Can you have great sex with herpes? YES!!!

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Can you still have great sex if one of you has herpes and the other doesn’t? Yes you can! Hi Dr. Mo here. Welcome back to The Basics with Dr. Mo. Thank you so much for subscribing, liking and sharing. I really appreciate it! If this is your first time here, You’ve come to the place where we do Sex Talk For Real Here’s the down and dirty on genital herpes. Also called herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2). It’s pretty common. It’s one of the Top 5 sexually transmitted infections in the world. 1 of every 8 people in the US has it. It’s even more common in the rest of the world. Even worse. Most people don’t know they have it.

And it never goes away. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they used to have herpes But they don’t have it anymore. There is no cure. Really. There isn’t. There are antiviral medications that can help reduce your outbreaks. You can get genital herpes through vaginal, anal and oral sex. Most new infections happen when the person with herpes doesn’t have symptoms. There are very few ways to tell if someone with herpes is likely to transmit the infection. But, there are a couple of things we know that increase the risk of transmission. A recent infection: someone who got herpes in the last year. People who have lots of outbreaks: 8 to 12 in a year. And when someone is in the middle of an outbreak. These are all pretty risky. The reality is that there is a new normal when it comes to sex when one of you has herpes.

What is this new normal? It involves lots of communication and safe sex. If you’re the one with herpes Make sure your partner understands the risk. Let them know you have herpes. That they can be infected even when you don’t have symptoms or sores. Also let them know that you will do EVERYTHING in your power not to give your partner herpes. Let me introduce you to your POWER! It’s called safe sex. Doctors recommend that people with herpes shouldn’t have vaginal, anal or oral sex at all from the very first tingles a person feels just before an outbreak (and you know what that feels like) through the end of that outbreak. Oh man! What can people do? I’m glad you asked. Did you know that the foot fetish is the most popular safe sex fetish around? The only limit to pleasure is your imagination! Then there’s always mutual masturbation Or you can masturbate each other. All parties are pretty much guaranteed to orgasm. Sex toys, anyone? Each to his or her own. Make sure you don’t have any broken skin on your hands Never touch a herpes sore and then touch your partner.

Make sure no bodily fluids could be exchanged accidentally. What about intercourse when you don’t have an outbreak? Use protection. Which everyone should be using anyway. You can use male condoms–even on sex toys! To make clean up a breeze! Then there are finger condoms–also called finger cots. And oral dams, also called dental dams To be used during oral-vaginal and oral-anal sex, also called rimming.

Oral dams can be a little tricky to use. You have to hold them in place. Well, don’t you know, necessity is the mother of invention. They now make really cute oral dam panties! Finally, there is the highly underrated female or internal condom. The internal condom can be inserted in the vagina Up to 8 hours! before sex. These condoms are made of polyurethane. For those with latex allergies. And they cover the entire vulva for extra protection. But safe sex cramps your style. Not if you do it right! If you fool around and put everything in its right place During foreplay-which scientists say should last 12 to 18 minutes. Your lust will be uncontrollable And your sex safer. If you’re not ready to talk about herpes with a potential sex partner–for whatever reason.

Remember there are lots of other people who have herpes. There are even dating sites to meet other people with herpes. Your life is not over! If you like our sex talk for real and you want to see more Give us a thumbs up, subscribe and Check out our other videos. Want to talk about something we haven’t covered? Tell us in the comments below.

Because you deserve to know. Thanks for watching! And your sa-ex??.

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