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( soft electronic music, ) Hi, I’m Jack Pepin and I’m Cooking at Home. I never throw bread out leftover, bread. I have a couple of slices of bread here and I’m gon na show you what to do with it. You know I have about two ounces of bread here, Which is probably like one good cup of bread, so one good cup of bread could be any type of bread. I have a quarter of a cup here of milk. I’M gon na put that bread in it.

To soak Okay, it will absorb I’m gon na put a little bit of onion with that About a couple of Tablespoon of onion Or maybe a little more like three Tablespoon or so some Parsley grab other type of herb. If you want, I use a lot of herb when they are plentiful. In my garden, ( knife chopping, ), Okay, dash of salt there, Some pepper and I’m gon na crush it up a little bit with my hand, as you can see, it absorbed the whole milk. Sometimes I may need even a little more depending on how dry the bread is, of course, what type of bread it is and so forth And, of course, and egg here, One egg I’ll mix it with my hand, also Okay. So now I’m gon na put some oil in there. You can use olive oil, or in that case peanut oil and with my slice of bread. Here I should have enough really to do three. Nice pancake

You can do that ahead and leave that for a while here it doesn’t really matter Okay, so I’m gon na press it a little bit here, And you want to cook that, of course, a couple of minute on each side. Now, what I could do with this as well, the cup of bread, same thing, a quarter of a cup of milk. Same thing forget the onion, the parsley; instead, two Tablespoon of sugar or two Tablespoon of honey and like half a peach or half a pear or half an a apple or a banana chop. It coarsely put it in there and do the same pancake than this and then serve it with syrup with maple syrup or something like this ( sizzling sound ). I think they are about fine. Now, let’s see Beautiful Two that will do a wonderful brunch or lunch Or even serve as a garnish in a dinner with a piece of meat over it. My pancake are about cooked. You know with bread, bread, flapjack, You know so here you can see they are brown on both sides beautifully. So here is my flapjack. I can serve them just like this or maybe put a little bit of sour cream in the middle of this

We said to the old verily, And here is my bread, flapjack, Happy Cooking, (, piano, music, )

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