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(intro music) – Hi, I’m Jacques Pepin and I’m Cooking at Home. One time my granddaughter came to my house, I think we were having some type of chocolate dessert, she love chocolate, and she say, “Grandad, do you have any cookie with that?” I didn’t have any cookie. She’s kind of rare. So I said, “Okay fine, I’ll show you what to do, “if you don’t have cookie.” So I had the white bread here, as you can see. I’m gonna do it straight. Just trim the side. And this, I’ll keep to make bread crumb, you know? And as you can see here, this is thin bread. Okay, so bread, butter, some butter here. You want to put a tablespoon of butter, or maybe not quite, but close to a tablespoon of butter, yes. Half of it on one side, half of it on the other side. Here. And then I dip that in sugar. Oh, maybe just for my granddaughter, I will put a bit of cinnamon. I am not too crazy about cinnamon, but she is so, a bit of cinnamon with my sugar.

I dip that into the sugar on each side. And I have a good tablespoon of sugar. Here. And I will cut that in, let’s say, four. Four cookie here. Maybe I spread them out a little bit. Maybe a dash more sugar, just to be sure that they really crystallize. About 400 degree oven is gonna take like 10 minute. Look at that. About 10 minute. They are beautiful. Can see that underneath, they’re even browner. The sugar crystallize here. When you see that, you always provide it on the nice part to here. I’ll probably do it this way, two. Two this way. And this is it. For Shorey, bread and butter cookie. It’s really good. Happy cooking! (piano playing).

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