Beyond the Barriers: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatments

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(Music) Access Health correspondent Amber Milt brings us the latest in a treatment alternative for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring. Take a look. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 12 to 18 million adults in the u.s. suffer from sleep apnea and a whopping 37 million Americans suffer from snoring. The rest of us that are living with said snores, well apparently we’re not getting the rest we need either. Thankfully here with more information and the latest technology is Doctor Sodeifi, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who’s been in practice since 2003. Welcome Doctor. Thanks for having me.

Okay so right off the ba,t what causes snoring? The causes are with some sort of narrowing in the upper airway. Those narrowings could be due to nasal anatomy such as deviated septum. It could be due to large tongue or mandibles which is a lower jaw being set too far back. Allergic related symptoms, it could be due to weight gain, aging can have an effect on it, as a soft tissue in the oral cavity becomes more floppy and loose and also at the same time the muscular tone decreases. The consequence of that would be some of the health manifestations of it as the snoring becomes more progressively significant and maybe developing the sleep apnea. Which can lead to hypertension with potentially development of coronary artery disease more risk of a heart attack, more risk of a brain stroke or development of diabetes. How do you even know if you’re snoring? It depends on how much the snoring is affecting your hygiene obviously throughout the course of your night.

Some of the symptoms for more significant snoring could be daytime sleepiness, it could be having headaches in the morning when you wake up, finding out that you cannot concentrate the way you used to, lack of memory, or even in the more severe cases people can have depression and mood swings. Alright so if we think that we might have a sleep breathing disorder, how do we get diagnosed for that? The first step is to see your doctor and they are going to take a history, the relevance of the history is significant and then they’re going to do a physical exam. Your phyiscal exam will be looking at your vital signs and other factors which can be affected by snoring as well but beyond that by looking at your anatomy of your facial skeleton, oral cavity and your nose.

Yhey’re going to look for some of the information that I mentioned earlier and then they’re going to refer you to have a sleep study done. Okay so now for diagnosed with sleep breathing disorders or sleep apnea like all hope isn’t lost right there’s treatment options but what are some of the goals of those treatments? Well the goal is to restore ventilation, that means restore breathing, allow the air to go into your lungs without too much resistance.

The gold standard so far, for in this country for sleep apnea cases has been CPAP. The CPAP is a machine that you have a mask associated with essentially it’s a pump. You put the mask on your nose, on your mouth and then with a strap behind your head that gives a positive airway pressure but as you can imagine it’s not a comfortable device. The biggest challenge is compliance. More than 50% of the patients who would benefit from that device do not tolerate it. So that’s the one modality. The next step would be considered now what becoming more popular, which is mandible advancement device. Which is the device we have here, is similar to that but there are different types of mandibular advancement devices out there that you can consider. And finally for severe cases they become surgical options. Now you brought today what looks like the mouth guard type of treatment device. That’s right. So this is very similar to other type of mouth guards and I am also a person who uses this and part of the reason I became interested in it because they made an effective difference for me.

I have been using mandibular advancement devices now for over three years but what the challenge was majority of these mandibular advancement devices depend on you still breathing into your nose. They bring your jaw forward, they bring your tongue forward but they require you to have an open nostril. What’s different with this unique patented technology by Oventus, is that this 3D titanium printed device allows generation of these delicate chambers which let the air tasks through your oral cavity and be directly delivered to the back of your nose.

So even when you have your mouth closed and you draw a a breath, still allows you to breathe to your mouth. So if your nose gets congested as a result of allergies or when you lay down, the air diverts to the front of this and it passes so you really have a second nose. So this equaliberalization that takes place between your nose and oral cavity is your much decrease airway resistance. And as a traveler I mean right off the bat, I’m realizing this is extremely portable. So how effective is this? Oventus has done some really good clinical studies on here. They have found that 100% of the patients experience significant decrease in the amount of snoring that they do and over 82% stop snoring. You want to reach out to your doctor and because these are oral devices many times it will be also your dentist who would have to be involved in this because they are the ones who make it.

I would recommend in depending on where you live you reach out to the website for Oventus and find out who the providers are. They can tell you who actually has been trained to provide you with this device in your community. I’ve got to just say one thing, cause I have to wear a mouth guard. These are custom designed to fit each person so they’re going to be comfortable, right? They are, they are, custom designed for each particular person and then you know there are measurements that are done by your provider. That’s why this is by prescription only. You cannot actually go out there and buy on your own. Not everyone is a candidate. If someone has, there are some people with certain dental related issues that may not be a candidate or people who are missing teeth that have dentures they cannot wear these.

So your dentist can help you figure this out and but majority of the people are candidates for it. Well thank you so much Dr. This o2 vent sounds like something that husband and wives are probably going to be thanking you. It’s gonna help relationships state. That’s absolutely what we want and if you want more information on the o2 vent you can visit their website at OventusMedical.com and as always you can Access all the important information we discussed today by going to our website AccessHealth.TV (Music).

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