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This book has changed my life and many others, and it will change yours too. If you implement the principles you’re about to learn right now in this video. Now, let me ask you a question: do you want to master conversation? Never struggle with making friends be a more likable person than ever before and much much more then, look no further. How to win friends and influence people is one of a kind, the definite guide to significantly improve your people. Skills. Dale carnegie is the author who made this masterpiece. He understood that the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated and feel important. The book shares with you a lot of principles and actionable advice in order to improve your people skills. So i have taken the courtesy to try and make the best summary of this incredible book so that you can learn these new ways and let them achieve magic for you, because this is the only book you need to lead you to success now. If this is your first time here, then make sure to subscribe right now, so you don’t miss my next book summary filled with valuable knowledge and where i will cover the main points of the book. The first lessons of this book is to not criticize condemn or complain. If you want others to like you, then you better make it a habit not to criticize them. Direct criticism is useless because it puts the person on the defenses and usually makes them want to justify themselves in whatever way possible. We humans do not act on logic, but on emotion. We want to protect our ego and pride. I think nearly all of us have been in a situation where a person did something wrong and we proceeded to criticize them because we wanted them to change that behavior and even if this was with a good intention criticizing other people won’t encourage them to change that. Behavior, even successful people have made it a habit to never criticize others openly. Take benjamin franklin, for example, who has said that i will speak ill of no man and speak all the good. I know of everybody if other people’s habits or behaviors are annoying. You think of reasons why they do what they do. We can all criticize someone it’s easy, but it takes strong character to be forgiving and understanding. If you wish to be more likable than accept that no human is perfect, everyone makes mistakes so make it a rule to never criticize people openly, at least if there is something we humans desire. More than anything, then it is to feel important. We all want to be appreciated in some way, but the problem is that we, most of the time only focus on ourselves see the best way we can get a person to do. Something is by giving them what they want, and what do most people want to feel important, and how do you do that? Well, one way is by giving sincere compliments and appreciation, but this doesn’t mean that you should shower people with cheap compliments, because people see right through that, be honest and stop thinking about yourself for just a second and try focus on the good things of the person. You are with treat others as you will, like others, to treat you now. If you want a person to do something, for you, then give people what they want and not what you want. What this means is that, in order to convince someone to do something, we have to see things from their point of view, because if you can see things from another person’s perspective, then you’ll be able to convince them that it is in their best interest to do Whatever that you want it’s all about making it sound like it’s a good thing for them, but in reality it’s also benefiting you. Let me ask you a question when you see a group photo where you’re in it, who are the first person you’re looking for right, i think i know your answer see. The thing we humans are most interested in is in ourselves i’ll share a little secret with you. People are not interested in you, they are not interested in me either. They are interested in themselves, always keep this in mind and here’s the catch. You can make more friends in two months by being genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people to like you, so remember, to be genuinely interested in others. Now i’ve traveled a lot and by doing so, i’ve met a lot of new people and when you meet all of these new people, it’s a challenge to remember everyone’s name, but i put in extra effort in order to do so, because i knew what an impact It would have, if i remember, and if i couldn’t remember a person’s name is a powerful thing said out loud will make the person feel important, see the average person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the other names on the earth. Put together calling someone by their name is like giving them a small compliment and the other way around, if you don’t remember, theodore roosevelt was popular among his staff because of the simple habit of greeting them by their names. He knew that one of the simplest ways to gain goodwill was by remembering names and making people feel important. So if you want to be liked by new people, you meet make sure to remember their names and use it frequently if you’re having a conversation, a great way to make a first impression is to simply smile. It’S all it takes. A smile goes a long way because if we meet someone that smiles at us, we tend to automatically like them. So if you want to make yourself instantly a more likable person and greet people by smiling, when people see how happy you are to meet them, they can’t help but be happy to see you as well. It’S an all-out infectious loop of happiness. It even affects your emotions as well, and the other way around a smile can lead to positive emotions, just as positive emotions can lead to a smile. So if you want to be good at having a conversation, then it’s not about how much interesting things you can say, but rather how good of a listener you are turns out? If you want to be interesting yourself, then you simply need to be interested in the person you are talking to. Our favorite topic is ourselves, so remember to encourage others to speak about themselves and listen actively, because we all love a good listener. So, in order to be a good listener, make a conscious effort to give the other person your full attention, ask questions to what the person are interested in and is talking about when, on the topic of conversation, to be a true master of conversation, then the only Thing you need to do is to give them your full attention and make an effort to listen more than talking and if you were to talk focus about what’s important to the other person. If you can master this, then the other person will have the best conversation ever now. What’S your favorite dessert, let’s say it’s ice cream great. If you were to go fishing, would you bait your hook with ice cream? Then, of course not because when you go fishing, it doesn’t matter what you want. What matters is what the fish want. Keep this in mind when you’re having a conversation or you want a person to do something for you, it’s not about what you want. If you want something think of what the other person wants so that you can use that to your advantage now, do you know how to win every argument? Well, i do you win an argument by avoiding them at all cost, it’s simply impossible to win an argument. Otherwise see if you lose the argument you lose now. If you win the argument, you have just heard the other person’s pride and is probably resenting you right now. In other words, it’s a loose loose. So try avoid arguments from the start and if they do happen, keep calm and have an open mind. Another valuable lesson is to never tell someone they’re wrong. You see if you tell someone they’re wrong, you’re, basically saying i’m smarter than you instead of saying you’re wrong. Try to be humble and open-minded and say something like i thought otherwise, but i may be wrong if i am wrong. I want to know why. So, let’s look at the facts because if you say the other person is wrong, this will be taken as a direct hit on their self-esteem and ego. They will go on their defenses because you’re openly disrespecting their opinions. Now, if you are wrong yourself, then admit it immediately. Truth is that we all make mistakes and we’re not perfect. So whenever you realize that you’re wrong admit it as fast as possible, because the other person will for sure try to boost their own self-esteem by criticizing. You about your mistake, but if you admit your mistake, you take that power away from them. So the next time you realize you’re wrong, emit it fast and with confidence, it’ll produce better results than defending yourself. A mistake. You made to be more persuasive, try to always approach another person in a friendly way, even if you’re angry. You should also get others to say yes as much as possible. If you want something from them, when a person feels bad about us, it’s hard to win them to our way of thinking. Remember we do not act on logic, but on emotion. We can’t force people to agree with us. Instead, we should lead them to our way of thinking in a gentle and friendly way by asking them questions that will get them to say yes, often before you tell them what you want. If you want people to change, then start with praised and honest appreciation. The reason for this is because it’s far easier to listen to negative things after we’ve been praised for good behaviors, so start with praise and appreciation. This way, you won’t offend them. If you are going to criticize someone, here’s a three-step process to get your criticism over in a positive way. First stop with a compliment. Then you move on to the criticism, and then you end the conversation with another positive compliment before leaving this will work wonders for you. Changing other people’s way can be hard without causing an insult, but one way to avoid that is to admit our own mistakes before criticizing the other person when you’re about to criticize someone try put yourself in their shoes and empathize with their mistakes, always try to think Before you talk, be a positive influence, instead of negative think of yourself as your mentor instead of their boss, think of yourself as their friend instead of their parent, admitting one’s own mistakes, even when one hasn’t corrected them can help convince somebody to change their behaviors. I remember clearly when i was working at my old job as an apprentice and when i did something good, even the smallest form of praise was huge for me. It would motivate me so much if i just got a few words after a successful job was done. Like you did good out there, that was enough, but at the same time when i was criticized or insulted, it will result in me being really unmotivated. So, instead of criticizing others, we should strive to praise the slightest improvements and praise them for it by praising others. For small improvements, we encourage that person to keep improving instead of criticizing on their mistakes and putting the focus on the negative. This not only will make them feel good about you, but also keep them motivated to keep doing a good job and improving. Now, if you implement just some of these principles, i promise you that it will change your life in a positive way. I’M going to consistently provide book summaries that are both informative and entertaining so that you can learn something useful and save time, but to make sure that happens subscribe to the channel right now. So you don’t miss the next book summary where i’ll give you all the main points of the book so that you can save time and learn something valuable thanks for watching i’ll see you next time remember to stay awesome. Oh you!

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