till y’all are dead he think i’m not gonna win but I will oh and this little bitch get a ball head. Oh, yeah It’s a low down dirty shame, but that’s what happened When you trying to be on that gangster shit, I leave him hanging quick But he should have seen it coming When I did that jada flip cause she played in the matrix and we all know what matrix is in entanglement It ain’t me It need a slogan on your cheek trash I got immigrant shooters on speed down.

So if I notice that it’s b It’ll be me and four mexicans at your crib Like professor clunk opposing to denise say yeah. Should I do another scheme with you? Like charlie clinton? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, now cause being a joker gonna leave me with a harlequin To face meme coincides with splitting screens like harvey dent Sure couldn’t beat me but make sure I think this hoboken nigga This is my sport and the shit i’m twerking with I have new in front of a y’all and the k like welcome to nork I said hold on I said trent princeton Hoboken camden mount clare no damn i’m witty.

Why gamble with your life surrounded by so many machines This ain’t atlantic city.

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