Born and raised in North Myrtle Beach, Vanna White is a Southern girl at heart

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Tonight, at 5:00, one-on-one with one of the most famous faces and television wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White was right here in the Carolinas this weekend, serving as grand marshal of the all-star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, wake up, Charlotte’s Rachel Roller caught up with the South Carolina Native in an interview you’ll only see here on NBC Charlotte know where your lover and you’re about to love her even more Cracker Barrel, yeah right any of the southern food. I can’t help myself I’m more of a blue jeans, tennis, shoe kind of a girl. That’S right, one of America’s favorite TV personalities is a good old southern girl at heart, born and raised in North Myrtle Beach. She goes back any chance. She can yes ma’am. I am just came from there. Well, my brother lives here, so I get to spend some time with him here and there’s some beautiful places when she’s not spending quality time with the fam she’s filming the 7,000 episodes of America’s longest-running syndicated game show with Pat Sajak, not to mention that’s 7,000 different Dresses, yes, I did ask. I never wear the same dress twice, but one thing that does remain the same: the dynamic, duo’s friendship we’ve had one argument: was it over a hot dog? Yes, I knew it. What was that argument? I put ketchup on my hot dog. I tell you you’re one of those I mean how could you fight with this lovely lady? You know I turn letters on the show and yes, I do I’ll be the first to laugh about that. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, is all about teaching Bhuvana and for our bonus round. She has had the same morning ritual every day since the show’s inception. I call my 93 year old father every morning. I say I love you dad he goes. I love you more Pat we’d like to solve the puzzle. We couldn’t love Vanna any more for NBC, Charlotte, I’m Rachel roller. I love it. I did see in an interview, though, that she has to give the dresses back. Oh yeah yeah, because she’s gotten asked that multiple times she never wears the same dress twice, but she does give them back and she gets a pass on the ketchup too. I mean she is South Carolina native. We do that in the South we put ketchup on like every I don’t, but most of my friends do.

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