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Hello, the vlog happy Monday on week, 11 of this vlogging extravaganza, let’s be dramatic about it. Today, is a big day. It’S dramatic day, it’s a lovely day. It’S a bank holiday Monday, which is always nice Saturday morning when I last vlogged I just finished Caged Queen, which is still on my floor next to me from when I did that check-in, because I did lots of cleaning this weekend clearly. I then finished this cruel design, which was good. Actually I really enjoyed it the second time around. It’S down here, still don’t read books about viruses mutating when you’re in the middle of a virus, probably not the best plan, but you know I live dangerously. I still think it’s a really good series. I’M excited to reread the third one and then I love reread all of them and then that’ll be good and fun and good. Then I’ve read half probably just under half of king of scars, which is the last book on my TBR for this month, so so close very, very close. I’M liking it enough. Second time around. I still think it leans too much on the Grisha stuff. When that’s the weakest of the books that are in this universe, but that’s fine, you know people who love that series probably love this book even more. I like elements of it we’ll get into that, maybe in the wrap-up for maybe when it’s done. I just have a bit of book mail that came this weekend, two of them. If you’ve watched my June TBR, which will be up now, I will put a thumbnail, so you can go find it you’ll know. I bought some books to go with my book a day in June. Tbri have them. I have steel, heart and calamity by Brandon Sanderson. This is books, one and three in the reckoners series, because I have firefight and I needed to add to those so yeah have those three I’m hoping to read the first two in June and then I also got some lovely gifts. I stuck my wish list on somebody’s wish list thread kind of on a whim, maybe because I was buying them a present and it felt weird to by them a present having not responded to their tweet anyway, but 2. Other people very kindly sent me books first. I got this is how you lose the time war from Rachel over at cascade of books, I’ll link, all these people below I’m so excited to read this I’ve had such good things. I have friends who said this was like the best book they’ve ever read, I’m looking forward to it hugely I’m a little bit nervous. I think I’m going to try and read this this week, partly to replace the terrible queer book. The devil’s blade that i dnf’d a couple of weeks ago, gon na try and swap that out for this one and Nikki from over at books and lemon squash, who also now has a booktube channel. So I will link that below as well sent me a hold back the tide by melinda Salisbury, which I’m really looking forward to reading. I love Mels other stuff. When this came out, I just wasn’t in a place to buy it for myself or to preorder it, but yeah I’m looking forward to it and it’s also signed, which I didn’t think could happen on Amazon. So that’s very exciting and well done Mel for putting in the work

Four books added to the TBR, so the TBR currently stands at number that I will write down and let’s try and read it down this week. Good morning, vlog happy tuesday happy back to work happy four day week, happy four day week next week. It’S all good. Hopefully, your bank holiday was good you’re watching this six days after that, but you know there we go I’m trying to keep it fairly easy today, because I don’t know, what’s in my inbox yet and also I finished my TBR. Yes, I finished King of scars. Yesterday, probably about lunchtime, which is why it’s back on my shelf, I think I liked it less the second time around. Maybe I think it just wasn’t as strong. It felt weirdly. It felt much more like how I felt about the Grisha books, which was this just feels old, which is odd, given that it’s new, I don’t know, I still think it’s odd, that they introduce a whole new character at the halfway point, and it’s not a long Enough book that you’re, like I mean it’s so long, it just makes sense that it’s it’s an odd experience and I think, if you’re one of these diehard Grisha fans, you probably love this book already. If you’re not, then I’d say, probably leave it. It feels much more kind of fanservicey than anything else, but then I realized that I had to read one more book this month to make up for dnfing the devil’s blade a couple of weeks ago. So I decided to pick up my new copy of this is how you lose the time war. I nearly said how you bin the time war, then, which is just wrong on every level. This is how you lose the time war. I loved this. It’S only 200 pages, it’s really short and lovely, but believe the hype people. This was really really good. You have two time: agents, red and blue who essentially, it begins with them in conflict, and they write letters to each other in weird ways throughout history and also the future. And then, as the book changes that relationship changes – and I don’t want to go too much into it – because it’s only 200 pages but it’s just lovely – I found the first hundred pages really dragged, but I think that was because everyone I knew had raved about it And I was expecting to be completely hooked from the off, but actually I think it’s the latter hundred pages of the book where it really excels. Partly, I think because at that point something either in the book or in my brain went, I don’t need to understand this metaphysic. I don’t need to understand what the proper things of this war is. I need to get broad brush strokes because there’s only a hundred pages left – and it’s not like I’m gon na – need to know this for plot reasons later it’s a novella, so that really helped very, very good. So yeah TBR done very exciting and it is the 26th today I believe. Yes, it is the 26th today, so we have until Sunday to read other stuff which is kind of exciting and also, I think, maybe to catch up on reviews. I know I say that quite often, but it is getting a bit ludicrous. I’Ve done some mini reviews for owned TBR because I just needed those kind of shifted, so it stopped feeling like such a boulder and now it feels more like a very large rock. So I think I’ve got a couple of things I might like to pick up. I think I’d quite like to read the last namsara again having read the Caged Queen earlier in the month. I also might start hold back the tide, partly because I feel like I could kind of get it off my TBR as soon as it’s come on and then it’s like my TBR, never grew, but maybe that’s just me being naive, and I did also if you’ve Watched my June TBR video. I did also pick up the Gorgons Gaze by Julia Golding on Kindle, because it was only 99 P, which is the sequel to secret of the sirens. So I’m going to swap that out in my June TBR we’ll come on to it. Probably at the start of June I don’t know yeah, I’m gon na go work and have a lovely day and not get too overwhelmed by what’s in my inbox, because I have a whole week to deal with it. It’S gon na be okay and I will talk to you later. Hello, happy, Tuesday, hope, you’re. Alright, I am alright reading update for today I are about 60 pages into the last namsara, the first book in the Iskari series. I think I keep saying iksari, but I think the S comes first, doesn’t matter you’re, not gon na go and read it after I’ve not recommended the second and third books, but actually I think this book is very good. There’S some really interesting world building. At the start of this, a lot of stuff about the relationship between people and dragons and Dragons to stories, so basically dragons are kind of attracted to stories and the stories are banned and dragon hunting happens and yeah. It’S just it’s a really good book and I don’t know why it goes so downhill why all of that interesting world building goes out the window in books. 2 & 3. Yes, that’s what I’m gon na finish off today. I’M also really almost caught up on book reviews which I wasn’t expecting, but yesterday was just a super productive day work and out of work, but not for reading, which is why that’s happened. Almost caught up on reviews just got a couple of more things to add, and then everything is scheduled and good and done and a new day a lovely day, I’m looking forward to it. It’S nice and sunny gon na get some laundry done. I’M gon na get some work done. *Click* hello, the vlog it is Thursday is plant watering day. We have made a mental note, we’ll do it when we’re done. I just have a quick reading update for you. I finished the last namsara yesterday. I ended up chunking out into kind of 50 page chunks, not for any particular reason other than brain focus ability it’s nothing to do with the book, but I really enjoyed this, which is odd. I posted on Twitter. It’S probably still there asking people for other series that start really strong and then descend into madness. Sarah J Maas came up a lot but yeah this really odd. How the second and third books are so kind of non interesting, and this is actually a really strong YA book. I think – and I think part of its because it’s so focused and the world is really clear in this book, because you’re seeing it through Asha’s eyes as opposed to an outsider’s eyes. Maybe I just, I think this is a really good book and I will be holding on to this, but I’m gon na probably donate my copy of Caged Queen, because I just don’t want to read it again, but this is really strong. I like dragons, why aren’t there more dragons in the other books you know and then before my camera battery dies, I’m gon na start hold back the tide by melinda Salisbury. I’M really looking forward to reading this, but it’s really good fun. A nice quick read. I don’t know much about this. There’S some murder near a lake. I think it’s set in Scotland a chilling tale about the dire costs of secrecy and greed. There you go

Right, my camera battery is going to die, so I will see you later. It is what it is hello, happy Friday. Yes, we’ve made it to Friday again huzzah slightly concerned, but I haven’t thought of something to film tomorrow, but um well, we’ll work on that today. That’S a today job. How are we doing? I am good. I finished the house of shattered wings yesterday. I can’t remember if I said I was gon na start this, because I didn’t because I also finished hold back the tide. That was what we last talked about. Let’S talk about this first, this is kind of like a spooky Scottish fantasy, fairly light fantasy, more kind of myths and legends, and I did not turn my phone off. I’M sorry. If this has been clicking the whole time, ( pretend we’re on an aeroplane ). Yes, spooky Scottish fantasy, fairly light fantasy, but still they’re, more kind of myths. Monsters, kind of vibe feels like an episode of something like I’ve, never seen the x-files. So I can’t say it’s like that, but that kind of, like monster of the week thing this feels like an episode of that, partly because it’s so short, it’s only just shy of 300 pages tightly packed in there. It’S not wasted time. It doesn’t feel like it should have been like a novella or something I just wasn’t totally convinced by this. I liked it perfectly well, and I think that the writing is good, I’m not hundred percent sure about the Scotlandyness of it like it. Does that thing where you can tell someone’s done some historical research they’re like let me throw in the official word for this, but they throw it in too many times if everything else is kind of feeling fairly accessible and modern, then that one word just kind of Throws it out of whack a little bit? You know what I mean where you can just see someone’s like discovered that that was the word for the thing got very excited. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t read a lot of historical stuff. I suppose I read much more fantasy historical, so maybe that’s my lack of engagement with that kind of genre. Anyway, I liked the main character. I thought she was interesting. It’S a weird take on content warning for child abuse coming up, so the here are, the rules of living with a murderer is about her father, who she lives with, and that’s some complicated stuff happens with it, and I don’t I just don’t know how sold I Was on the way that it ended, shall we say so if you’ve read this, let me know I did really like the writing. I just wasn’t. There were elements that didn’t do it. For me, it might be better on a reread. It might be better if you read more historical stuff, je ne sais pas, then I had read 99 books this year and I said well, I have to get to 100 books today. That’S just going to happen so because I was finishing work early. I picked up the house of shattered wings, which I actually pulled out of my rereeads jar, but it was quite fortuitous because we have the house of bidning thorns on my June TBR. So now I feel like I’m reading them in order, which is very impressive. For me, yes, if you haven’t encountered these booksbefore, they are set in Paris which is kind of dealing with the aftermath of a magical war or kind of a war in heaven, and basically angels are falling. But then they’re being used up for magic and there are different houses who rule different parts of the city, and it’s weird. It is weird and I think these books are not books. I would say everyone has to go and read this because some people just aren’t going to like them, and I didn’t like them, but now on a reread. I think I really do, and I think part of that’s being more au fait with both the genre and the kind of context that aliette de bodard is writing in. I think it’s a really good take on a post-apocalyptic city story which I’ve not read. Many good takes on that, especially where they’re set in real world cities, because it’s starts to just be be I’m trying to write about where I live, and I really like the characters. It tackles addiction in a really interesting way and that gets more interesting in later books, if I remember correctly, yeah, it’s sort of spooky and weird and intriguing and yeah, I’m really looking forward to reading book 2 again now, I’m really really glad I’ve held on to This copy ( Judith struggles to put book on shelf for five minutes ). I thought we would pick the next read, because I need something else to read because all of my TBR, essentially except for where is it the mask of Troy, which I really don’t want to read right now, so that can maybe be for August. So we’re gon na pick from this jar, which also means that in December maybe I’ll have fewer books to read mirage. You can’t see this, but it’s Mirage by somaiya, daud, that’s fun! If I remember correctly, I’m gon na check. If I remember correctly, this is like a fantasy meets sci, fi kind of vibe yeah. This is a fairyloot addition. The crown of dima had been stripped from me. My face change, my body broken, but I was not a slave and I was not a spare. I was my mother’s daughter and I would survive and endure. I would find my way back home, star system dominated by the brutal vathek Empire yeah. I remember, really liking this not like crazy, crazy love, but it was one of the better fairyloot books, fairy loot. Subscribers may also be familiar with that sensation that sometimes you get book where you’re like oh yeah. This is a great book. I’Ve been really anticipating this. Sometimes you get a book where you’re like. Oh no, you clearly got a deal on this one. Why have you promoted this? Why this is nobody’s heard of this book, and sometimes you get? This is something I wouldn’t have picked up for myself, but I actually really enjoy it. And Mirage was one of those for me. My other fun Mirage anecdote is that there is an arc of it in a charity shop near me, and I don’t know who near me got an arc of Mirage. I kind of want to be like hello. Can I meet you? We have similar interests anyway, picking that up today, editing the vlog today working out whatI’m gon na film today, powering on through I’ll, see you later Hey pals. It is Saturday morning and apparently my brains decided to make it a tradition of waking. Me up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday, not not really here. For that tradition. Brain thank you, but I did finish Mirage all in one. Go it’s not very long little dinky, hardback um! It was okay. I liked about the same, which was kind of fairly. It’S. Alright, it’s an interesting take on ya fantasy sci-fi. As I say it blends. The two I think quite well I’d be interested to see what the sequel does. I don’t know if the sequels out yet I assume it must be, but I have not encountered it not. Read it don’t know if I would, unless it was in the library or something it’s kind of where I’m at right now it does the thing where there’s a main character that they tried to redeem, but also she did do a lot of torturing. So arguably maybe she doesn’t deserve Redemption. I don’t know. Maybe it comes better in the sequel and not sure so that’s done, then. I wasn’t sure what to pick up didn’t really think I was gon na get much reading done this weekend, so I’ve actually picked up. It’S a little bit cheating, but arguably not I’ve picked up eldest, which is actually on my June TBR. But, given that I’m trying to do a book a day in June and eldest is almost 700 pages, I thought I would give myself a fair shot and start it and then try and get halfway by the end of Sunday and I’m not gon na finish it. Because it is for June, but I gon na try my best this week has been a lot of rereading, so we started the week on 26 books and I didn’t really read down my TBR. I did read two books off my TBR. I read this is how you lose the time war and hold back the tide, so that’s really good and then the rest were rereads. I did buy one book, I bought Daisy Jones and the six on Kindle yesterday because apparently my brain is just been like. We can read our TBR up again, that’s fine! So there we go so I’m sitting at 20. What would that be? 25 books? I think two steps backwards. One step forward, it’s less than it was, but let’s just say about vlog needs to go up today. It’S my standard weekend fare and so I hope you’ve enjoyed this vlog. I hope that you’ve had a nice time hanging out with me early in the mornings. I had a really nice reading week. Actually, it’s been really nice to mood, read and I’m excited for post June being able to do that a little bit more because my TBR will be a bit more calm. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve read this week, what you’ve been up to whether you’ve read any of these books? Have you enjoyed them? You can also subscribe. It makes me feel, loved and appreciated, and I will see you in the next one.

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