Can you have sex during pregnancy?

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(light music) – So, you are already pregnant, so you know how to have sex, but what about sex while you’re pregnant? Is it safe? When should I not have sex? How do I make it more comfortable? These are the most common questions and I’m going to get you the answers. In general, sex is very safe in pregnancy. There are a few things that you must know though. For instance, semen has prostaglandins in it that may cause contractions and an orgasm can also stimulate contractions. At the end of pregnancy, sex is sometimes used to stimulate contractions and help put you into labor. By far, this is the best way to kickstart that process, but you wanna make sure that your water has not broken and of course, don’t do it if your doctor has told you not to.

There are certain conditions that we tell patients not to have sex. In the first trimester, if you were threatening to have a miscarriage, we sometimes say to hold off on intercourse so that we don’t stimulate contractions or cause bleeding. Sex does not directly cause a miscarriage but it could speed it along. Further in the pregnancy, conditions such as placenta previa, preterm labor, preterm premature rupture of the membranes are some of the most common conditions the doctor will tell you no sex. Sometimes, when you have sex, it is common to have vaginal spotting and cramping. If this occurs, you can go in to see your healthcare provider to make sure that everything is okay. Remember, as your belly grows and your weight changes, sex can become uncomfortable.

Make sure that you and your partner discuss this and try different positions that don’t hurt. Sex should not be painful. You also could suffer with some vaginal dryness. This is easily rectified with the addition of lubricants and remember, water based only. Bottom line, as long as your physician has not told you not to have sex, it is perfectly safe. (light music).

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