Beans – How Many Pounds of Beans to Store For Emergencies? Long Term Food Storage Basics

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Storing Beans how many pounds of beans should you store for emergencies how many servings are in 30 pounds of beans Stocking Up On Food long term food storage SHTF must haves hi it’s alaskagranny we’re encouraged to store food for long-term emergency and survival needs and one of the top foods mentioned to stockpile for emergencies SHTF is beans we read store 30 pounds of beans per person how to come to the conclusion that 30 pounds of beans is the proper amount of beans to store how to have enough food if you look at how many servings are in 30 pounds of beans you break it down into 12 servings beans per 1 pound dry beans so if you look at one pound of beans is 12 servings of beans then 30 pounds of beans has 360 servings of beans so you have a serving of beans every day for a years supply of food which would be a year’s amount you may not eat them every day but at least you’re going to have enough beans for a year if that is all you had to eat you can make emergency food last a year one of the great ways to store beans is already in a can they’ve already been cooked so they’re already cooked they’re prepared and ready to use eat each can of beans equals about three and a half servings so they’re ready to go ready to eat beans you can also buy beans in a number 10 can these have 50 servings of dry beans for long term food storage but what you need to realize is you need lots and lots of water to prepare dry beans you need to soak one pound of beans in eight cups of water then you drain it and add six more cups of water to cook the beans so for each pound of beans you store need to make sure that you have set aside store 14 cups of water just to prepare the beans to soak and cook each pound of beans you can buy beans in bulk but then you need to remember to store them properly if you don’t keep them cool and dry they’re not going to last over a long period of time beans can lose their ability to soften in water no matter how long you soak them or cook them so one of the things to know is that if your beans have been kept a long time you can grind them up and use them as a bean flour your beans will still be useful store them correctly and that will help avoid that problem of making stored food last beans and rice together are a great source of protein many countries throughout the world beans and rice are a staple in everyday diets because beans and rice are simple to prepare they are easy to store and they can be inexpensive stored properly beans can last up to 30 years and so you know you have a significant amount of food for very little money that can continue to feed your family so whether you buy beans in bulk you buy them in cans in a number-10 can or even a five-gallon bucket that holds 30 pounds know that it’s important that you stock up on food while it’s readily available so you always have what you need to keep your family well cared for Beans are a great way to store food cheaply for emergency situations, and are one of the best emergency foods to store.

How many servings are in a pound of beans? We are advised to store 30 pounds per person for long term food storage and emergency survival situations. A serving of beans is 1/4 cup, and there are 12 servings of dry beans per pound. 30 pounds would allow one serving per day for nearly a year. Beans need a lot of water to soak and cook. Every pound of beans needs 14 cups of water to be fully cooked.

Beans are rich in protein, and when combined with rice are a staple in many cultures. Beans can lose their ability to soften in water after long storage, and are dried out. Store them in an airtight container in a cool dark place for the longest shelf life of 30 years or more. Buy beans in bulk, cans, number 10 cans, or buckets so you will always have enough to eat, no matter what. Stock up on things you need while they are readily available. How much food do you need for survival? learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel.

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